Toaster Oven Versus Regular Oven

Chris over at, is on the mom blog today to tell us why Toaster Ovens can save us money versus using our regular oven.

When you bought or built a house in the past, there were things that seemed to be normal, part of the building process. In the kitchen, this includes shelves, drawers, a fridge, and an oven. To this day, every new house and apartment has these standard items, and barely anybody thinks whether we still need all of these things. But in many cases, the oven itself is used less and less, with things like microwaves and toaster ovens replacing the regular version. But what is really better? Is it worth investing hundreds of dollars in a regular oven, or can you save money by using a toaster oven? It turns out that few people ask the question, and often most home owners just buy both for no good reason. Here’s some information that might make you realize that you don’t even need a regular oven, and should invest instead of its smaller cousin.

Toaster ovens have existed for a long time but have only become very popular household items in the past decade. Simply said, they are smaller versions of the traditional oven, and can be left on the counter, instead of taking up so much space. At first, these were conceived solely for toast, hence the name, but now you can make almost anything in a toaster oven. The only real limitation remaining is the size, and even then it’s rare that most people end up using all of the room inside of a regular oven, a toaster oven typically costs a lot less than a regular one, and can be transported much more easily. The way it works is simple. Using some heating pipes at the top or bottom, it heats the food you put in it at the temperature you specify, for the amount of time needed. If that sounds familiar, it’s because this is exactly the same way a traditional oven works. It is not only saving you with the initial buying cost. Heating something in a regular oven takes a lot more energy because of the size, and costs you more in electricity, so you save every time you use it.

So how do you know which model to get? There are a lot of brands now and many different models. A  Black and Decker Toaster Oven may be one of the most popular brands out there, but it will have different features than a Delonghi Toaster Oven. While they all look very similar, there are some key differences between the various models that you should keep in mind. For one, they don’t all offer the same features. Some allow you to cook the top tray at a certain temperature, and the bottom at a different temperature. Some models have an elaborate timer and clock system, while others have a very simple button. Finally, some offer more power than others, so if you need to cook something at a high temperature, not all toaster ovens can do it. These are things you should look at when you go to buy one.

Overall, there’s no question that toaster ovens save you money compared with regular ovens. In fact many people now don’t even bother buying a regular one, opting just for the toaster oven instead, and are happy with it. You save money at the initial cost, and each time you use it. Now that you know what to look for, you can find the model that works best for you and your household.


  1. We have a regular gas oven in our apartment, but we rarely use it. We more often use our Black & Decker toaster oven. The only things I really use the regular one are for baking cakes, cookies, or large casseroles that won’t fit the toaster oven because of size, height, or it needs more than the 1 hr allotted by the toaster oven timer.

    For Thanksgiving, we used the regular oven for about as much time as we normally use the toaster oven, and that month’s gas bills really soared! We also had to use the air conditioner to cool the apartment down because the oven use heated the whole place up!

    Great article, thanks!
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    • You are so welcome! I am glad for the heat from the regular oven during the cold months, but during the Summer months, no one welcomes the heat. It makes the house WAY too hot! Toaster ovens are great!
      Bobbie Anne