My First Body Combat Class

Today I had one of those mornings where I was low on time and had lots on my mind.  I was headed to my Cardio Challenge class but when I got to the YMCA gym, I realized that I had went to the wrong YMCA location.  Instead of finding my cardio class, the gym was full of yoga mats.  Since there are multiple classes getting ready to start, I headed down to another studio to join in on what I thought was the kickboxing class.  After I got warmed up, I realized that this was definitely NOT the class that I had thought it was.


I found someone in front of me that I could follow behind and I continued the class.  I soon found out that I had joined in on the Body Combat class.  Before I knew it, I was learning to push someone away and then kick them back with my feet.  After that I learned how to push someone down and then beat them while they were down.  This was an awesome class and I loved it!  My heart was racing and the sweat was pouring.

Guess what class I am going to attend tomorrow —- Body Combat!  Yep, I’m going back for more tomorrow.  This was a great class with great information, not that I’m planning on fighting anyone, but if the need arises, I’ll be glad I picked up a few tips.  My son takes Tae Kwon Do and I pick up on a few fighting tips while watching his class, but nothing like the tips you get when you are the one taking the class.

Have you ever taken a self-defense course?  I believe it is a class that every woman should take.  I have looked online for self-defense classes in my area, but never found one that I wanted to attend.  It is great to find out that I could get this instruction from my group fitness classes.  Both kickboxing and Body Combat have great fighting tips.  Be sure to check your local gym to see if they offer these classes if you are interested in trying a few classes.

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  1. I have to disagree a bit. Bodycombat and other 100% non-contact classes are very good for fitness, but they are not fit for learning self-defence. Kicking and punching in the air just won’t make anyone prepared for a fight. One needs to practise with a partner in order to really learn how to do all those things and to have a clue about how it feels.

    On the other hand, in a real self-defence situation it’s sometimes enough to fight back fiercely in every possible way. Being scared stiff is a bigger risk than lack of fighting skills. But of course having some experience may be helpful.

    • Thanks for your comment Anna, but my bodycombat class has an awesome instructor. She talks about hitting your attacker in certain areas, face, etc. throughout the class. She speaks of how to push them away, push them back with your feet and hit them in the face when they are down. For me, this is my first experience with this type of “talking lesson” and I have really enjoyed her tips.