There Are Options To Sitting On Hold

frustrated young woman talking cell phone

Sitting on hold for great periods of time is not my idea of a fun afternoon.  When you take time to contact a company for an appointment or for needed information, the last thing you need is to be placed on hold for what seems to be "forever."  Yesterday I spent at least four hours of my day waiting on hold.  Thank goodness for speaker phones, I was able to place my cell phone on the charger in the kitchen with me, enjoy the elevator music and … [Read more...]

Blinds: Driving Property Prices Up


It doesn't matter who you are, we're all trying to find the next way to drive the price of our property upwards.  Most of us rely on all sorts of advanced methods; ranging from garage conversions, to creating multiple rooms out of one space. It's often the smaller issues which are completely ignored.  As the title may have suggested, blinds most certainly fall into this category and they are a completely under-utilized tool when it comes to … [Read more...]

DIY: Make a FUN Easter Candy Centerpiece

Easter centerpiece

Easter is almost here and I've been running short on time.  We've had a few home projects going on and there is a constant wind of sawdust in the air so I decided not to bring out my Easter decorations this year, but it just doesn't feel like Easter without a few Easter decorations in the house.  I found a few ideas on Pinterest which let me to making a quick Easter Candy Centerpiece to surprise the kids with when they got home from school.  If … [Read more...]

Enter More Giveaways For Chance At Winning!

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Keep on entering those giveaways, sooner or later you should find a winning email in your inbox.  I just won a $75 giftcard to Teleflora.  I spent at least an hour running through everything Teleflora had to offer until I finally made my decision on what I'd like to order with my winnings.  Since my birthday is coming up at the end of this month, I chose a great plant and a bouquet of birthday balloons which will be delivered to my door on the … [Read more...]

Ace Your Interview With These Tips


Interviews can be very scary and hectic but also very exciting at the same time.  I have a few tips that will help you in the process of trying to land your dream job! Prepare ahead of time.  You need to do your company research and create your online profile.  The more you know about a company the better.  Your online profile should be a professional reflection of yourself.  If you have any pictures up of you partying or doing anything … [Read more...]

EveryDayHappy Family Products #Review


I was given an EveryDayHappy gift package from to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone. Here's the package that I received for this review.  Don't you love their packaging?  I have to say it is very appealing and eye catching.  It really makes you want to save the box for future use!  It's just fun, just like going through all the great pre-packaged products they sent over for me to … [Read more...]

DIY Caterpillar Clothespin Magnet Craft

caterpillar craft

If you are looking for an easy craft to do on a rainy day and your fridge doors could use some new decorations, the DIY Caterpillar Clothespin Magnet is the perfect craft for you and your kiddos! This craft does not require a huge list of supplies. All you need are the following: Some clothespins Magnet strips Glue Pom-poms Start out by deciding if you want a pattern for your caterpillars or if you want a random assortment of … [Read more...]

Homemade Potato Chips Recipe


Are you a fan of potato chips? I know I have been in the past!  However, since it is really hard to resist a bag of oily, fatty chips, I suggest you try to make your own!  When you make your own, you can be sure that they are much healthier than the ones in the store! For this recipe, you will need: Vegetable oil or shortening for deep-fat frying (about 2 quarts) 1 pound of peeled Idaho potatoes Salt to taste Pour the oil or melt … [Read more...]

Familiarize Yourself With Wolf Appliances


My kitchen is in need of an upgrade.  The cabinets are slowly giving out, the drawers are beginning to fall through and the majority of my appliances are original from 1995.  Since I am in the process of researching appliances, cabinets and flooring myself, I thought I'd share this post with you in case you are also on the hunt for new appliances. Important Details about Wolf Appliances to Be aware of Before Going for Repairs If you want to … [Read more...]

I Look Forward To Basketball Tournaments


Highschool basketball is over but now it is time for AAU basketball tournaments to get underway.  Many people say "Aren't you ready for a break from basketball."  A break would be nice, but there is nothing more enjoyable than watching your child play a sport that they love.  I am definitely a proud basketball mom! Keep in mind, I never liked watching sports on television or live at the stadium until my son started becoming interested and now … [Read more...]

Alphabet And Shape Matching Game

paper towel roll

If you are getting ready to start teaching your child his or her letters and the alphabet, check out this awesome craft that will assist you with all of that fun teaching and learning! All you need is: An empty paper towel roll A marker Some dot stickers (the kind that you would see on the yard sale products) Take your marker and write down letters of the alphabet in random spots on the empty paper towel roll.  Then take … [Read more...]

#Win Scrigit Scraper Tool #Giveaway ENDS 4/6


I was given two packs of Scrigit Scraper Tools from to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are 100% mine. How fragile are your fingernails?  How often do you use them to scrape at things?  You can now save your fingernails by using the Scrigit Scraper.  It is a great, light weight, scraper tool that can be conveniently clipped on just like an ink pen.  This product is made in the USA out of a light weight … [Read more...]

Setting Up A New Office Soon?


My husband currently works out of his home office, but is putting together a company that will soon need an additional office location.  There are so many things for us to think about in terms of putting his office together. Best location in terms of monthly rent and close proximity to our house The cheapest location isn't always the best option.  We need to make sure the area is safe and welcoming to his clients and employees.  We also … [Read more...]

DIY Fairy Jar: Night time Craft

fairy jar

Are you looking for a fun and creative craft to do with your kids that they can keep in their room at night as a night-light?  They can even use this to try and “catch a fairy!” DIY Fairy Jars are a lot of fun, and really easy to make!  You will need the following supplies: Mason Jar(s) Glitter (I have heard that diamond glitter works best for this craft) Serrated knife Glow stick(s) Towel that can get dirty or messed up (just in … [Read more...]

Kitchen Chronicles: The Baking Zone

baking zone

If you are an avid baker, you will definitely want to create a baking space in your kitchen if you have not done so already!  By doing this, you are able to take a quick inventory of your baking supplies and figure out what you have enough of and what you need to purchase next time you are at the grocery store. Pick out a counter top, or another special area in your kitchen and devote it plus the top and bottom cabinet to your new and improved … [Read more...]

Easter: Great Time For Flower Arrangements


Easter is soon approaching and I can't wait to get my Easter decorations up throughout our house.  We've had a crew of workers in our home for awhile and there is sawdust everywhere!  Hopefully they will be finished with the stair rails soon so we can get the mess cleaned up and our Easter decorations displayed throughout our home. Photo Credit: The kids look forward to pulling out the … [Read more...]