Play Word Searches From Your Smart Phone

Have you downloaded many apps on your smart phone?  Did you know there are apps for almost everything out there.  There are tons of free apps, and also apps that run just a few dollars in price.  There are game apps, recipe apps, app for your favorite news channel and websites, even apps that can record memories from your loved ones.  My kids love the game apps and so do I because they will save you a ton compared to buying the over priced game system games.  As for my dad, who is an electrician over 60, he loves the weather apps.  If you haven’t browsed the app store yet, you have to take a quick look around.

Here’s how I browse the App Store from my iPhone 5:

  1. Click the App Store icon which is already installed on my iPhone 5 homepage.
  2. Once the App Store opens, I select the “search” icon found on the bottom of the page and then type in whatever I’d like to search for and then hit the “search” button from the bottom of the page.

Do you like working word search puzzles?  If so, search for “Word Search Gold.”  It is a free iTunes app that is available for your iPhone, iPad or iPod, so select the “free” button, then select the “install” button. You will see the blue circle spin to let you know that it is working, then you will be prompted to sign in to the iTunes store.  Type in your password and then you’re ready to play once the game is done downloading on your phone and you can see the “open” button.  Now hit “open” and you’re ready to start your first word search game.


Word Search Gold is very easy to play, it is perfect for times when you find yourself sitting too long with nothing to do.  I was watching my son in karate class last week and noticed one of the moms playing a word search game on her phone.  She played for the entire hour.  I hadn’t even thought about playing a word search game through my phone, but thought I’d test it out after seeing her game.  As in “pencil and paper word search games,”  you want to find all the words and cross them out as you go.  With this app, you cross out the hidden words with your finger and you hear a sound from your phone as you find each one.  The phone also crosses out the new found word from the word box as well.

Once you complete the level, you hear applause and are told well done!  It gives you your time and your score.  Then it allows you to save your name to those stats.  This is where the game addiction begins.  How fast can you finish a level and how many total points can you score?