Vehicle Preparedness Kit for Summertime Fun


We all know that we need a preparedness kit in our cars for Winter, but have you considered things that you might need for a spontaneous Summer day out?  Now that Summer is in full swing here’s a list of things that you might need when you hit the road for a day of unplanned fun.

Things to keep in your car:

Blankets and light jackets for each person in your family– Sometimes, even though it’s Summer-time, temperatures can drop at night.  If you find yourself out and about after a day of driving around and stumble upon something fun like an outdoor concert, you’ll be happy to have an extra layer if temperatures are cooler than when you began your day.

Portable Chairs—If you come across a concert, portable chairs are much more comfortable than the ground.  If you have the room in your vehicle, it’s good to have them on hand.

Extra clothes and shoes for each person in your family—Summer-time is perfect for venturing out without a plan and seeing where the breeze carries you.  If you are driving around and find somewhere to go for a hike, the conditions on the trail could be muddy if there’s been rain in the past week.  There’s no reason to skip the hike.   Go have your fun and you’ll have fresh clothes, socks,  and shoes to change into if you need them.

Ibuprofen (or other pain reliever) and a first aid kit–Likewise, if you find yourself on a hike and someone in your group twists an ankle or falls, you’ll want to have ibuprofen and a first-aid kit on hand.

Bug spray, sunblock and hand sanitizer.  These are also good things to bring in case you come across an interesting place to hike.  The bug spray and sunblock should be self-explanatory.  The hand sanitizer is for after using a portapotty or if anyone touches any kind of animal.   For example, turtle’s shells usually have salmonella on them.

turtle hand

Bathing Suit—Since Summer-time drives can bring all kinds of fun surprises, you should always have bathing suits for each family member.  If you make an impromptu trip to a beach, lake, pool or river, you’ll be glad you have one.  See a canoe livery on the side of the road and want to go?  No problem!  You’re prepared to get wet.

Towels—If you get wet during that hiking trip or you end up at the beach or in a canoe, you’ll be ready  to dry off  with a towel when you get back to your vehicle.

Plastic bags—You’ll need somewhere to put your wet clothes until you get home.  Just don’t forget to take  them out of the vehicle once you get home or you’ll have stinky, mildewed clothes.

An Extra Pair of Eyeglasses—Even if you’ve already planned to go to a waterpark and you have everything else you need, you might be glad you have an extra pair of eyeglasses in your vehicle.  If you wear contacts, but you still love to have fun on all the water rides, it’s very easy to lose your contacts.  If you have an extra pair of glasses in your vehicle, you won’t have to worry about seeing to drive.

Coupon Books—It has happened to all of us. . . . we buy a coupon book as part of a fundraiser with the intention of using it, but we forget it at home.
 The coupons do no good if they’re on a shelf in your house.  Coupon books are great if you’re out for a drive and decide to hit a bucket of balls, or get an impromptu dinner out.  A lot of the coupon books have buy one get one free dinners and it’s great to save money when you’re out and about.

Water and snacks—We’ve all heard that it’s not a good idea to keep bottled water in vehicles during the Summer-time.  If it concerns you, you could keep some water in a tote bag, along with portable non-perishable snacks.  Keep it right by the door leading to your vehicle and you’ll hopefully never forget it when you go out for daytrips and drives.

Do you have anything to add to this list for Summer-time fun?