School Is Starting Back, Did You…

school clock

Many schools have already started back up for the fall session, but we’ve got one one more week left of our summer break before it’s time to get back to school.   Getting ready for school to start back up can be very hectic, so I’ve included my personal check list  for your review.

Things To Do Before School Starts Back Up


Back to school shopping for items that are needed NOW

  • Shoes
  • Clothing (
  • Backpack
  • Lunch kit
  • Books from required school reading lists
  • Grade level school supplies

Necessary Appointments For Kids

  • Dentist
  • Sports Physicals
  • Haircut
  • Well Checkup


  • Items for school lunches
  • Items for in school snacks
  • Items for after school snacks

School Dates

  • Mark Back To School Night on your calendar
  • Go to school for registration day for locker assignments, etc.  Bring school id. if your school issues those.
  • Check mail for teacher & room assignments

Daily Schedule

Get your child back on “school time” sleep schedules

Transportation To And From School

Will your child walk, ride a bike, be driven to school or catch the bus?  If your child plans on walking or riding a bike to school, do they have a buddy to ride or walk along with them?  Be sure to check the bus schedule to see what time the bus will arrive at your assigned bus stop if you will be using this method of transportation.  Sometimes bus stop locations change, so make sure to also check the location of your assigned bus stop as well.

Check in with your friends & relatives for updated phone numbers and permission to use them on school emergency contact forms.

Be Positive

School can be scary for some children.  Be positive and talk with your child about all the fun things that come along with starting school in a new classroom, grade level or school building.

  • New Friends
  • Field Trips
  • Fun Teacher
  • Classroom Pets
  • After school activities

Last Minute Fun

Incorporate one last “fun” activity into your summer before school begins.

  • If you have season tickets to a waterpark, community pool, etc. take advantage of those.
  • Family night with popcorn and a great movie or boardgames
  • Sleepover
  • Ask your child what they would like to do and see if it fits into your schedule.  My son and I have been walking the dog.  He enjoys holding the leash, the dog is thrilled and we all need the exercise, it’s a win-win for everyone!

School years are full of memories, I hope your family makes great ones this school year.