Strawberry Whipped Sensation Recipe


Recipe Linda is back on the mom blog in order to fulfill a request for a great Strawberry dessert to make for a special occasion.  I can't wait to test this one out, it is called Strawberry Whipped Sensation, sounds good, huh? . Recipe Linda is my aunt who lives in Kentucky and if you haven't caught on by now, she is an EXCELLENT cook!  She said that this recipe is really good and very simple to make.  I know this has to be good because she … [Read more...]

Dreaming About Bad Guys

Last night my 7 year old came to our bedroom at 3:45 am, asking to work on his homework.  Yes, he had a little homework that could be done in advance, but not at 3:45 am!  I walked him back to his room and then it came out - he had a nightmare and was scared.  I laid in bed with him and he wanted to share his dream with me.  We talked about the dream and I stayed in his room until he fell back to sleep.  His dream was real and he was … [Read more...]

I Won A Sheet Set #Giveaway!


I love to win giveaways!  It is so exciting to open an email to find out that you have won something.  I don't win many giveaways but when I do, I make sure to send my shipping info over ASAP!  Do you enter many giveaways?  Have you won any giveaways this year? Above you will see my latest "win."  I just received them, threw them in the wash and placed them on my bed.  I'm not a fan of making up my bed, but when you've got new sheets, it … [Read more...]

Ten Summer Boredom-Buster Ideas For Kids

Ten Summer Boredom-Buster Ideas For Kids

With summer around the corner, kids will have around three months of freedom from homework, after school activities, and educational learning.  As excited as kids are to be on summer vacation, most of them will pop the “I’m bored” mantra a couple of weeks into summer. Here are 10 summer activities to keep the kids entertained while you maintain your sanity: 1. Family Movie Night In the summer, make it a tradition to have family movie … [Read more...]

BlogWithDad Published a Book!

book cover

WooHoo, I am so proud of my husband!  His name is Michael Munsey and you may know him as "BlogWithDad." He started off with a fun family blog, then added another financial blog and before I knew it, he was in the process of writing his first book!  Here's a look at the cover image:   The book has been published and the hardback version will be available first, then the paperback which will soon be followed up by the ebook version. … [Read more...]

Texas Easter Morning Festivities

photo 1 (52)

Easter morning started off with early morning Easter Baskets which the Easter Bunny had dropped off at our house the night before.  The boys dug into their baskets, and we all had some morning Easter Chocolates.  Then on to the giant Easter Egg hunt in the woods. Each year I hide over 100 plastic eggs for the boys in the greenbelt.  We used to hide eggs in the front yard, but now that Travis is 13, that could be a little embarrassing, so as long … [Read more...]

Active Acessories USA Review: Neon On-The-Go Hair Bands

photo 2 (54)

I received hair bands from to use in facilitating my hair band review.  All opinions are my own. Check out these hairbands from  I jumped at the chance to review these because I have been very curious about them.  I have seen other women wearing them at the gym and have wondered how well they would hold my thick hair in place during the group fitness classes I attend throughout the week. … [Read more...]

Linda’s Strawberry Pretzel Salad Recipe

pretzel salad

Linda has sent in some wonderful recipes to share on and today she has sent over a great Strawberry Pretzel Salad recipe to share since it is Strawberry Season in her neck of the woods.  She says her family loves this as a stand alone salad or as a tasty dessert. Linda's Strawberry Pretzel Salad You will need: 2 c. crushed pretzels 3/4 c. melted butter 3Tbsp sugar 1 large box strawberry jell-o 1 {8 oz} cream … [Read more...]

If You Have A Gym Membership USE IT!


Do you currently have a gym membership and not use it as much as you'd like?    Do you use it enough to make up for the monthly fee you are paying in order to keep it? Here's a few tips to get you motivated to get yourself to the gym on a regular basis: FIND GYM BUDDIES - I have several women that I know from my regular fitness classes and they expect me to be there.  If I don't show, they will text or email me, so I know that I am being … [Read more...]

#SpringSprung Juno Power #Giveaway ENDS 5/2

hue 1

  Welcome, this giveaway hop is being hosted by LeahSay’s Views and Planet Weidknecht.  All bloggers involved will be giving away a prize pack worth at least $25.  You can find the list of participating blogs at the end of this post.  Good luck! As for my giveaway, is giving away a HUE Plus power bank by Juno Power.  This baby has can power up two gadgets at once, which is super helpful when you've got kids who also … [Read more...]

Sadly, the Time Has Come

easter eggs

My boys are 13 and 7 and each year I color Easter Eggs with them.  We usually color about 6 dozen eggs because we all have so much fun.  Since Easter is right around the corner, I bought all our Easter Egg coloring gear at the grocery this week and figured we'd color the eggs one day after school when we didn't have any homework or afternoon activities.  Both boys saw the Easter Egg coloring cups and told me at separate times that they were now … [Read more...]

Lilla Rose Flexi Hair Clip #Giveaway ENDS 5/5

Denise Hair 1

I was given Lilla Rose Flexi Hair Clips to use in facilitating this review.  All opinions are my own. Have you ever experienced a Lilla Rose hair clip?  Before this review, I had heard of them online but had never really experienced one.  Too bad I hadn't checked them out sooner, because I LOVE the Flexi Hair Clips!!!  They stay in place, are great quality and look awesome! . . It was hard taking my own pictures for this review, so I shared … [Read more...]

Hold A Fun and Fair Easter Egg Hunt


Be prepared, Easter will be here VERY soon.  Things have been so hectic that I failed to get my Easter decorations out earlier this month, so now I must focus on Easter Dinner prep and get ready for the Easter Bunny and Easter day festivities.  Every year the Easter Bunny leaves me over 100 filled eggs to hide for the boys.  We used to hold this hunt indoors, but now that the boys are older, they know all the indoor hiding spots.  So as long as … [Read more...]

Mom Made Us Write This Summer: Children’s Journal Book


Are you looking for a fun book for your child?  Check out Mom Made Us Write This In The Summer - the new children’s journal book from author Ali Maier.  The book is the first, in an upcoming series of adventures in twin-life journaling books.   Ali Maier's Mom Made Us Write This In The Summer, gives readers a he-said, she-said view into the hilarious and adventure filled family life of 10 year old twins.   You can check out the customer reviews … [Read more...]

Moms CAN Lose Weight Too

post preg weight

As a mom, I know how pregnancy and post-pregnancy can result in weight gain, and sometimes it’s really hard to lose!  Whether you lack motivation or free time, it is completely natural for the weight to stay on for a while.  As you know, hCG is a hormone found in pregnant women.  What you might not know is that the hCG hormone has shown signs of programming our hypothalamus to break down fat and maintain muscle tissues that stay lean to help … [Read more...]

Reducing Holiday Stress At Easter


Easter is one of the most family-friendly holidays and offers a great chance to either spend time with your church or just relax with your relatives.  Maybe you have a big Easter lunch at your parent’s house or perhaps your family has a quieter, more religious-centered holiday.  Regardless of how you decide to celebrate Easter, holiday stress can easily sneak up even on the most prepared moms.  It’s important to take the time to work on stress … [Read more...]