Upgraded Doorknobs Make A Statement

knob collage

When we first entered our “new home to be” while house hunting six years ago, the upgraded doorknobs and upgraded dining room light fixture definitely caught my eye.  It wasn’t until we had moved into the new home, that we realized that the previous homeowners had strategically updated the downstairs fixtures and doorknobs while leaving the upstairs back in 1995 when the house had been first built.  So, all my downstairs doorknobs were beautiful and appealing while all the old golden ones were laughing at me because I hadn’t noticed that sooner.  This wouldn’t have kept me from buying this home because I loved the location and the layout, but it was irritating knowing that I had been caught up in the seller’s staging techniques.


I have been working on replacing all my doorknobs, but I didn’t realize how much money this would cost until I got started.  I never even thought about how many doorknobs were upstairs, when at the store I had been counting the main doors and forgot to add in all the closets.  I had been saving my American Express Rewards points and finally had enough saved up to cash them in on a Home Depot gift card which I used to complete my new doorknob upgrade.  Now that the doorknobs have arrived, it is time to get started replacing out the old doorknobs with the new ones.  Once this has been done, I”ll have these awesome doorknobs on every door in my home.  Too bad the previous homeowner hadn’t upgraded all the doorknobs before putting the home on the market.  I can’t believe that I didn’t catch their “partial doorknob upgrade” until we actually lived in the home.  It’s taken me six years to finally get the doorknobs that I had thought already came with the house….LOL.

Have your doorknobs been upgraded?  Do you know where all the doorknob keys are?