If You Have A Gym Membership USE IT!


Do you currently have a gym membership and not use it as much as you’d like?    Do you use it enough to make up for the monthly fee you are paying in order to keep it?

Here’s a few tips to get you motivated to get yourself to the gym on a regular basis:

FIND GYM BUDDIES – I have several women that I know from my regular fitness classes and they expect me to be there.  If I don’t show, they will text or email me, so I know that I am being “watched.”  Not watched in a bad way, but watched as in being made accountable.  They expect to see me there just as much as I expect to see them there.  We all talk about our weight loss progress, our food melt downs and anything else that is on our minds.  Having gym buddies is a great motivator for me.  I see this as my morning social hour and look forward to it every day of the week.

FIND A GROUP FITNESS CLASS – Each class will be different, with different types of workouts, different instructors and different music.  In order for me to look forward to a class, I must like all three characteristics.  It is very hard to “get into” your workout if you don’t like the music, despise the instructor or the challenge level isn’t right for you.  That sounds harsh, but when you are working with a limited amount of time, choose your classes wisely and enjoy your workouts!

FIND A MACHINE THAT YOU ENJOY – If you are partial to working on the exercise machines, try a few of them until you find the one that does the most for you.  I like to use the machines that burn the most calories without inducing any pain or strain on my knee, so I go with the elliptical or the upright bike.  Find a buddy for this workout and time will go by MUCH faster.  My buddy and I do the machines together once or twice a week and look forward to our weekly chats.

Gym memberships aren’t for everyone, but if I didn’t have one, I would never make myself exercise on my own unless the family asked to go on an afternoon walk.  Are you working out enough or would you like to add a little more fitness time into your schedule?