Car Washes: Do it Yourself or Have Someone Else Do it?

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When you want to wash your car, you have two choices.  You can either take your car to a professional, or you can do it yourself.  Both have advantages, and you should consider your own wants and needs before proceeding.  With this in mind, while you can save money by doing it on your own, you should pay a professional, and here are four reasons why. Cheaper in the long run:  First and foremost, if you want to wash your own car, you probably … [Read more...]

Home Organization Ideas For Kid Items


Keeping your home organized can be challenging, especially if you have children.  The key is sticking to your budget and working within your means!  I have a few (cheap) tips that can help to keep your home organized and neat looking all the time! Let’s say the weather outside is bad and your kids are desperate to do something fun and entertaining but they are stuck in the house.  This happens all too often, and parents are usually scrambling … [Read more...]

Do You Accept Credit Card Payments


I have been thinking about setting up mobile payment for my Advocare business.  Many times I am asked to take a credit card and the only way that I can accept the credit card is if I am able to place the Advocare order directly on my site and have the products shipped to the customer.  Many times I have the items on hand and at that point can only take cash or check as form of payment since I am not set up to accept mobile payments. Years ago, … [Read more...]

Is Mobile Payment Set Up On Your Phone?

I was happy to see this infographic come in today since I have been thinking about setting up Apple Pay on my phone.  My husband loves all gadgets and new technology and had Apple Pay set up on his phone the same day as he got his new Apple iPhone 6 Plus.  He was trying to use his Apple Pay at restaurants right off the bat.  A few of the restaurants knew they could accept this form of payment, but they had never processed an Apple Pay payment … [Read more...]

Thumbs Up: Monopoly Empire Boardgame

Monopoly Empire

Since cell phones and iTunes accounts are so popular, my kids seldom play board games.  Around Christmas time, I met a lady who was shopping in the game isle in Target who told me how great this game was because of it's shortened amount of game play time compare to the original Monopoly game.  Santa must have been listening because on Christmas morning, my youngest found this Monopoly Empire board game near his stocking. Unfortunately, the game … [Read more...]

Ways To Save Money At Restaurants

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Do you like to go out to eat often but hate when the bill rolls around and you have to pay that huge amount? There are a few ways to save money at restaurants – check them out! Have you ever heard of  I have used the site many times to purchase restaurant gift cards for less!  They almost always offer $25 gift certificates for only $4!  That’s a HUGE savings!  You will want to call the restaurant and make sure they still … [Read more...]

Home Remedies For Dark Eye Circles

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Have you ever had a long night that resulted in dark circles around your eyes the next morning?  Those can be a hassle to quickly fix, but luckily I have a few home remedies that should help! The first item you can use is a cucumber.  They provide an instant cooling effect and increases blood flow with reduces puffiness!  You can slice the cucumber up into small slices and sit them over your eyes, or you could grate a small cucumber and … [Read more...]

Keeping Your Family Secure: It’s the Parents Job!

Family Playing Together Outside During Summer

As parents we have a pretty singular goal in life when it comes to our children.  This goal is to make sure they grow up happy, healthy and secure. We do everything we can for our children to keep them out of harm’s way and ensure they are safe from anything life might throw at them.  While it might be tempting to be there for every minute of the day, this is often not possible.  The reality is that many of us have to work a day job, and entrust … [Read more...]

Combatting Clutter – Get Organized!


  Do you need a few tips on combating clutter in your home?  Spring is just around the corner, and it is time to clean out and clean up!  If you can add organization into that, your home will look great when you are done! If you have any jewelry boxes laying around (the flat cardboard kind you find at craft stores or dollar stores), insert them into your “junk drawer” and use them to organize pens, pencils, lipsticks or whatever … [Read more...]

Easily Swap Phone Apps Onto Windows Phone #LumiaSwitch

3 smartphones

Are you worried about swapping losing your favorite apps if you were to go with a different type of smartphone?  The Lumia has two app discovery platforms that will help you find the apps that you are looking for! One platform is the App Switch which helps you quickly find replacement apps if you are moving over from an Android or iPhone. The second platform is App Social which makes it easy for you to find replacement apps on your new … [Read more...]

What Is Crowdtap?

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Have you ever heard of Crowdtap?  It is a website where you are able to voice your opinion via “Quick Hits,” which are basically poll questions.  Based on your answers, you will receive picture and text challenges and each one that you complete comes with points rewarded to you in that particular brand category.  There are dozens of brands on Crowdtap (Neutrogena, Walmart, Beauty, etc.) and each month you have the opportunity to win gift cards to … [Read more...]

An Opportunity To Make An Impact With Targeted Giving


Mothers are almost always looking for opportunities to give back.  As mothers parent their own children, they develop an appreciation for the suffering taking place around the world.  Simply put, children die every single day from diseases that are preventable.  This is especially true in parts of Africa where conditions ravage entire regions.  The good news for moms and for others is that there are now ways to engage in targeted giving.  Rather … [Read more...]

Swallowed My Temporary Cap For My Tooth


Unfortunately, a root canal was called for in October, which was a painful experience, but I made it through it and was sent on my way without a temporary cap.  My insurance was fairly new so a year waiting period was called for before they would pay any of my expenses so the dentist said I could wait for my crown if we monitored that tooth every three months.  I was on board with this idea, until one day a huge chunk of that temporary tooth fell … [Read more...]

Medication Money Saving Tips

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Medicine can be one of the most expensive things we need to purchase at any point.  Some medications can cost over a grand (thank goodness for insurance) while others can be as low as free or a $5 co-pay.  There are ways to save on medication, which in the end can save you a ton of money since it is usually so expensive! When your doctor has to prescribe you anything, request that they prescribe the generic version.  Generic medications can … [Read more...]

Enjoy Restaurant With Your Family Without High Calories

Advobar Whataburger

Yes, you can do it! When your family goes out to eat all the time, it is hard to resist your favorites, but it isn't good for you if you are trying to drop or maintain your weight.  I started bringing meal replacement bars in restaurants with me about a year ago.  When I first started, my family wasn't too happy with me as they wanted me to enjoy the same meals as they were enjoying when we stopped at our favorite restaurants.  Now they … [Read more...]

DIY Crystal Decorated Phone Case


A phone case is pretty much a necessity these days. I am participating in the #LumiaSwitch project and need a great phone case for my Lumia 830 so I thought I would get creative with it.  No matter how long you’ve been holding onto a cell phone, it’s bound to fall to the ground sooner or later.  Just because you need to cover up your phone for protective reasons doesn’t mean your case has to be ugly.  You also don’t have to break the bank by … [Read more...]