Travis’ Artwork Goes To District Art Show

Dakota Bunk Bed

Meet Dakota, she loves the boys!  She’s chillin’ out on the Bobby’s top bunk in the picture above.  Last year our 14 year old son needed a still image to draw in art class, so he snapped this picture.  The teacher really didn’t recommend drawing animals, but guess what?  Travis’ artwork won an award and was placed in the 2015 – 2016 District Student Art Show after the school had his print professionally framed.

Dakota Framed Print


Here’s his print, as it hangs on the CISD school board wall and will remain for a full year.  We attended the fine arts department’s District Student Art Show last weekend so we could check it out.  This was the first time Travis has seen his print in a frame since he left it with his art teacher at the end of school last year as a freshman.  We saw many art entries, and I have to say that our school’s frames were some of the best ones I saw while at the show.  It’s amazing how much quality a frame can either give or take away from a print.

Dakota Frame tagHere’s a close-up of the tag on Travis’ artwork of Dakota.  Travis said he turned it in as “Rut Roh,” but “Rot Roh” is close enough.  It’s great that his art is on display in the fine arts department in Conroe, but on the other hand, now we have to wait a full year before we can display it in our house.

Did you like to draw when you were in school?  Did you look forward to your art classes or did you feel that your art was mostly composed of stick people?



  1. Barb Stenby says:

    That’s awesome! Congrats! My son loved Art & now attends FIT in NYC so tell him to keep up the good work! Real talented!

    • Thank you for the comment Barb! He has always done well in art class but we never looked to win a spot in this art show. Congrats on your son’s accomplishments!