Prepare Yourself For Summer

boys bored

School is almost out for the summer, are you prepared?  As a mom of two boys, I know that an unplanned summer can be total chaos, so start planning now.

Here’s my “Before School Gets Out” checklist:

  • Schedule personal appointments and get these out of the way while the kids are still in school (hair appointment, dentist, doctor appointments, oil change, etc.)
  • Schedule any necessary appointments for the kids to be done in the summer where they don’t have to be pulled from school(dentist, well child check up, sports physical, etc)
  • Personal clothes shopping (Finding the right summer clothes, bathing suit, etc. is hard enough when you are by yourself.  Don’t attempt this when kids are with you if you can avoid it.)
  • Get email addresses / phone numbers from parents of your child’s friends (comes in handy for play dates, summer birthday party invites, etc.)
  • Pin down a date for any summer trips you may have in mind
  • Check with other parents to see what summer activities they have in mind, you never know what ideas they may have that your child would love.
  • Check with extended family about summer plans (trips to Grandma’s, visit to your house, etc.)
  • Look into any needed tutor/ academic programs
  • Sign up for summer camps
  • Look into available summer pass programs (neighborhood pools, water parks – Get the most bang for your buck by purchasing during pre-season)
  • Buy kid’s birthday gifts (birthdays happen shortly after school lets out and I need to shop alone)
  • Start planning summer birthday party so it doesn’t pop up on you (outdoor game selections, guest list, party favors, theme selection, etc.)
  • Grab the teacher a “Thank you gift” if she has been great with your child this year.
  • Stock up on water balloons, etc. for some cheap outdoor fun
  • Set up your Summer Chore chart
  • Finish any unfinished projects, because they will get done much faster when you can work alone
  • Get some rest because summer time can get very hectic!

Have you started planning for the summer?  How much time do you have before your school system lets out for the summer?