Women’s Wellness Throughout Pregnancy


Congratulations!  You just found out that you are pregnant!  I’m sure your mind is running in a million different directions; will it be a boy or a girl?  What colors will the nursery be? Will I use cloth diapers or disposable diapers?  Those are all great questions to ask yourself, but you are forgetting a very important one: What can you do to take care of your health while pregnant?  Pregnant women are at risk for so many things such as … [Read more...]

Everyone Should Be Able To Change A Tire


Thank goodness my Honda Odyssey has a low tire warning light on the dashboard.  We were out late one night and noticed that the low tire warning light had come on.  We hopped out of the van and checked the tires, then headed home for the night.  The next morning we headed out the door to find that our back tire was completely flat.  Since we had somewhere that we needed to be, everyone decided to pitch in and help out with the tire. If you had … [Read more...]

Some Giveaway Winners Do Return To Make Orders


I work with a lot of companies who come to me to run giveaways for them and they all have the same question:  “Do winners ever return to buy products from the stores they win from?” After today, I can truly answer this question from personal experience.  The answer is “Yes, it is a great possibility that winners will shop at the store where they won a product from. Here’s my personal experience: I won a $75 Teleflora gift card from an … [Read more...]

Three Cruise Vacation Luxuries


Taking a cruise is not just about getting away from it all, it is also about transporting yourself to an exciting mini-city that offers great fun and magical entertainment 24/7. Mediterranean cruises are perfect for those who want to experience captivating geographical attractions and breath-taking sights on board an elegant ship; and when it comes to exploring ports of call.  Have you had the luxury of taking a cruise?  I have not been a cruise … [Read more...]

Sleeping Tips For Your Child

sleep (2)

Sleep isn’t just a problem that adults have, children are just as likely to have them as well.  Bedtime can be a hassle at times, when they fight their sleep.  Kids that have to go to school, need at least 9-12 hours a sleep at night.  Their bodies can’t handle not getting adequate sleep, therefore more tantrums.  Here are some tips to help you help THEM not fight their sleep.  Win that battle! Set a Routine Routines are the best and most … [Read more...]

Review #Giveaway Skin Authority Summer Sun ENDS 9/19

skin authority

I received the Skin Authority Summer Sun Giveaway Pack containing Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF 30 and Redness Relief to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone. Sunblock is very important in the Texas sun!  Going outside without it isn’t worth the risk of harming your skin during this time of year.  Our family loves to swim, and hang out at the lake fishing, so I carry sunblock with us at all times when we are on the go! … [Read more...]

Kids Are Back In School – Get Active!

travis gym

Most of the kids have made it back to school from Summer Break and if not, they will be headed back soon.  If you are like me, you had to give up a few of your favorite activities over the Summer to make additional time for the kids and all the Summer activities that your kids had in mind for you.  After all, Summer time is a break away from school to enjoy friends and fun activities before having to get serious again during the upcoming school … [Read more...]

Kid Activities From MoneyConfidentKids.com


T. Rowe Price had an excellent Financial Fitness Calendar for August on MoneyConfidentKids.com which I was eager to play a part in with my children.  There were many suggested activities for children and their families that were perfect for stimulating financial awareness.  After running through the calendar, I chose three activities that I thought would catch my boys’ interest the most. Activity 1:  Organize A Blind Taste Test Activity 2:  … [Read more...]

Gym Buddies Are Awesome

gym class

I look forward to going to the gym throughout the week and have many women who I enjoy talking to in between classes.  Today, my gym buddy Keisha surprised me with a birthday gift right before kickboxing class!  I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t even tell anyone it was my birthday, but good ole Facebook slipped my secret out to everyone! Today I turned 40 and am not upset about it, but I didn’t want anyone at the gym to know about my birthday.  … [Read more...]

5 Life Lessons You Can Learn from Disney

disney fireworks

When was the last time you watched a Disney movie and didn't come away from it learning something new about yourself or the world?  Walt Disney created a universe full of characters and stories that have been entertaining and teaching children and adults alike for decades. It's all about big dreams, big hearts, and big determination.  These life lessons have been transcending the silver screen and captivating audiences for generations, and … [Read more...]

#Win $50 Amazon Gift Card From TollFree

tollfree Aug

As a blogger, I am always thrilled to be able to offer great giveaways to my readers.  It makes me feel good knowing that one of my readers will win great items from my blog.  As an entrant, I love the hopeful feeling of being able to possibly win an awesome prize pack!  As a matter of fact, today, August 29, I will be receiving an awesome flower arrangement and helium balloons for my birthday!  How do I know this?  I won a Teleflora $75 giftcard … [Read more...]

Slip In Exercise During Daily Routines

exercise errands

There are days that you can’t possibly manage to fit in a full work out with such a busy schedule.  You need to stay healthy and exercise, but you can skip a few days of the week at the gym.  There are plenty of ways to get your exercise during your hectic daily routine without having to rush to the gym as well.  Exercise is essential! There are so many conveniences in today's society that limit the need to get OUT and be active.  Medicines … [Read more...]

National Geographic Kids Book #Review #Giveaway ENDS 9/15

photo 2 (98)

I was given several National Geographic books in order to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. My son is eight and LOVES these books.  He is picky about what he likes to read, but National Geographic definitely has him figured out!  The three books above were the first ones he chose to pick up.  We had lots of fun with the sticker books and spent a lot of time reading through the trivia questions.  We spend … [Read more...]

Baking Soda Beauty Tricks

baking soda (1)

When I say “Baking Soda” what comes to mind?  More than likely you’re gonna say “baking.”  We all know that baking soda is an essential staple in every bakers cabinet, or you might possibly say “refrigerator freshener.”  Did you know that there are tons of things that baking soda is great for that doesn’t include baking or keeping your refrigerator fresh?  I’m pretty sure baking soda can do just about anything at this point. Face & Body … [Read more...]

Get Organized For School Days

Summer is over for most and kids are back in school and there is plenty to do, so get yourself organized!  Here are a few things that we do the night before school in order to be prepared for the next day: Lay out clothes for the next day, even socks and shoes! Organize our backpacks and have them laying by the door. Get lunch boxes together, all but the frozen ice packs and final touches. Know what everyone would like for … [Read more...]

Prevent Most Common Plumbing Issues

toilet tank

Toilets Repair is my specialty! Years ago, we spent a lot of money on calls to the plumber, but then I started hovering over the plumber while he worked in order to pick up a few tips and tricks.  Once I got the basics down, I was able to save us some cash and take care of a lot of plumbing issues on my own.  Many people take home plumbing for granted until problems, which can be avoided through proper maintenance, start happening. Below are … [Read more...]