Guest Post: 3 Tips for When Mommy Goes Back to School Too

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As new backpacks are bought and children return to school, many moms are prompted to consider continuing their own educations.  In recent years, the number of college students over 25 years old has jumped by 23% according to a report by Fox Business.  Many of these new students are moms who are either returning for more education or even enrolling for the first time. When scrolling through a catalog of South University courses, class numbers, books and registration fees can pile up into a list that feels quite overwhelming for those who are just entering or perhaps revisiting academia.

Whether you are considering enrollment in a bachelor’s program or looking into a master’s degree, here are some basic tips to consider when planning on heading back to school. Going back to school while raising a family essentially means that your family is going back to school with you. Taking on the load of coursework may require diligence and sacrifice but can definitely provide worthwhile rewards in the end.

Planning Required

On the first day of class, professors hand out the syllabus.  Do not wait to get a jump start on the reading and assignments it contains. Calendars and day planners can be useful tools for jotting down due dates and penciling time slots when you will complete an assignment. Life happens, so it is best to work ahead of schedule rather than last minute.  You never know what might happen if your child gets sick or soccer practice lasts longer than planned.  Setting aside time to complete assignments will help to ensure that they are ready on time.  It can also free up the student to enjoy their study time when it is scheduled and not fret over assignments because time to complete them is already set aside.


For the few years that you will be busy completing school, normal activities may simply need to be cut back.  It is only a short season in life, so you won’t have to miss out on cooking class or book club forever.  But it is a crucial period of time in which life can easily become hectic.  Learning to say no at appropriate times is also a valuable skill to practice.  Friends and family will hopefully encourage you and be able to respect the extra time required for attending classes and studying.

Tutors Are Your Friends

Finally, don’t be afraid to take advantage of the help offered by most colleges and universities.  Writing labs or math tutors are usually available as a free service.  These can be fantastic places to find the support and assistance you need in getting the most out of your classes as possible and doing your best, too.  Plan to visit a tutor well before a project deadline so that they have time to teach you and you can learn how to do the assignment well.  Tutors are not as much help if you meet with them for the first time the night before a project. With these tips and the support of your spouse, children and friends, returning to college can be a healthy and rewarding experience.  And as your children watch mom do her homework too, they will be inspired to keep learning.

Author Bio:  Author Abby Evans is a mother and freelance journalist currently reviewing health options for her family.

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  1. Many mom’s are going back to school because they want to advance their skills. When finding a school, try not to go into huge debt just to get an education.
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  2. These are great tips. I just finished my Master’s Degree online, and it was great. I took my time getting through, and learned so much!

  3. margaret peg m says:

    i am trying to finish my degree in psychology, but as a mother of 5, getting quiet time is the hardest part. my dad gave me his monstrous work earphones to wear, so glad. and i’m doing better than i expected!