Amazon Gift Cards Are Easy To Load On Your Account


Loading an gift card to your account is very easy!  This is much better than printing off your Amazon gift codes only to misplace them. Here are some step-by-step instructions for you: Head over to Make sure you are signed in to your account before continuing to the next step. Once you have logged in, click on “Your Account” located near the top of the right-hand corner. After that, scroll down to the … [Read more...]

Life Without Electricity: Teach Kids about Olden Times

candle reading

Kids love to imagine, yet imagining about history inspires learning.  Kids of today wonder about tomorrow, but they learn what it was like to be a kid fifty, one-hundred, and scores of years ago by researching history.  For example, what was it like to live and go to school without electricity?  Candles were used for light rather than decoration generations ago.  Catch present attention to teach kids about the past. School of Yore What was … [Read more...]

Tips For Selecting The Perfect Morph Suit

morph T face

My boys are both wearing Morph Suits this year for Halloween which gave me a chance to learn more about them through our experiences.  Have a look at both of their faces, you can see through the white face of the younger child, whereas you can't see the facial characteristics of the oldest one.  This is the same for the ones wearing the suits, whereas the youngest can see far better than the older one who has darker colors across his line of … [Read more...] Helps With Tuxedo Morph Suit

morph B

As you can see from the picture above, my son LOVES his Tuxedo Morph Suit.  We purchased this Tuxedo Morph Suit at a local Party City store, but when we tried it on, we had a few complications so I took it back to the store for an easy return but unfortunately returned back home with the same Tuxedo Morph Suit as I had taken with me to the store to return.  Once I got home, I wrote the following letter to the contact info located on the Party … [Read more...]

Be Prepared: Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

morph boys

Do you remember when you were younger and you put on your Halloween costume and all their Halloween makeup about 5 hours prior to leaving the house to go knock on neighbors’ doors and collect your candy?  We’ve all been there, and now our children want to do the same thing!  While we want trick-or-treating to be a fun experience for them, we also want it to be a safe experience. I have heard tons of horror stories, ranging from poisoned candy … [Read more...]

Get Your Online Shopping Under Control


I love it when readers send in stories to share on the mom blog.  The following story was sent in by Amanda Wall.  She wants to share with you how she got her online shopping under control.  Since the time to start our holiday shopping is right around the corner, I thought this may come in handy - enjoy! How I Got My Online Shopping Under Control I don’t know about the rest of you, but I get product research burn-out.  I start out … [Read more...]

How To Use Skype For Those Special Moments


Do you remember reading my Skype post and how to create your own account to talk to family and friends who are in different areas than you?  Well, here’s a real-life example about how Skype helped my friend Jessica share a special moment with her husband, Justin, who is in the Marine Corps and could not make it to the anatomy scan of their first successful pregnancy.  Justin is currently serving his third deployment for the Marine Corps.  He’s in … [Read more...]

Kick Off Holiday Shopping, Enter To Win TeenSafe Amazon Gift Card

TeenSafe image Aug (1)

The holidays will be here before we know it, so if you have time, you need to start your holiday shopping now.  Buying a little here and there will help out in the end.  It is so much better than waiting until the last minute and then spending way too much out of desperation of the need for the gift and absolutely no idea of what to buy!  If you'd like to start your holiday shopping now, make sure to find a great "gift" hiding place in your home … [Read more...]

Travel on a Shoestring: Five Tips to Plan a Budget Trip to Monterey


Have you ever looked at a City Guide for Monterey, California?  I have never been to California, but would really like to visit one day.  Enjoy the following info, it should really come in handy if you plan on visiting this area. Magnificent Monterey is perched on the Pacific Coast, and it is home to beautiful beaches, rich Hispanic heritage, world-class restaurants, and the 6th largest aquarium in the world.  Throw in a temperate all-year … [Read more...]

BeautyCounter Glow Sugar Scrub #Review #Giveaway ENDS 10/31

sugar scrub

I was given a container of Glow Sugar Scrub from BeautyCounter Consultant Susan Hopkey to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. Susan Hopkey is giving readers a $10 discount when you order $30 minimimum from her BeautyCounter site!  All you have to do is email her at and tell her that BlogWithMom sent you!   Susan's BeautyCounter had lots of nice items that caught my eye, such as skincare, … [Read more...]

Prepare: Halloween Makeup Safety Tips


Painting your face for Halloween is so much fun!  It lets your creative juices flow, and it’s cheaper than buying a Halloween mask!  However, there can be some uncomfortable side effects of using Halloween face paint and makeup.  You need to make sure that you apply it exactly as the directions say to.  Do not add any decorative items to your face that are not made for skin contact.  This can leave a rash or irritation that can be very … [Read more...]

What To Do When You’ve Lost Your Cell Phone


Losing a cell phone can be so upsetting, with all the buy-back programs and information that is stored in your phone.  The last thing you want is for someone to find your phone, set it up on their account for their personal use or sell it through one of the many phone buy back programs. Find iPhone App If you have an iPhone, there is a must have app called "Find iPhone."  This app will help you locate your phone as long as there is still a … [Read more...]

Women’s Casual Therafit Shoes Review/Giveaway ENDS 10/27


I received the following pair of Laura Women's Casual Mule Slip On shoes from Therafit for use in facilitating the following review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. Therafit's shoes are SO comfortable!  Check out the information on their Patented Personalized Comfort System found below. All three adapters can be easily removed, but I love the extra cushion and bounce so I prefer to leave all three adapters inside my Therafit … [Read more...]

Four Tips for Exploring Long Beach on a Budget


Will you be planning a trip soon?  Have you ever thought about exploring Long Beach?  Located just a half hour south of Los Angeles, Long Beach is a beach lover's heaven.  If you'd love to visit Long Beach but you're afraid it's out of your budget, follow these tips for getting the most out of your trip without spending everything you have. Find a Cheap Hotel Room While Long Beach enjoys warm and mild temperatures year-round, it does have an … [Read more...]

Did You Participate In International Walk To School Day


Yesterday, October 9, 2014 was International Walk To School Day.  Of course, living close enough to walk to school, my son and I had to participate, although we cheated a little and rode our bikes.  The walking trail was slam packed with people on bikes, scooters, skateboards and dogs on leashes.  It was a mad house!  I about got wrecked by a small boy that came in way to close to me on his bike when slipping past me on the trail.  We were close … [Read more...]