Art Craft: Make A Button Tree


Do you have any old buttons lying around, or did you find a ton of them for a great price at a thrift shop?  Are they all different looking and have different designs and colors, if so, even better!

If you are looking for a fun craft to do that will use up all of those buttons, look no further.  This craft is very simple, and you only need a few supplies!

You will need:

  • A bunch of buttons
  • Card-stock (or a blank canvas if you can get your hands on one!)
  • Paint (you only need brown if you plan on just painting a tree. Grab some blue and green paint if you want to add clouds and grass!)
  • School glue

First, you need to outline and paint your tree on your card-stock or canvas.  You will want to only draw and paint a bare tree.  No leaves, just the trunk and a ton of branches!

After your tree painting has dried, you are ready to paint your background if you choose to have one.  Personally I think this button tree craft would look great with some sunshine, grass, clouds, etc.  Get creative!  You can even paint a sunset behind the tree!

After all of your paint has dried, collect your buttons and start gluing them on to the tree branches.  You can stack a few if you want your painting to appear 3D.  Make sure you use all shapes and sizes of buttons randomly throughout the tree!  This will make it very interesting to look at, and you will love it when it is finished.

This project makes a great craft for the whole family.  If you have it on a canvas, you can wrap it up and give it away as it is.  If you did it on cardstock, you can buy a picture frame and frame your button tree!  This would look great in a hallway or on a family coffee table/bedside table!  Are you looking for another craft that would be fun to create with the kids?  Here’s a fun one for making craft stick people.  ENJOY!

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