Pranamat Therapeutic Massage Mat Review

I received this Pranamat Eco therapeutic massage mat from for use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone. 

Pranamat Box

Checkout the Pranamat ECO, even the packaging is fun!  They had many great colors  of Pranamats to choose from, but the turquoise really caught my eye.  I couldn’t wait to start working on this review since this would be my first experience with a therapeutic massage mat.

Pranamat open box

Here’s a look at the Pranamat ECO once the box has been opened.  It is nicely doubled inside the box for a great presentation.  Being able to see and get a feel of this therapeutic massage mat made this review even more exciting.

Pranamat Back

Isn’t it beautiful? did an excellent job on designing these massage mats.  The craftsmanship makes you feel pampered right in the privacy of your own home.

Pranamat Couch

Here’s where you’ll find my Pranamat ECO this week.  We are currently upgrading our kitchen and there’s lots of work to be done each day.  By the time night time rolls around, my body is definitely ready for a therapeutic session!

Since this was my first experience with a therapeutic massage mat, I spent a lot of time browsing to learn more about this ECO mat.  I found a lot of great information and uses for my Pranamat.

Check out the video above to learn how Pranamat ECO can be used to treat back pain.

pranamat yoga girl

Did you know that…..

  • Pranamats can be used to treat cellulite.
  • Yoga can be done on the Pranamat.
  • Your energy and spirit can be recharged through use of the Pranamat ECO.
  • Pranamat ECO can be used for your headaches.
  • You can use Pranamat right in your bed for a good night’s sleep or a much needed afternoon nap.
  • Back pain can be treated with your Pranamat ECO.
  • Back pain from Sciatica can be relieved through use of Pranamat?

If this is the first experience you have had with a therapeutic massage mat, you’ll love Pranamat’s 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and their five year standard warranty.

Pranamat suggests that you use your Pranamat ECO for fifteen minutes a day in order to achieve a newly found sense of wellness and health.  I have laid on this mat and like the feel of the mat through the back of my shirt but I am really interested in testing this out on cellulite.  If you are a fan of Instagram, you can find great uses for Pranamat on Pranamat’s Instagram page.  Check out the following image I found on Pranamat’s Facebook page:

mat chair

This is definitely something that I could test out  for fifteen minutes each morning I work online and the kids are still asleep.   The thought of laying on a hard mat just didn’t sound very enticing to me, but now that I have personally experienced the Pranamat ECO, I have a different perspective on this.  When touched with your fingertips, the mat is sharp and hard, but when laid on, the mat feels great on your back, not at all what I expected.  Thank you Pranamat ECO for opening my mind to the endless possibilities of your product!



  1. Thanks for such a great article! Didn’t even realize that yoga can be done on these sharp lotuses! I can’t even stand on Pranamat – it is still too sharp for me (after a month of use). But Shavasana should be amazing I suppose 🙂

    • To start off with this mat, I’d definitely wear my socks. I lay on it with a tee shirt on, but do not think that I would like it as much if my skin was laying directly on the surface.

  2. I’d love to get this for my mother in law! She sits alot more these days and I think this would be very helpful for blood circulation and comfort. Thanks!
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  3. My cousin goes for acupuncture every 2 weeks, I am going to have to show here this, is it too early to start my christmas list?