Proper Breathing While Running

Woman running in a park

One of the most common complaints while running is that it is hard to breathe and you end up with a pain in your chest.  There are a few proper breathing techniques you can try to see if running gets any easier for you! First, try rhythmic breathing.  There are a few breathing patterns you can try out to see which one works best for you.  This can get a little confusing – when you are running, try to exhale when your when your feet hit the … [Read more...]

Simple Beauty Tips


Beauty wise, some days are just better than others.  There is no denying it! I have a few simple beauty tips that can help you feel better about yourself on the days where you do not feel so good about what the day holds. Have you ever heard of Witch Hazel?  If you ever get your eyebrows waxed, you have probably had this stuff rubbed on the freshly waxed spot on your face to help with swelling or the burning sensation you get from the wax. … [Read more...]

Telltale Signs of a Mystery Shopping Scam to Watch Out For


Mystery shopping is a great way to earn cash when you need the freedom of flexible hours. Many of these opportunities are found online. However, the opportunities found on the Internet are not all legitimate. Many are fake business opportunities set up to trick you out of your own money. So what are some of the telltale signs that a mystery shopping opportunity is actually a scam? Payment Required The first hint that an opportunity for … [Read more...]

Finally Have Some Rain Boots!

mud boots

I have wanted a pair of mud / rain boots for a few years now.  Each year I buy these for my kids and would love to have a pair for myself, but never want to spend the money.   When it rains, the trail that I walk on to get the kids to and from school gets VERY muddy!  I usually use a pair of old shoes, but there is now construction work going on back there and there is mud everywhere!   The last time I walked through this area, the mud sucked the … [Read more...]

#Recipe: Homemade Dog Treats


If you enjoy creating meals for your family, you should try to make treats for the family dog.  Store-bought treats can be really cheap and easy to buy, not to mention extremely convenient, but they aren’t always the best for our furry friends.  They contain ingredients that we can barely pronounce.  Check out the photo above, this image came from my blogger buddy over at  She made these treats for her dog in cute heart … [Read more...]

Treating and Preventing Runner’s Knee

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Are you experiencing the following? Terrible pain when trying to bed your knee Grinding in the knee Swollen knee Worse pain when walking downhill or down some stairs If so, you might have runner’s knee!  This is very important to get checked out by your physician as soon as possible so treatment can start.  If you are experiencing this, it is time to step back and take it easy before you cause any extra damage to the cartilage in … [Read more...]

#Win Coconut Butter, Essentially Coconut #Giveaway ENDS 2/15

coconut butter trio

 I was given three jars of coconut butter from to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone. Essentially Coconut is a company owned and operated by a mother who needed something she could use as “me time.”  We ALL know what that feels like!  She became intrigued with the health benefits of coconut and started making her own coconut butter.  She would experiment with different add-ins and flavors but the … [Read more...]

The Best Natural Toys for Your Kids


When plastics came into common use, many parents were overjoyed that they could give their kids toys made of materials that were shatter-proof and easy to clean.  Unfortunately, as we’ve learned more about plastics, they’ve become less appealing.  Not only can they leach dangerous chemicals like BPA into your child’s system, but they also generate a lot of harmful chemicals during the production process.  If you are concerned about your child’s … [Read more...]

Nail Polish Tips and Tricks


It is nice to get your nails done at a salon while you sit back and relax, but that can get a little expensive if you get it done often.  I have some tips that will help you get that salon shine and style on your nails for basically less than half of the cost in the comfort of your own home! When you paint your nails, you want the polish to stay on for more than a few days.  However, the polish usually chips off within a few hours depending on … [Read more...]

Art Craft: Make A Button Tree


Do you have any old buttons lying around, or did you find a ton of them for a great price at a thrift shop?  Are they all different looking and have different designs and colors, if so, even better! If you are looking for a fun craft to do that will use up all of those buttons, look no further.  This craft is very simple, and you only need a few supplies! You will need: A bunch of buttons Card-stock (or a blank canvas if you can get … [Read more...]

Is There a Cruise Vacation in Your Holiday Plans?


What better way to enjoy a much-needed rest than through an excursion aboard a luxury cruise ship?  Cruise vacations are perfect getaways for individuals and families who want to enjoy their holiday break to the fullest in a uniquely fun way.  This is one of the reasons why 2015 is predicted to be one of the busiest years ever in terms of such excursions.  So, why should a family consider a cruise as the ideal option for an upcoming holiday? … [Read more...]

Have You Tried Essential Oils?


If you are looking for natural ways to take care of every day issues that medicine would normally take care of, consider using essential oils.  They can aid in a lot of situations such as acne, allergies, arthritis, backaches, blisters, bloating, etc.  Imagine the amount of money you would save if you quit buying medicine and just started warming some essential oils in your room!  You will want to make sure you do not have any sort of reaction to … [Read more...]

Therafit Shoes #Review & #Giveaway


I was given a pair of Therafit Euro Women's Ankle Boots in Caramel Leather to use in facilitating this review.  All opinions are my own. These Therafit ankle boots are true to size and so comfortable that it feels as if you are wearing hightop tennis shoes!  The top of this Euro Women's Ankle Boot fits perfectly around your ankle.  They fit so well that I could run in these.  How many pairs of boots do you have that you could run … [Read more...]

#MonsterTruckJam Houston Texas – A MUST See!

Houston Skyline

We're on our way to Monster Truck Jam in Houston, Texas. Each year our family looks forward to going to this event.  The kids especially love the Pitt Pass where they can take pictures with the monster trucks and get signatures from the drivers. Here's our first stop for signatures.  My youngest always wears a light colored shirt for signatures, while my oldest purchases a Monster Truck Jam magazine for his autographs. The drivers … [Read more...]

Do You Use Eye Protection?


  Eye protection is vital any time of year, whether you're mowing the lawn in the hot summer months or skiing the slopes in the cool of December. It is important to always consider eye protection indoors and outdoors, all year round. A number of sources can cause injury to eyes, including the sun’s rays and debris. Keep your eyes protected no matter what with the following methods! Sunglasses Being outdoors exposes us to the … [Read more...]

RampShot Outdoor Game $50 Amazon #Giveaway


I was given a RampShot outdoor game to use in facilitating my review. All opinions are mine alone.   The RampShot outdoor game comes with everything you see above: 2 RampShot Ramps 2 RampShot Nets and 2 RampShot Stickers which we placed on the ramps ourselves 4 RampShot Balls My family and I love a great outdoor game!  We live on a greenbelt and have the perfect place to keep these games set up for days on end.  For us, … [Read more...]