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T. Rowe Price had an excellent Financial Fitness Calendar for August on which I was eager to play a part in with my children.  There were many suggested activities for children and their families that were perfect for stimulating financial awareness.  After running through the calendar, I chose three activities that I thought would catch my boys’ interest the most.

  • Activity 1:  Organize A Blind Taste Test
  • Activity 2:  Plan A Weekend Roadtrip
  • Activity 3:  Talk To Kids About Their Favorite Camp / Summer Activity

Activity 1:  Organize A Blind Taste Test

I was given a fifteen dollar Wal-Mart gift card to use for grocery shopping for this activity.  Once the gift card arrived, I headed to the store with my money conscious fourteen year old son.  I explained the taste test challenge to him and he was eager to compare prices and make his taste testing choices.  His  first stop was the snack isle where he decided to compare cookies  and cereal for our taste test.

Here’s what he chose:


My son was given the Great Value cereal one morning without expecting the taste test to begin and immediately asked me what was wrong with his Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  Since he eats this cereal every morning for breakfast, he immediately noticed the swap and wasn’t partial to the Great Value version.  Since General Mills has several cereal sales and also offers many cereal coupons, we decided that it was best to stick to the General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.

photo 3 (69)

We taste tested several brands of cinnamon rolls over the summer and found that we still liked our favorite cinnamon rolls the best, so when we saw that there was only an eighteen cent difference between our favorite Pillsbury reduced fat cinnamon rolls and the Great Value ones, we knew that we’d be better off to choose another food item for our taste test.

photo 4 (41)

The cookies had a great price difference, so we chose these.  The Golden Oreo’s were much softer and more tempting for me than the Twist & Shout Great Value cookies, although they were good also.  I think I’ll stick with the Oreo’s when I am personally in a snacking mood, but would definitely pick up the Twist & Shout cookies if I was in need of snacks for a large group of people at a gathering or birthday party.

photo 5 (24)

As for the Great Value Fudge Mint Cookies, the entire package was gone by night time.  My husband did ask why the Fudge Mint cookies felt melted since the coating was thinner and melted easily in your hands, but that didn’t stop him from continuing to eat the cookies.  They may have been messier than the Keebler Grasshoppers, but they still tasted great!  I would definitely purchase the Great Value Fudge Mint cookies again.

The entire family had a great time with the taste testing challenge.  I even caught the boys trying to compare the amount of filling on a name brand cookie compared to the amount of filling on the generic brand.  This was a great topic for a grocery shopping lesson.

I do buy many generic brands In order to cut costs, but most of the generic  items that I buy are not food related.  I buy generic items such as paper plates, napkins, toilet paper,  sandwich baggies, trash bags, dish soap, bottled water, etc.  I have tried several generic food items in the past that ended up expiring because my family didn’t like them, so this taste test challenge was perfect  for us!

Activity 2:  Plan A Weekend Roadtrip


For this activity I was given a twenty-five dollar Shell Gas card, a Texas tour book and a Texas state map.  Since school was getting ready to start, we wanted to make one last trip with the family so we were excited about planning a roadtrip with the kids.  The kids and I browsed the Texas tour book and mapped  out a few destinations on the state map.  While looking for a fun destination, we thought about the Nasa Space Center Houston.  This would make a great trip, so we looked it up online and got the address and hours of operation of the Space Center Houston website.

We tracked all our expenses for our trip with our family of four:

Breakfast from Whataburger – $18

Nasa Space Center Parking – $6

Nasa Space Center Houston year membership – $96 (Membership was cheaper than a daily admission and came with food / gift shop discounts and free admission and parking for a year)  Visit NASA:  Space Center Houston to view our pictures.

Lunch at The Swamp Shack in Kema, Texas – $56

Stopped for gas at Bucce’s – $65

Galveston Sea Wall parking – $2

Shopped the Galveston gift shops – $48

Our day long road trip totaled:   $291.00

Activity 3:  Talk To Kids About Their Favorite Camp / Summer Activity

Summer went by quickly and my boys spent time at various camps.  My eight year old attended a few day camps which were perfect when I had  appointments where he couldn’t come along with me.  The day camps were at his favorite gymnastics center.  They had two sessions: 8 – 1 and 1 -6.  Each five hour session was $23.  He had lots of fun here and met lots of friends here for several sessions.

He also attended a week long football camp.  The camp was four hours a day for a total of $150.  He grew tired of this camp by the third day, so this was the only week long camp that we placed him in this summer.  Maybe when he is older, he will have more fun at the extended period camps.

My fourteen year old attended several basketball camps and loved each and every one of them.  Since he eats, sleeps and breathes basketball, we will definitely continue these camps each year.  The total for each camp came to $150 for four days, with four hours of camp each day.

The fourteen year old’s camps were part of his basketball training for high school basketball tryouts, while the eight year old’s camps were meant for summer fun.   I look for my fourteen year old to keep up his basketball training as he made the freshman basketball team this year.  As for the eight year old, he likes to wait to see what camps his friends plan on attending, then we go from there.

Hop on over to to select a few activities for your family to do together.  We had a lot of fun and learned a lot about our spending habits through this T. Rowe Price sponsored activity.