5 Tips For Traveling By Airplane

travis plane

Traveling is a super way to explore new things, but alas it always comes with a side of hassle.  Traveling by airplane can especially easily start your trip on the wrong foot if the flight is delayed, your luggage lost, or if you’re unprepared for the challenge of the trip just through the airport.  Here are a few tips for making sure your trip starts smoothly: First and foremost, book a morning flight!  Your flight is much more likely to … [Read more...]

How to Stay Organized During the Holidays

Christmas Organizing Decor

It’s hard enough to stay organized the eleven other months out of the year, but add some crazy relatives visiting, three other dogs, a Christmas party, and a big ol’ dose of holiday cheer and pretty soon your house looks like a tornado came through.  However, there are some things you can do to retain at least some of your sanity. When the holiday season first starts, even though it’s hard to resist, try to go easy on the decorations.  Taking … [Read more...]

Floor Mats, Premises Liability, and Protecting Guests from Accidents


Have you given this any thought?  A quick primer on premises liability can convince any homeowner of the importance of entrance mats and runners.  These simple yet effective products perform at least 3 critical tasks to make the home a more comfortable and enjoyable place.  First, mats provide moisture, debris, and bacteria control, often serving as the first line of defense against incoming precipitation and pollutants that might otherwise ruin … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Holiday Decorations


There are tons of ways to bring the holiday spirit to the holidays, however one of my favorite ways is decorating, especially DIY decorating!  This really helps me get in the spirit by being creative, and can be a fun activity to do with friends or family.  Photo Credit:  www.mnn.com Here are some easy, cheap holiday decorations you can easily make at home: At least here in Texas, pinecones are never in short supply.  You do not have to … [Read more...]

National Geographic Kids Books #Giveaway ENDS 12/14

National Geographic Bundle

I received the following National Geographic book bundle to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone. Look at this amazing book bundle from National Geographic!  This entire book lot totals to a huge retail value of $1,215.00 and is featured in an awesome giveaway on BlogWithMom.com.  Read through the review and don't forget to bookmark this post and get your extra entries in by tweeting the giveaway out daily. If you … [Read more...]

How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep

Happy woman laying on bed

Are you struggling to sleep after a long day work? Well, this is quite a miserable situation to be in and it is well known that one should try and sleep eight hours. Lack of sleep may be associated by a number of things and activities, but there are ways in which one should do in order to get a great night’s sleep.  . If you try to sleep and all is in vain, there are guidelines that you should follow to get enough sleep. . 1. EAT LIGHT … [Read more...]

Try Your Hand At Direct Sales – FREE


How often do you find yourself online?  Would you like to try your hand at direct sales?  Did you know that some direct sales companies offer free sign ups?  I never knew that it was possible to join a company as a consultant or rep for free until I began looking into this myself.  Why not sign up as a rep to a company if you could grab your own personal discounts and have a chance at making money with online sales and a downline? Here are two … [Read more...]

DreamItReel Video Editing Service


Taking video is fun and capturing high quality footage is easier than ever. Whether using a GoPro, other HD camera, or just your cell phone, chances are you’ve taken plenty of video. But then what do you do with it? This is why DreamItReel was created. We’re a video editing service that makes it easy to get your video footage crafted by a professional. We believe that your videos contain a story worth telling and our pro editors are ready to … [Read more...]

Aquis Super Absorbent Hair Towels Make Great Gifts!

Aquis towels in bag

I was given this Aquis bundle from aquis.com to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. I couldn't wait to test out the Aquis towels above, my boys and I always leave the shower with dripping wet hair.  We have thick hair and no one wants to take the time to use a hair dryer.  By the time we've dried off, then dried our hair, our towel is thoroughly wet, so off we go to air dry.  This doesn't bother any of us … [Read more...]

Advocare: SYS Cleanser

SYS Cleaner Advocare

Are you looking for a product that is safe for your skin and leaves it feeling “good as new?” Have you heard of SYSTM Cleanser? What is SYSTM Cleanser? SYSTM cleanser is a natural skin cleanser produced from powerful plant extract, and refined in a modern way to cope with the present-day environment while giving your skin the best treatment it deserves. Active Ingredients: SYSTM cleanser is formulated from different active ingredients … [Read more...]

Cut Down On Energy Costs This Winter


Last December we decided that something had to be done about the bad drafts in our home.  You could feel the cool air coming in by all the windows and from underneath our front door.  Our home was built in 1995 and had all original double paned windows.  These old windows were allowing so much cold air into our home that our heat bill was enormous.  In order to keep from running our heater full time,  we used space heaters where needed such as in … [Read more...]

Gifts Ideas for a College Student


Living away from home and taking on (some) new responsibilities can be an exciting and scary time for a college freshman.  Going back home for the holiday season is a welcome time for relaxation, pampering, and with these gifts students can bring some of that feeling back to school! Care packages are a great little piece of home through the mail that students love.  Fill a small box with snacks, small toiletries (students have a tendency to … [Read more...]

Easy Apple Pie Bites #Recipe


Are you looking for an easy recipe to help use up all of those apples you just got on sale?  Here is one for you!  I love love LOVE apple pie, so making these quick apple pie bites are perfect for my family and me. You will need: ¼ cup of packed light brown sugar 1 teaspoon of apple pie spice, and some additional apple pie spice for sprinkling on top of the apple pie bites 3 tablespoons of butter 1/3 cup of chopped pecans … [Read more...]


During pregnancy- pregnancy by trimester 2

  Week 28! Congratulations! Your energy may be getting lower, but your excitement is surely building as you look forward to welcoming your baby—or babies!—in person. In the remaining weeks of your pregnancy, there are a number of things you can (and should) do to ensure that you are ready for the arrival of your demanding little bundle of joy. Plan a Baby Moon This is it, mama. Your last chance to get away for a long weekend … [Read more...]

EverydayHappy.com: American-Made Cleaning Products

Everyday Happy

The items seen below were given to me by EverydayHappy.com to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. Check out the American-made cleaning products from EverydayHappy.com shown in the photo above.  They have a plant-based all-glass cleaner, a plant-based all-purpose cleaner and a dirt erasing power sponge.  I have reviewed items for them in the past and have been waiting for these cleaning products to become … [Read more...]

Chobani Greek Yogurt – All Natural

Chobani box

I received this review package to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. We had a great suprise at the door last week!  There was a huge box, layered in dry ice packs and inside was a box full of full size, 32 oz. containers of Chobani Greek Yogurt. Here's a closeup of the Chobani yogurt that we received:  plain whole milk, strawberry and vanilla blended flavors. I love the top lids on these … [Read more...]