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Get Involved: Take The KIND Challenge!!!

Join, where an act of kindness can make a HUGE difference in someone else's life.  I would like to donate to various charities, but can't afford to help everyone.  I love being a part of the Kind Movement, because I can "donate" without needing to send any money!  The Kind Movement is based on the fact that one small act of kindness from someone can make a huge difference for someone else. This program urges people to "Do the … [Read more...]

Weight Watchers 23 Pounds Down In 27 Weeks

Weight Watchers Online: Sign Up for Free when you buy our 3-Mon Savings Plan. Offer ends 2/29/12! Visit for details. Here’s my Weight Watchers Weight Loss update from Week 27: still 23 pounds down, with no weight loss this past week.  It's time to adjust my flex points down so I can give you a weight loss next week.  As long as I don't gain any weight, it o.k. with me if I go a week or two without loosing any weight.  I know … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Caught Without A Dental Plan!

Does your family currently have family dental insurance?  Have you ever looked into discount dental plans as an alternative to dental insurance? would be a great place to start looking for the right discount dental plan for your family.  They offer over thirty discount dental plans for people who wish to save at the dentist, but don't carry a dental insurance plan. It pays off to have a dental plan in place.  Nothing is worse … [Read more...]

Family Lasagna Recipe

Family Lasagna Recipe 1 pound ground beef 3 eggs 1 small carton of cottage cheese (My family likes small curd)  1mozzerella cheese package 1/2 cup grated Parmesan Cheese 1 jar Ragu spaghetti sauce (Larger size so you don't run out) 15 Lasagna noodles (You only use 12, but cook a few extra just in case they break while cooking) Brown hamburger meat and set aside. Beat eggs and add cheese mixture to eggs and set … [Read more...]

Organo Gold Organic Coffee

Have you ever stopped to think of how many cups of coffee Americans across the world drink on a daily basis?  Did you realize that next to water, coffee is the world's drink of choice?  400 million cups of coffee are consumed by Americans every day, now that is a lot of caffeine consumption! Organo Gold Coffee makes it possible for the consumer to forget about the side effects of caffeine because it is 100% organic coffee and all natural.  … [Read more...]

#Weight Watchers Week 26: 23 Pounds Down So Far

Weight Watchers Online: Sign Up for Free when you buy our 3-Mon Savings Plan. Offer ends 2/29/12! Visit for details. Here’s my Weight Watchers Weight Loss update from Week 26: still 23 pounds down, with no weight loss this past week.  Better to lose nothing, than to gain a few pounds.  After all, I attending the Houston Monster Jam Show and ate Frito Pie, Cheese Pizza and a BIG chocolate chip cookie while watching Grave … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Shopping For The Right Vacuum?

I recently received a guest post featuring the top five vacuum cleaners for your household.  The author mentioned that searching through a crowded vacuum aisle can make a person feel overwhelmed.  He said that there are so many types of vacuums available that it can be difficult to choose.  I love my Dyson vacuum, but wanted a lighter style vacuum to use on the steps.  I picked out a cheaper model at Wal-mart and decided to keep the Dyson … [Read more...]

Himalayan Salt Inhaler Recommended By Dr. Oz

Are you familiar with the Dr. Oz show?  Check out this Dr. Oz video featuring the Himalayan Salt Inhaler from the  You'll get a kick of this one, the lady who tested the inhaler really had fun with it.  You know Dr. Oz would not have mentioned the Himalayan Salt Inhaler on his show, if he weren't 100% behind it.  Dr. Oz promoted the salt inhaler as an alternative health secret.  It sounds like a secret that needs to be … [Read more...]

Giveaway ENDED: EatSmart, Phix, Himalayan Salt Shop & Tropical Traditions!

Ready to get in shape for the new year with some fantastic gear? My giveaway is being sponsored by EatSmart, Phix, Himalayan Salt Shop and Tropical Traditions.  I have worked with each of these companies in the past and will continue to work with them due to their great customer service, reliability and speedy deliveries.  I strive to bring great products as well as services to my readers.  After all, a product is as good as the company behind … [Read more...]

Cheer Your Child On With

I received the following personalization idea from Will to be shared on the mom blog.  I checked it out myself and recently was at a college graduation where I saw people waving "faces on a stick" in honor of their graduating family member, pretty neat.  I'd love to see the look on my child's face if I pulled one of those out at his basketball game!  Check it out! Here is great creative idea that is super easy! Upload any photo to this website … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Teething Tips From

Beatrice Dalton over at is on the mom blog today to share her tips for comforting a teething baby. Tips for a Teething Baby It seems like just as the baby begins to enjoy a good routine, and finally the home gets back to normal, teething appears. After weeks or months of disturbed sleep, we only seem to enjoy a few weeks of uninterrupted slumber before the poor baby begins to teeth. However with a few simple … [Read more...]

Spongeables Body Bundle Giveaway ENDED

My readers spoke and I listened!  I was told that they would like to see more "girly reviews / giveaways" on BlogWithMom.  I hope you enjoy this one!  Be sure to keep those ideas coming...... Join in the fun, Spongeables is sponsoring my giveaway bundle consisting of Spongeables Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer, Anti Cellulite Body Wash and Heart Shaped Shower Gel in a sponge as shown below. Check out the Spongeables website, you can purchase their … [Read more...]

Low Fat Chips Ahoy Pudding Dessert Recipe

When I first started Weight Watchers, I met Phyllis online and we became great friends through swapping low fat recipes.  She knew how much I loved sweets so she sent me the following recipe. It's easy to make and tastes great! Chips Ahoy Pudding Dessert 18 reduced fat Chips Ahoy cookies 2 cups skim milk 8 oz low fat Cool Whip topping 1 small box fat free,  sugar free instant chocolate pudding mix Dip 9 cookies in some milk - in … [Read more...]

Fruit Pizza Recipe (Sugar Cookie Cake With Fruit)

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and my boys love those large cookie cakes.  Here's a recipe that my boys love to make as much as they like to eat it.  We are planning to make this on valentine's Day this year.  If your family likes fruit and sugar cookies, they should like it too.  Get creative with it, this recipe is really fun to make with your kids. Fruit Pizza Recipe 1 (18 oz.) pkg. refrigerated cookie dough 1 block of … [Read more...]

Week 25 & 23 Pounds Down With #Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers Online: Sign Up for Free when you buy our 3-Mon Savings Plan. Offer ends 2/29/12! Visit for details. Here's my Weight Watchers Weight Loss update from Week 25:  I lost another pound!!!  I'm back on track after all my holiday eating that started snowballing on Thanksgiving Break!  Cakes, pies,brownies, fudge......I just can't resist!   My ratio of 25 weeks to 23 pounds doesn't look that great, but considering … [Read more...]

Shop For Your “Texas Party” At

Have you ever traveled to Dallas, Texas?   My family and I love to visit this town at least once a year.  The next time you visit, you should check out The Republic of Texas Company Store.  You can find gourmet items, chocolates, gift crates and even Texas style clothing for men and women.  The Republic of Texas even sells smoked ham, turkey and chicken.  Every year my family receives a smoked turkey around the holidays.  This is great since it … [Read more...]