My Picky Eater Loves Applesauce

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Do you have a picky eater?  If so, no problem!  I know someone who absolutely hated vegetables when she was younger and she refused to eat them.  Her grandmother did some research and got creative in the kitchen.  Since her granddaughter hated carrots, she decided to puree them and mix them in with cinnamon applesauce.  You can’t taste the carrots at all, and you still get the nutritional value from them!  The applesauce does turn orange, but the taste doesn’t change.  If your child refuses to eat cauliflower, you can mash it and mix it into mashed potatoes and most likely, they will never know the difference!

Applesauce “Hides” Other Tastes

My youngest has always been horrible when it comes to taking liquid medicine or needing to swallow pills.  He loves applesauce, so I began mixing in his medicine with his applesauce and it worked like a charm!  If you have chewable pills, you can smash them up fine and stir them right in with the applesauce.  You just want to make sure that your child eats all the applesauce that you used when mixing this up.  WARNING, if you are trying to “hide” the medicine mixture, you may want to feed this to them in a dimly lit area to hide any coloring that shows through the applesauce.  I used to “hide” the medicine, but now I just ask if he’d rather eat it in applesauce or take it by itself.

When my oldest son was little, we used to cut open the bottom of a Twinkie and mix the pill “dust” in with the Twinkie filling, then push the Twinkle back in shape, but my youngest didn’t fall for this one.  If your child isn’t a fan of applesauce, then pill “dust” can also be hidden in peanut butter and crackers.

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Good luck!