Setting Up A New Office Soon?

My husband currently works out of his home office, but is putting together a company that will soon need an additional office location.  There are so many things for us to think about in terms of putting his office together. Best location in terms of monthly rent and close proximity to our house The cheapest location isn't always the best option.  We need to make sure the area is safe and welcoming to his clients and employees.  We also … [Read more...]

Do You Accept Credit Card Payments

I have been thinking about setting up mobile payment for my Advocare business.  Many times I am asked to take a credit card and the only way that I can accept the credit card is if I am able to place the Advocare order directly on my site and have the products shipped to the customer.  Many times I have the items on hand and at that point can only take cash or check as form of payment since I am not set up to accept mobile payments. Years ago, … [Read more...]

Business Websites Need To Be Informative

Have you ever gone online to look up information about an up and coming company only to find that their website doesn’t list enough information about them, such as contact info or social media links?  That can be so frustrating, and it definitely does not give a great first impression of the company! If you are starting up a new business and you have a website, there are a few things you need to do to ensure that your readers or customers who … [Read more...]

3asy Money App Review: Thumbs UP!

3asy Money is a great app you can find in the financial category of the iTunes App Store.  It allows you to track your spending, track your income, and view/analyze your data.  3easy Money app also has a built-in tip calculator.   This app is extremely user-friendly and it literally took me under ten seconds to record my transactions.  It would probably take a minute out of my day to track my expenses.  So, not only is the 3easy Money app … [Read more...]

November 29: Small Business Saturday

November 29th is Small Business Saturday.  Do you plan on participating in that?  Are you familiar with this special day?  Small Business Saturday is a day where all shoppers are encouraged to shop at small businesses the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Not only do you get to explore and learn about new businesses in your area, but you are helping out a business owner who is trying to expand their business and gain new customers! I personally … [Read more...]

Advocare: Coffeccino Perfect For Cool Temperatures

As most of you know, I am an Advocare Advisor and I absolutely love every single Advocare product that I represent.  One product that I really like is our Advocare Coffeccino supplement. Coffeccino has so many benefits for all types of people and tastes great, just like a gourmet Mocha Cappuccino!  It helps to enhance mental focus, alertness and also helps manage appetite when used along with diet and exercise.  As a mom, I know that alertness … [Read more...]

Organized With Google Calendar On The Go

Are you one of those people who just LOVE to write everything down in your calendar and stay as organized as possible?  Me too!  Do you have a calendar that is just a little too big or heavy and you hate taking it with you everywhere because it weighs your purse down?  Guess what?  Me too! However, I have found the solution! I use Google calendar on my phone to keep track of appointments, reminders, ideas, play-dates, get-togethers, etc.  It’s … [Read more...]

Promoting With Highlighters

Our promotional highlighters arrived!  We ordered 250 of these to take with us on our book signing tours for my husband's new book.  It is called An Average Joe's Pursuit To Financial Freedom:  Changed Perception of Money.  Guess what his book website is?  You guessed it: as can be seen below on the close up picture of the highlighter / pens. We have nice Average Joe's Pursuit For Financial Freedom bookmarks and … [Read more...]

Organize Your Desk Drawers

We have lived in our present home since 2008 and since then I have been shoving more and more into my desk drawer.  It has been time to clean this drawer out for some time now, but I just didn't make time for it.  My husband has been talking about needing desk drawers in his office and that made me think about all the drawers I was lucky enough to have, but couldn't even use because they were jam packed! Check out the picture above, those are … [Read more...]

Some Giveaway Winners Do Return To Make Orders

I work with a lot of companies who come to me to run giveaways for them and they all have the same question:  “Do winners ever return to buy products from the stores they win from?” After today, I can truly answer this question from personal experience.  The answer is “Yes, it is a great possibility that winners will shop at the store where they won a product from. Here’s my personal experience: I won a $75 Teleflora gift card from an … [Read more...]

Use Reviews To Shop?

How often do you read reviews on products that you shop for online?  This morning I caught my husband reading through the reviews on a new dentist that he wanted to try out.  This is a great idea, because trying out a new dentist can always be a little worrisome. Once you find a good dentist, I say stick with them, but sometimes the best dentists retire or move away, and then you have to shop around for a new one.  Word of mouth is a great way to … [Read more...]

What’s Inside Your Twitter Account

Do you have a Twitter account?  Do you have a business that you are promoting or do you like to enter online giveaways?  If  this pertains to you, then you need to sign up for a Twitter account if you haven't already.  You can easily sign up for a twitter account by heading over to  Make sure that your Twitter account name or Twitter handle is easy to remember and relative to your website, products or your online name so that people … [Read more...]

Easily Contact Companies Through Twitter

Do you have a Twitter account?  How do you use your Twitter account?  Do you use it mainly to enter giveaways, or do you use it for contacting people? Twitter is a very useful tool and can be used to get a company's attention when you need help.  We took the kids tubing at the lake on our new Connelly water tube last week.  The inflated tube was too big to get into our van so we removed the plug in order to deflate the tube and we accidentally … [Read more...]

Teens Can Charge For Mowing Yards

Travis is almost fourteen and he does the yard work each week.  We help him when possible, but today he is mowing the neighbors yard for payment.  He has waited so long until he could be old enough to score his first paid lawn job and the day is finally here.  He is ready, he can use the weed-eater, uses the push mower and then blows everything off when he is done.  His yard skills are quite impressive, but we have been teaching him to do the … [Read more...]

Control Writer’s Block With Cell Phone Camera

As a blogger who writes a lot of content throughout the week, I have experienced writer's block but have learned how to use my cell phone camera to put an end to this.  There is never a need to sit and think about a great topic for the day when you have a camera on your cell phone.  I make sure to take pictures of everything that I see throughout the day that catches my attention, whether it is a strange looking tree that I see on my walk, or … [Read more...]

Research To Find A Reputable Moving Company

Moving and relocating has become a part of life for some.  Many people move every year from one place to another.  If you have a plan to relocate in any part of the year, it is recommended that you must approach to a good moving company.  If you are planning to move to or from any area in San Francisco, you should surely hire any of the San Francisco moving companies.  For other moving destinations, be sure to shop around and grab quotes before … [Read more...]