My Newcomer’s Guide to Visiting Houston


So you’ve just moved to the Houston area, and you’re not sure how you’re going to spend your time. Well get excited, because there’s a ton to do in this fabulous city!

Fly in Style

See Houston in style by taking to the air! A helicopter tour is a great way to get a unique take on any new city, especially one where you’ll be spending a lot of time. A company like Apex Helicopters can take you up and let you see your new home the way few people will ever get to experience it. What better way to pick out new places to visit in your new home than seeing them from above?


My kids love to go to the Galleria Mall so they can ice skate.  The rink is open year round.

Shop Like a Pro

You’ve unloaded your suitcases, returned your moving truck to one of the Truck Rental Houston locations, so what do you do now? Shop, of course! Just like any major city, Texas has fabulous shopping. The Galleria is Houston’s best and biggest mall, housing all your favorite stores, including all the high-end designers you love. Shop till you drop, then get a bite at one of the many restaurants. There’s nowhere else like it in Houston.

boys game

My family looks forward to visiting the Houston Rodeo all year.  I love the shopping and the boys love the carnival.

Visit the Rodeo Like a Texan

You’re a Texan now, so embrace it at a local rodeo. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is a Houston institution. Get your boots dirty as you check out cattle, and scream and cheer as you watch real cowboys on bucking broncos. Bring the entire family to see this wonderful  and exciting Texas tradition. And this is a rodeo to feel good about; profits are dedicated to charity and education.

art heads

We visited the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the 6 yr old wondered why they hung pictures on the wall that didn’t even look good.  I guess you have to be a little older to appreciate all the pieces.

Soak in the Culture

You may think of ranches and small country towns when you think of Texas, but don’t be fooled; there’s a lot more culture here than you think. The Houston Museum District is internationally recognized, so get yourself to one of the fourteen totally free museums. Most of the paid museums have free days, so don’t count them out. From art to science to history, there’s definitely something to fit your taste.

Time Travel like Doctor Who

Ok, so maybe time travel is impossible. But you can take a step back into history by visiting one of Houston’s many historical sites. Explore mansions from the Roaring Twenties, get spooked on a ghost tour, or take a walk through time on an architecture tour. Exploring your new home’s history is a fantastic way to feel connected and at home. And in such a historically rich city as Houston, there’s a lot of exploring to do.

Blast Off at the Space Center

Houston, we have a problem; that is, if you haven’t visited Space Center Houston yet. See where the cosmic magic happens as you tour this building of exhibits celebrating NASA and space travel. Step into the shoes of the engineers, the scientists, and of course the astronauts who’ve taken humankind to the moon and beyond. What better way to celebrate your move than bringing your family to celebrate one of Houston’s best claims to fame?

Houston has a lot of fantastic attractions to offer, and the best way to see them is to throw yourself in head-first. Explore, discover, and embrace your new city!