Is Your Wireless Internet Connection Slowing Down?

For the last two weeks, our wireless internet connection has drastically slowed down.  I called in the cable company and they checked our lines and ran several tests.  They believe that my personal wireless router has undergone an update which has caused everything to run too slow.  They said that my router just can't pull enough juice to power all my wireless gear in our house.  Do you have many wireless gadgets streaming from your wireless … [Read more...]

Store Passwords In An Address Book

Save your passwords in an address book.  If you are like me, then you have more than just a handful of passwords that you use online.  I have passwords for all the bills I pay online, as well as social media passwords, email passwords, passwords to my favorite photo management sites, etc. It would be easier to use the same passwords for as many log ins as possible, but if anyone ever figured out your password, then they would have access to … [Read more...]

How To Schedule Posts On Facebook

If you aren't familiar with Facebook scheduling, it is also very easy to set up.  Face it, if you are awake at 2 a.m. and want to send something out on Facebook, your friends may not be awake to see your message.  In this case, you can schedule it for 7 or 8 a.m. in order for them to see it flow through their feed. In order to pre-schedule on your Facebook page, you need to take the following steps: This must be done on your Facebook page, it … [Read more...]

How To Link Facebook And Twitter Accounts

Save time posting on both Facebook and Twitter by linking your Twitter account to your Facebook account.  Once this is done, each time you post on Facebook, you will also be posting on Twitter without needing to visit Twitter or another "pre-scheduling" site like, Hootesuite or TweetDeck to do so.  Pre-scheduling sites are great, but you will get better exposure on Facebook if you post directly on Facebook instead of using a third … [Read more...]

How to Use Hashtags and @’s On Facebook and Twitter

If you've been looking for new ways to promote your blog, eBook, or business, you're in luck!  Both Twitter and Facebook have several ways that you can gain even more exposure for your products.  While you might only have a few followers or fans, it's still possible to get people to see what you're selling.  Perhaps one of the most important things you can do to market your blog or website is to learn about hashtags (#) and the power of tagging … [Read more...]

Blog Clean Up / Blog Organizing Tips For Bloggers

If you run a blog, it is very important to keep it up to date and cleaned up.  Here are a few ways you can quickly "clean up" your blog. Approve / Decline the comments that are awaiting moderation. Clear your spam comment folder Clear your trash comment folder Remove any unwanted / expired pages that you may have set up exclusively for group giveaways that are no longer needed Remove any posts in drafts that aren't needed or have … [Read more...]

Directions For Setting Up A Google Document

Google docs can be used for all sorts of things.  They are also very useful since they can be easily shared with others.  You can easily allow the viewers to edit your Google Doc or simply share it with them in read-only mode. Here are a few ways that I use Google Docs: Keeping track of your bills:  payment amounts, due dates, balances,  interest rates, credit limit Group signups:  Party RSVPs, organizing dishes needed for get together … [Read more...]

Bloggers: Boost Your Twitter Followers – NOW CLOSED

Sign Ups are NOW CLOSED for this event. now has an opportunity for bloggers to boost their Twitter followers through a group giveaway that will run 9/2 - 9/23.  A total of 50 blogs will be allowed to sign up. Sign ups are now coming to an end, but there are still a few spots that need to be filled.  A $100 giftcard from an online store will be given away and the giveaway will be ran through Giveaway Tools.  The … [Read more...]

Internet On The Go Necessities

Here are my internet-on-the-go items that I carry with me while on a road trip. Power Converter - This keeps  my computer and "hot spot" charged, as well as all my kids electronics that need charged.  It easily plugs into the "cigarette lighter" connection in your car and has the capability of charging multiple items at once. Cell Phone Charger - When I have "quick work" to do, I work through my phone and need to keep a strong charge.  I … [Read more...]

Mystery Shopping: Is It A Scam?

NO, mystery shopping is not a scam as long as you watch what you are doing and follow some simple advice! 1-  Never Pay to Mystery Shop You will see lots of ads out there that say send me $ and I will send jobs—all these are usually are lists which you can get for free—do not fall for them! 2-  Ask Someone Who Is a Mystery Shopper On occasion you will see others posting that they have Mystery Shopped-Mystery Shoppers love to share-there … [Read more...]

Do You Have An Instagram Account?

Do you love sharing pictures but get a little overwhelmed with Facebook drama? Now you can use Instagram as a fun, interesting alternative to Facebook.  Many users also use both Facebook AND Instagram to get the maximum exposure for their pictures. . Photo Credit: . Simply put, Instagram is a photo sharing site.  Many users enjoy the fact that Instagram offers a fast, exciting way to share pictures with their friends and … [Read more...]

Twitter Is A Great Tool

If you want to market your blog, your eBook, or even your blossoming company, you need to get active in the world of social media.  A lot of bloggers are uncomfortable with the idea of marketing.  After all, aren't those things that just big companies need to worry about? Won't it take away from the time you spend working on your company or penning your next book?  The truth is that using Twitter and other social media websites to promote … [Read more...]

“The Running Realtor” Strikes Again!

I woke up this morning to find that Elizabeth P., who calls herself "The Running Realtor," had struck again.  The last time she left her business card taped to my front door handle, I wrote "Big Solicitor No No" and also emailed her nicely to ask that she make sure that her helper's not use tape on people's door knobs because it strips off the color.  I waited for an email response, but never got one from this agent. Here you can see her … [Read more...]

They Stole My Lunch!

Well, I have to laugh here, I have bragged and bragged about how my food is always left right where I put it in the fridge when I am at work.  I noticed the letter above in the fridge last week and couldn't believe that people were taking food that didn't belong to them since I had never had any missing food issues, until NOW........ Today I am SO hungry, because today MY LUNCH IS MISSING from the freezer!  What?  It is sad that someone … [Read more...]

Charging My Keyboard In The Sun Again

If you are looking to buy a new keyboard,  I would definitely steer clear of a solar wireless keyboard.  Today marks the fourth time that it has just run out of "juice" on me in the middle of my work.  There's nothing more irritating than being deep in your work on the computer and noticing that none of your letters are hitting the page because your solar keyboard has run out of power!  For the first few months, this keyboard was great, but now I … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Get in the Game – Teach Your Kids about Finances

Get in the Game – Teach Your Kids about Finances By Stuart Ritter, CFP Do you think your kids will be better off than you financially once they reach your age? If so, you feel the same way as than half of parents and kids ages 8-14, according to a new survey released by T. Rowe Price. The 2013 Parents, Kids and Money Survey revealed that although nearly three quarters of parents say they have regular conversations with their kids about … [Read more...]