Microwave Cleaning Tricks

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Is cleaning something you enjoy doing daily -No?  I thought so.  If there is an easier way to get something cleaned, I’ll automatically do it.  I don’t want to spend hours scrubbing and cleaning if I don’t have to.  Here are some tricks you can use next time you clean your microwave. Tips For Cleaning your Microwave All that stuck food splatter can become a hassle to get off.  Not only does that splatter look and smell bad, but it can make … [Read more...]

PhotoPad Facebook App – Try it!


These days there are a ton of apps to choose from, it’s hard not to drown in all the options.  It is hard to choose which are worth your time, and which aren’t.  There are a ton that are almost similar or don’t work- but there are hardly any that let you edit your pics and make stuff with them! The photopad app will forever change the way we share pictures on social media.  No wonder Facebook users, both personal as well as business users, have … [Read more...]

Six Minute Mile – Basketball Team Requirements

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Travis is now a freshman in high school and has been working so hard in order to make it on the school basketball team since seventh grade.  This year he made it on the basketball team and practices with his team five days a week.  This week the coach told the basketball team that everyone had to run the mile in under six minutes in order to play.  Everyone that didn't make this time would continue to run the mile each day until they made it … [Read more...]

6 Things To Do Before Giving Your Teenager Their First Smartphone


As you decide whether it's a good idea to get your teenager a cell phone, here are six things you should consider. Ask the Hard Questions Owning a smartphone is a big responsibility—is your teen ready?  Look back on past instances where your teen had opportunities to show you commitment and maturity.  Can they keep to a nightly curfew?  Do they have problems staying away from video games when it's time to do homework?  Past behavior is a good … [Read more...]

Get Your Child Active!


How much daily exercise is your child getting?  Are they getting any exercise aside from what they get at recess while at school or in their homeschool play groups? Here's a few questions to ask yourself: Is it possible for your child to ride their bike or walk back and forth to school? How many days a week does your child have a PE class at school?  What type of activities are they doing in their current PE class? What kinds of … [Read more...]

Enter To Win $50 Amazon Gift Card #Giveaway

It's that time again........ Time to chance your luck at winning an online giveaway.  TeenSafe is giving away another $50 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky reader from the United States or Canada.  The winner must also be at least eighteen years old to win. What is the last giveaway pack that you won?  Was it something that you ended up using for yourself or was it something that you gave to someone else as a gift?  The holidays will be here … [Read more...]

Find Your Lost Child With Lineable Tracking Bracelet


Losing a child if only for a moment can be a frightening experience.  You turn around to look at a rack of clothes--the next thing you know - no child!  They were right next to you, but now are suddenly gone.  As you frantically start pulling apart the clothes on the racks hoping against hope that your child is playing hide and seek with you, you begin to panic. What if somebody grabbed your child?  Just as you are getting ready to ask for help, … [Read more...]

Getting Ready For Guests To Do List


Does this sound familiar?  "We have guests coming this weekend and I am not anywhere close to being ready for them to get here!"  If this happens in your home, then be sure to check out the four priority items on my Getting Ready For Guests To Do List. Clean up We all like to show our homes off to our guests, so get everyone to pitch in and get your house picked up and clean before the guests arrive.  Removing all the clutter from the main … [Read more...]

Ideal Carb Blocker From IdealShape.com


I was given a bottle of Ideal Carb Blocker from IdealShape.com to use in facilitating my review.  Affiliate links are used in the following post. Do you find that you eat too many carbs?  Are you worried that your carb intake is affecting your weight loss goals?  IdealShape.com says that their Ideal Carb Blocker will improve your Carb Metabolism.  IdealShape dares you to test out their Carb Blocker and experience it for yourself.  They say … [Read more...]

Four Reasons Why You Should Exercise

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  School is back in session, so it's time for everyone to get back to their workouts!  No more excuses, you've just got to take the plunge and do it! Need a little persuasion?  Here's four main reasons why people make time for their exercise workouts: Working Out Makes You Feel Good About Yourself Once your exercise workout session is over, you'll be proud of yourself for not giving up and hanging in there until your workout … [Read more...]

You Are Invited: Barnes & Noble Book Signing Woodlands, Texas 9/13

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Do you live in the Woodlands, Texas area?  If so, we'd love to meet you in person on Saturday, September 13, 2014 at the Woodlands, Texas Barnes & Noble located at 1201 Lake Woodlands Drive, Spring, Texas. My husband, local author, Michael Munsey, will be signing copies of his book:  An Average Joe’s Pursuit To Financial Freedom:  Change Your Perception Of Money Be sure to stop by our table and sign up to win a $15 Barnes & Noble … [Read more...]

Promoting www.FreeAverageJoe.com With Highlighters


Our promotional highlighters arrived!  We ordered 250 of these to take with us on our book signing tours for my husband's new book.  It is called An Average Joe's Pursuit To Financial Freedom:  Changed Perception of Money.  Guess what his book website is?  You guessed it:  www.FreeAverageJoe.com as can be seen below on the close up picture of the highlighter / pens. We have nice Average Joe's Pursuit For Financial Freedom bookmarks and … [Read more...]

The Importance of Keeping Kids Active


Looking at the numbers of overweight children these days it is good for parents to know the importance of keeping kids active in order to keep them fit and also prevent them from being obese.  Knowing fully that average kids spend much time watching TV, videos, DVD’s, playing video games, and browsing the internet; parents need to take a positive step to inculcate the habit of physical activities in their children.  No one wants to hurt their … [Read more...]

Best Careers for People Who Love Children


Are you currently looking for a career?  Are you one of those people who love working with kids?  People who love working with kids may want to consider career paths that will let them shape the lives of young people.  If you love children, consider these four careers. Pediatrician Pediatricians specialize in the medical needs of children, often until they reach the age of 18 or 21.  They're often involved in the their patients' development … [Read more...]

5 Ways To De-Stress


  Working online can be very stressful with short deadlines and lots of requests, so it is important that I take time to de-stress when needed.  Below you will find the top ways that I use when on stress overload. Exercise I always have a much better day when I start it off with a little exercise.  Whether you choose to go the fitness room in the local gym, attend a group fitness class or enjoy a bike ride /walk in your … [Read more...]

Easy Banana Pudding Recipe


I LOVE Banana Pudding and since Recipe Linda is such a great cook, I asked her to share her favorite banana pudding recipe on the Mom Blog.  Here is what she had to say about this recipe:  I love this recipe as it is very easy and quick to make!  You can find more of Recipe Linda's creations in our recipe section. You will need the following: 1 8 oz cream cheese 2 cups milk 1 - 14 oz sweetened condensed milk 1  - 6 oz instant vanilla … [Read more...]