Guest Post: 5 Creative Ways to Hang Your Frames


Framed prints have a way of making your house feel like a home. When you see your framed picture hanging on the wall, it can instill a sense of pride in both your home and your family.  There are many ways to accent your walls with framed portraits, and below are five ways to display your frames.

1. A large center framed picture can be a focal point of the room, and smaller prints on either side can give an added dimension. For example, a large 20 x 30 frame can be flanked on either side by coordinating 11 x 14 frames.  This layout works best for a large center family portrait with smaller prints of children or individuals on either side.

2. A stairway wall is the perfect place to display graduated framed prints. For example, starting at the bottom, each frame can “stairstep” up in height parallel to the climbing stairs. This method works well for school pictures or other images that show an age progression, or for larger families with many photos to display.

3. For those whose decor is more whimsical and shabby chic, a collection of oddly sized mismatched frames can add to the cozy, comfortable decor. These frames can be grouped together on one wall, starting with a centered frame, and other sized frames are added surrounding it. Symmetry is not required, and a freelance feel gives your wall a fresh and updated look.

4. If your home’s decor has clean lines and no frills, a symmetric “box” style of nine frames will add a simplistic touch. Each frame is identical in shape and size and is hung a specific number of inches apart from the other, both vertically and horizontally. The result is a perfect square consisting of nine framed prints that give your area a personalized touch.

5. In homes with larger ceilings, framed prints can be hung at an angle, pointing slightly down towards the floor.  This gives people optimal viewing, and prevents the top of the portrait from being “lost” in viewing. Combined with flattering lighting, this layout can give a museum quality feel to your framed portraits.

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