Guest Post: Protect Your Home Against Intruders

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Suggestions for Protecting Your Home against Intruders

With home ownership comes the responsibility of protecting that home.  When parents search for the right home for their present or future children, they must look beyond the simple aesthetic value, the square footage, whether or not the basement is finished, and the status of the kitchen in the house.

For each parent, home security should come first.  The path to a secured and safe home starts before you even move into the new house.  The home buying process involves several factors that go into preventing possible crime, burglary, car theft, or home invasions.

Where Do You Start?

When hunting for a new house, it’s essential to search for the best possible and safest communities.  Are you buying the community or a house?  Most parents or family oriented new married couples understand the importance of the local community.  Due to this understanding, they eliminate possible house options in communities and neighborhoods deemed unsafe or crime hot spots.

Before focusing on particular neighborhoods, it’s a great idea to check online with local law enforcement agencies regarding the crime rates and types of crimes committed in each neighborhood that draws your initial interest.  This helps separate and eliminate some of the worst communities for crime off your home search.

Research Community Involve, Safety Networks, and Police Forces

You should be a firm believer in the idea that a police force’s effectiveness depends on their intimate relationship with the members of the local community.  For example, when a police officer knows who lives in a town, they grow suspect when they see someone or a vehicle foreign to them.

This proves helpful when intruders enter the local scene scouting for opportunities for criminal activity.  Perhaps visiting the local law enforcement agency could give you a better idea of that relationship between officers and citizens in addition to their views of local neighborhood activity.

Also, when narrowing down the list of potential communities, take note of the police force that governs that area.  Not every small town contains the resources and money to staff law enforcement.  Communities watched by county police may deter you from settling there since those officers have much larger areas to govern and police.

The possibility of creating an intimate and friendly relationship with county or state police is not as likely due to their larger responsibilities.

In addition to checking out the local PDs, it’s crucial to survey the number of schools and the local neighborhood watch as well.  In suburban areas more elementary schools typically indicate a safer area.  Younger families tend to settle closer to schools.  Communities filled with younger families, usually represent a neighborhood that’s on the safer side.

Also, check out the neighborhood watch activism.  Each small community should boast an active watch to aid the local police force.  Such a communal group gives adults an opportunity to socialize with one another while protecting their community.

Considering Initial Home Renovations?

Instead of immediately focusing on installing new kitchen counter tops or floors in your home, consider an updated security system.  Safety comes before aesthetic value.  Any parent takes these considerations extremely serious.  They want to create safe, secure, and friendly home for their children to grow up in.

In addition to getting to know your neighbors, it’s a good idea to think about investing in Plano ADT security system in your local Texas community.  When neighbors don’t notice suspicious activity nearby and there’s no dog to watch your home, a security system alarm sounds warning local law enforcement immediately.  Whether you’re home or away, this precautionary measure proves very valuable.

Author Bio: Author Abby Evans is a mother and freelance journalist currently reviewing health options for her family.

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