App Review: Seawall Parking On Galveston Island

Last weekend we had a great time in Galveston, despite the drizzling rain.  You can read more about that on my other post, Galveston Island Texas.  Now for the parking issue, would this irritate you?

photo 2 (51)

At the end of our trip, we decided to park on the seawall and hit one last store.  Bobby wanted to bring home a souvenir and we hadn’t found what he was looking for, but we saw one last store we’d like to check out before leaving for home.  It was 5 pm on Sunday night and we saw the sign shown in the picture above as we pulled in the parking spot.  This was something new to us, so we sat in the car and read back and forth over it before checking it out on my phone.  I tried calling the pay by phone parking number and of course, it gave you a list of options and once I chose the one to speak to an attendant, it say “goodbye.”  At this point, I tell the family to go ahead and check out the store while I sat in the car and figured this out.  I really hated to pay an armload of money to park if we were only making a quick run into the store and was hoping that this wasn’t an all day parking plan.

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I saw a lady getting into her car and I asked her how much she had to pay for her parking and she told me that she had went online and set up an app and paid $2.00 for her parking.  At this point, I gave up on the pay by phone parking number and started the sign up process by downloading the parking app on my phone.  I had to enter my contact information, credit card information, license plate number and information on our vehicle.  Once it was set up, I was able to select how many hours I would be parking in this spot.  I selected one hour parking and the app charged my credit card one dollar for my requested hour’s worth of parking.  This service will also text your parking information over so you can easily pay for additional parking through your phone without returning to your car.

This service:

  • Takes a long time to set up if you don’t already have this service set up
  • Requires internet service
  • Requires a credit card

After reading about the parking app what do you think?  Now that my van is set up, we’re ready for our next Galveston parking experience, as long as we drive the same vehicle.  With this said, it is recommended that you remember to go back in and add any additional vehicles to this app if you should have more than one within your household.

If your parents were to encounter this new parking method, would they be able to complete the parking set up process?


  1. There are those kinds of spaces all over NYC, have been for a couple of years now-that is if you can find street parking at all. I think I used it once. In NY you do not sign up–you go to a box somewhere on that street and deposit your money or credit card. A lot of malls around here have the same type of set up-only at least they have space numbers! Personally I do not like either of these ways of paying for parking. Uh-what happens if someone does not own a smart phone?
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  2. We do not have anything like this at all in England. I think it is a good thing as I never have change.Saying that I am not great at downloading apps ect on my mobile phone.

  3. teresa mccluskey says:

    I live in Houston and only been to Galvastion once I would love to go there again

    • We are also nearby, and haven’t been there as much as we should. This year we plan on taking advantage of this fun getaway town. Hope to see you there!