Quick and Simple Salmon Pasta Recipe

Guest Post:  Recipe for Quick and Simple Salmon Pasta

This recipe is a great way to get salmon and fresh vegetables into your kids without them even realizing they are eating food that’s good for them. This meal is great for you and tastes amazing with very little additional flavors and seasoning and doesn’t take too long to cook.

Total cooking time, 20 minutes approx.

Pasta (fusilli works great)
Carbonara Sauce
Bacon (Optional)
Salmon Fillet
Salt and Pepper

1. You can either pan fry or oven cook your salmon. Just place skin side down in the oven at 180 degrees, or in a frying pan on a medium heat, with a sprinkle of salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon. Both of these methods will take roughly 15 minutes to cook a 1 inch thick salmon fillet.
2. Put your pasta on to boil. Dry pasta takes around 10minutes, fresh pasta takes 2 or 3 minutes so time accordingly based on the pasta you buy.
3. Again depending on the time your pasta takes you will want to allow 5 minutes of cooking time for your broccoli so begin boiling it slightly before you start cooking fresh pasta, or around half way through cooking the dry pasta.
4. Fry the bacon to your personal preference for crispiness,
4. Once the pasta is cooked, and the salmon is done, drain the pasta off and put it back into the saucepan, remove the skin from the salmon (with a knife, or peel off) and mix the salmon and broccoli in. Stir in the carbonara sauce and cook through. You can use kitchen scissors or a knife to cut the bacon into small squares and mix in with the fish and pasta.
5. Plate up and season to taste.

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