Guest Post: Find The Perfect Bed Linen


Go Bold!

Guest Post:  How to match the perfect bed linen to your bedroom

 When deciding on your perfect bed linen, it is often a better idea to contrast rather than try to directly match patterns and colors. While this can be a little intimidating at times, it is important to be confident with bold decisions. Layer patterns onto your bedding, you can create a much more diverse and interesting bedroom space this way. Mixing and matching a selection of patterns and colors can create a customized look that is truly your style, even when using common linens and fabrics. There are many linen stores that offer enough variety for you to customize your bedroom, like I Love Linen.

By rotating patterns you can repeat the same patterns with some variation. Use one pattern on the bed skirt and back pillows and another on the bedspread and the front pillows. You can also create some visual space between two complex patterns. Use a solid fabric between two different bold patterns. This is used as an important visual transition to the color and patterns of the throw pillows and duvet cover. Different patterns can create am interesting style. Use one large pattern, one medium and one small patterned fabric. Using the same sized patterns can creating a look that is too busy.

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 Play It Safe.

Try choosing different patterns that share one common color, and another that is similar to tie them together, such as black. Consider the vibrance of the color selected. Use similarly strong hues like warm colors together and bright colors together. Mixing the two may be too much of a contrast. If you are going for a simpler color palette such as black and white, consider adding a variety of patterns to make it more visually engaging. Geometric patterns can also be a great option if used in varying options.


Have Fun!

For children’s rooms consider starting with a theme and using colors that match that styles. For example, pastels and shine are great for a princess room and darker colors with a contrasting royal blue would suit a car themed room. Also, remember to think about the quality of the fabric, this will vary depending on the thread count and style you are going for.

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