Guest Post: What Your Sleeping Style Says About You

I received the following guest post in my email and had to share it with you.  Read through this post and find out what your sleeping style says about you – Enjoy!

There have been various studies in the past years, explaining how our sleeping style is connected to our personality.  Though there are some differences in how the researchers analyze each sleeping position, they agree that there are four main sleeping styles: fetal position, sleeping on the side, sleeping on one’s back and sleeping on one’s belly.

More importantly, though, the scientists discovered that these sleeping positions affect our health and our mood.  Before we start trying to recognize our sleeping style and whether it corresponds to our personality, it is good to remind ourselves that no resting ritual, sleeping position or mood booster in the morning can help us if we don’t have a quality, comfortable mattress.  Once we have this prerequisite for healthy sleeping taken care of, we can move on.  Check out huge and quality stock of memory foams and mattresses.


Fetal position wards off stress

Judging by how the fetal position and what it supposedly means are linked together, one might easily say: “You are how you sleep.”  Knees pulled up towards the head, upper part of our body bent towards the knees and arms guarding our chest – this is a perfect image of someone trying to defend him/herself from an attack.  The study shows that people who sleep in this position are usually stressed out and this is one of their ways of coping with problems.

Some studies show that people who lie flat on their stomach are “free-fallers” who let life lead them as if they don’t have much of a say in the matter. Some even call this group of people cowards. Other studies, however, show that people who sleep on their belly are stubborn and in control of their life. The way they sleep is supposed to demonstrate how they prevent others from moving them left or right.

Brave, facing up


People who sleep facing up, with arms outstretched, are considered brave.  They eagerly go after whatever it is they want and that is usually how they wake up: eager to start the new day.  They are also called yearners or dream-chasers.

”Log” sleepers
“Log” sleepers or people who sleep on their side, with arms next to their body and straight legs are considered the most balanced among the four groups.  Sleeping on the side is also considered the healthiest way to rest, especially if you’re lying on the right side and not burdening your heart muscle.

Aside from these four main groups, there are some other less common types of sleeping positions.  Some people sleep with their head outstretched back, hanging from the side of the bed.  Others sleep on their backs, but with their hands tightly pressed against their body. There are people who twist their body in a seemingly uncomfortable way, but they certainly enjoy it.

Mixing sleeping styles
Naturally, most of us don’t always sleep the same way.  Sometimes when we are very tired, we just lie on our backs and snore loudly.  Sometimes it feels so good to curl up and fall asleep in this comfy, warm position, and sometimes lying on the side is exactly what we need. That can hardly mean that we are stubborn, brave, cowards, dynamic, passive, balanced and stressed-out all in one body.

What must be true, however, is the fact that our sleeping style affects our health.  The better we treat our spine and our neck, the better we will feel in the morning.  Choosing a quality bed with a proper sleeping style is the safest way to have a healthy, relaxing sleep.