10 Houston Rodeo Preparation & Money Saving Tips

Headed to the Houston Rodeo?  We went to the Houston Rodeo earlier this week, check out my money saving tips before you attend the rodeo and get prepared before your trip.
  1. Wear comfortable shoes if you are planning on making a full day of this.  It is fun to wear “Cute rodeo” shoes, but for me, I choose comfort over “cute” when I attend the rodeo.
  2. Pack a sweatshirt or light jacket, it will be cool enough to wear it in the early morning and once the concert lets out, you’ve got a long trek back to your vehicle and it can be cool at that time.
  3. You will have to pay for parking, so be prepared with cash.  This year we paid $12 for parking.
  4. If you purchased a Houston Rodeo / concert ticket, that ticket covers your entrance for the day so there is no need to buy additional tickets for entrance into the outside events.
  5. Be sure and pick up the free Houston Rodeo program that will be offered to you once you enter the park.  It has a map and listing of shopping, events, food options and much more.
  6. Pack a comfortable backpack with water bottles and snacks to be used before entering Reliant Stadium where you will be using your tickets to get in to see the Houston rodeo and the concert.  Backpacks filled with snacks and drinks are allowed into the Houston Carnival and Houston Livestock areas of the Rodeo but no food and drinks are allowed inside Reliant Stadium.
  7. If you packed your own drinks and snacks, make sure that you eat all your food and drinks before heading over to the rodeo or Houston Rodeo Concert because they will not let you bring it into Reliant Stadium.  I packed flavored water and snacks for my family and then we ate lunch at the rodeo food booths along with our own drinks from my backpack.  This will save you some money and still allow you to experience the “rodeo food.”
  8. Food and drinks are very expensive and there will be booths that will only accept cash, so make sure and be prepared.
  9. There is a bag check upon admittance into Reliant Stadium where you will be going to watch the rodeo and the concert, so don’t try to sneak your food inside.  It will be embarrassing when they find it in your bag.
  10. If you choose to purchase drinks and snacks once you are inside Reliant Stadium, pick up a souvenir cup if your family is willing to share.  These cups are expensive, but they allow free refills.  You can always throw another empty cup inside your backpack and use it to share the refillable drink once you are in your seats.

Have fun and charge your phone before you leave, but no worries, they even have portable phone chargers that rent for $2.99 per day.