Ten Shows You Need to Binge Watch This Summer


The primary network seasons (fall, winter/spring) are done and we’re heading into the summer. If you’re a fan of reality television, this is good news for you since there is very little in the way of scripted (well, blatantly scripted and not pretending to be unscripted but is actually scripted but shhhh don’t tell anybody type scripted) television on during the summer months.

Sure TBS, TNT and even USA will sometimes crank out a hit like Leverage, Psych or the Librarians every so often but for most of us, summer is when we binge watch the shows we couldn’t catch when “real” TV was on.

Here are the top ten shows you should be mainlining this summer:

How to Get Away with Murder

This is the latest Shondaland release and it kept us on our toes throughout the fall and winter season. We went in thinking “how the heck are they going to carry this over into a second season?” but you know what? The writers found a way. And we’re not kidding when we tell you that every single second of this show counts. Don’t try to watch it while you’re knitting.


B613 isn’t the only twisty turny plot to follow this season…or is it? With major surprises and cliffhangers throughout the season, you won’t want to turn off the show once you’ve started watching it. What will they do? Who will get the girl? How far will Olivia take things? What the heck is up with Huck? Start watching to find out so that you can be ready for new episodes in the fall!

The Americans

Okay, yes, the Americans is FX and not one of the major four networks. Still, holy heck this show is amazing. This show centering on two KGB officers passing themselves off as an American family in the early 80s is incredibly compelling.


This is a short-seasoned procedural starring David Tennant. They are the same basic story-line; David Tennant heads an investigation into a small town murder. You can watch them both or pick one (Gracepoint is the American version, Broadchurch is the British) but give one of them a go. This is David Tennant like you’ve never seen him before.


It starts out a little bit “over the top” but this Batman preque/origin story that centers on Commissioner Gordon’s younger years is compelling and totally worth a watch, especially since it was picked up again for a second season!

The Flash

Another one for the geeky and nerdy set–but not exclusively! The Flash won the hearts of many skeptics as the season went on. And that’s saying something since this superhero’s primary ability is simply moving really really fast! Give it a whirl so you’ll be ready for next season. There are talks of Flash crossover episodes with other superhero themed shows next year! You don’t want to not recognize your heroes, do you?


Everybody’s talking about Empire. A mid-season replacement, it has quickly become the show to watch every week.


Sadly, this show only got one season to prove it’s mettle but wow! What a season! The protagonist is an immortal medical examiner/awesome detective who seems straight out of literature who helps the police solve crimes using science. His “sidekick” is Judd Hirsch. You cannot go wrong there! Plus, where most shows would become quickly procedural feeling, this one stays fresh all season long.

Jane the Virgin

The CW is not known for it’s incredibly compelling shows. Fast talking, wise-cracking characters? Sure. But award winning comedy and heart? Not usually! Enter Jane the Virgin to shake things up! After discovering that she has accidentally become artificially inseminated, the young and quite-devout Jane has to figure out how to handle the mayhem that ensues.


Another CW suprise this season, iZombie centers on a, you guessed it, zombie who uses her zombie-ness to help her local police force get things done. What’s interesting isn’t how our protagonist manages to live a “regularish” life, it’s how she copes with the “zombie” part of herself. She is definitely not just some growling and slobbering monster like everybody else insists a zombie would be!

So where can you find all of these great shows? You can find some of them on streaming media’s usual suspects. If you don’t want to wait until their catalogs are updated with the most reason season, or to find out whether your favorite will find a place in their catalogs, you’ll want to go straight to the source: the networks themselves. The easiest way to do this is to check your cable or Direct TV internet availability. TV providers often keep the current season of popular shows like these available throughout the summer in their on demand or instant access programs, which is perfect for the impatient person within you!

These are just ten shows that you will want to watch through over the summer. And we haven’t even talked about the Amazon or Netflix shows you’ll want to binge like, say, the latest season of Orange is the New Black!

 Photo Credit:  fanboygaming.com