Start Your Christmas Shopping List


Start making your Christmas lists now.  I write my Christmas shopping list on the notepad in my cell phone.  This ensures that the list is always with me and I don’t have to worry about someone accidentally finding my list.  It is horrible to wait so long to start shopping that you feel as if you are buying gifts just so you will have presents for your family to open.  Gifts are so much better when they are planned out.

I have been making a Christmas list for my youngest son since August because he is so picky.  Every time he mentions something that he would like or sees something on a commercial that catches his eye, I write it down.  When school started, Bobby was still happy with his backpack from last year, so we didn’t get him a new one.  For Christmas, I am going to buy him a new backpack and a cool lunch box kit that he has been telling me about.  He also loves clothes, especially wild looking socks and shoes.

When it comes to shopping for my teenager, that is another story.  He never drops hints about items he wants, so shopping for him is always tough.  No matter how long we start working on a shopping list for him, we are still out of ideas unless we go for basketball clothes because he never asks for anything.  Last year Travis got basketball shorts and tops with logos on them from all his favorite sports teams.  This year I’d like to have another idea, but so far he isn’t making it any easier on us.

As far as my husband, he does read my blog, so shhhhhh!  For myself, my husband and boys always do a good job shopping for me, and sometimes I even pick up sales items for myself that somehow find their way under our tree.

Have you bought any Christmas gifts yet? I have bought a few items for the boys and have them hidden away.  As I find things on sale, I will start putting them back as well.  Good luck on your Christmas Shopping.  It can be very stressful, but the more organized and prepared you are, the less stressful it will be.

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