Guest Post: 5 Fun Blogs for Mom

Being a mom is a thankless job.  That’s why you should take some time for yourself each day to get a good laugh and read helpful hints to make your life easier.  There are several mommy blogs that can help you do this.  Take a look at these five fun blogs for mom.

Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva


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At 25, Susan was a young professional in the corporate world, but her life is a lot different now at the age of 33.  She is a stay at home mom to three kids and she shares her frazzled life through the blog Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva.  Susan said, “I learned pretty early on that motherhood is not all Hallmark moments…”  So, she shares her real-life experiences for all stay at home moms to enjoy, without holding anything back.  You’ll love her comical approach to every topic.

Raising Colorado, Like a Boss

Zakary W. is a stay at home mom of two kids — a five year old boy and an eleven year old girl that has Type 1 diabetes.  Her blog, Raising Colorado, is about her adventures as a mommy.  Plus, Zakary is an expert on removing stains and household pests.  It is a great blog to read if you need a laugh or want to know the best solution to removing a stain.

Five Kids Is a Lot of Kids

Beth is a stay at home mom that has five kids (some adopted and some biological).  You can read her blog at  The slogan of her blog is, “Raising kids to be self-sufficient enough to pay for their own counseling.”  Beth tells about her experiences raising kids without holding back any of the truth.  As you read her blog, you’ll relate to the funny stories and love the positive twist that she puts on everything.

SMACKSY, Because Family is Funny

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Lisa Rosenberg posts funny conversations that she has had with her kindergartner on her blog Smaksy.  She worked in the Television industry for 16 years and as a counselor before taking on her current role as a stay at home mom.  She writes about how her life is a circus but she wouldn’t trade it for anything.  You’ll love the cute and witty comments that her son makes.

Ann’s Rants, a Stay at Home Humorist


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Ann is another stay at home mom that blogs about her experiences.  However, she also likes to participate in sponsored giveaways on her blog.  So, you get a nice mix of free stuff and comedy.  Although Ann has a lot to rant about, she wouldn’t trade being a stay at home mom for anything.  You’ll read her stories and laugh the entire time.

Most of the mommy bloggers on this list have advanced degrees, like from a Keller graduate school project management program, but now they all share their experiences on raising kids and other domestic matters instead of working in the corporate world.  Each of these moms will make you laugh until you cry because of their comedic view of life.  There are so many great mom blogs out there, what is your favorite mommy blog?