Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

We've all heard of, and possibly participated in the Black Friday sales.  In recent years, there's been a new kid on the block, Cyber Monday, which is meant to officially kick off the holiday shopping season, online. Here are a few tips to make your online shopping experience more pleasant and hopefully, more productive, too! The key to most things is planning ahead.  Online shopping is no different.  Have a list of gifts you'd like … [Read more...]

Rent Your Textbooks, Then Rent Them Out To Friends:

Are you or one of your family members attending college right now or making plans for attending college fairly soon?   If so, it is very important to familiarize yourself with the perks of renting textbooks.  Did you know that renting textbooks can save you around 40 - 90% off of regular bookstore prices.  I can remember standing in line at the campus bookstore with the blank check that my dad sent me to purchase my books with.  The total cost … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss Black Friday Deals at Tmart ENDS 11/29

Not only is Tmart offering Black Friday Deals, but they are also holding a Black Friday Sweepstakes through 11-29-13.  The prizes being offered consist of  iNew i4000 Phone (1 offered), Tablet PC (2 offered), Wrist Watch (10 offered), LED Flashlight Torch(50 offered), and coupon for $12 off $50 (5000 offered).  Make sure you check it out.  You will need to log in or register in order to enter the Tmart Sweepstakes.  We ALL like to win, so take a … [Read more...]

Shop Hatley Black Friday / Cyber Monday DEALS Nov. 29 – Dec. 2

  Don't miss out this year, jump on the Black Friday / Cyber Monday bandwagon and scope out Hatley's online deals from November 29 through December 2, 2013. They have just announced their special deal for shoppers when they shop on-line from Friday, November 29th through Monday, December 2nd.  Check it out! Here's what you can save on :  Spend $100 - save $20  Spend $200 - save $50  Spend $300 - save $100 There’s … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss The Hatley Store Sale On October 23, 2013

Have you ever checked out  They have items for women, men, girls, boys and infants.  They also have great gifts and kitchen gear.  The kids rain gear caught  my attention.  My son has so  much fun in his rain boots from last year.  It's been awhile since we've tried them on, so it may be time for a new pair.  We walk to school through the woods behind our house which tends to get very muddy this time of year.  Other families … [Read more...] Saves You Money

Have you ever checked out the restaurant deals that are available on  They have many kid friendly options.  Face it, our lives are hectic and most families grab their meals to go once school is over and everyone is headed out to after school activities and sports practices.  I know there are certain week nights, where my children and I grab food on the run and eat in the car on the way to practice.  Our family looks forward to the … [Read more...]

A Phone Plan That Really Saves You Money

This post brought to you by Republic Wireless. All opinions are 100% mine. How much do you pay for your cell phone service? If you are like most people these days, a resounding TOO MUCH probably was your answer.  Most of you probably own a Smart Phone or are thinking of purchasing one. The real cost of a smart phone can exceed what the average family pays for their health insurance and sometimes even their groceries—scary thought. Have you … [Read more...]

Guest Post: 3 Tips for When Mommy Goes Back to School Too

As new backpacks are bought and children return to school, many moms are prompted to consider continuing their own educations.  In recent years, the number of college students over 25 years old has jumped by 23% according to a report by Fox Business.  Many of these new students are moms who are either returning for more education or even enrolling for the first time. When scrolling through a catalog of South University courses, class numbers, … [Read more...]

Shop The School Supply Sales

This is the kids' last week before school starts here in Texas.  I am looking forward to hitting the last minute school supply sales.  I will not necessarily be buying school supplies for the kids since I buy them prepackaged from the school, but I like the sales for myself. Here's how I use the school supply sales: I like to buy folders for organizing my tax records. I like to buy notebooks to use around the house. The kids love to … [Read more...]

We Bought A Porsche Through Internet Car Lot Deals

My husband is now happier than a camel on hump day!  His truck had started going downhill and started having more issues Thursday afternoon when he was returning to work after lunch hour.  It had 167,000 miles on it and was a 2007 model.  This sure didn't make him happy, but the outcome was fantastic! He was able to drive his truck to Carmax and they offered him a sufficient amount of money in order for him to sell it to them.  We started … [Read more...]

4 Frugal 2013 Holiday Shopping Tips

4 Frugal 2013 Holiday Shopping Tips While it’s still hot out there in most areas, the holiday season isn't far away. One of the norms of the season is shopping, but overspending and waiting till the last month to buy products and services can easily ruin your holiday spirit. However, there are ways to be frugal with holiday shopping and prevent a toll on your budget. In addition to being frugal, you can also avoid the build-up of debt if … [Read more...]

GiftCardRescue #Giveaway: $100 Kohl’s Gift Card ENDS 8/18

I am happy that you were able to  join Adventures of 8 and Blog with Mom in a new Advertise with Bloggers Event! How many gift cards do you have sitting around? Do you have gift cards to stores or restaurants that you either don't visit often or are not near you? Well, stop letting that money just sit around, instead go to and turn that unwanted gift card into cash or into the gift card that you could use! Cool, … [Read more...]

Find Sales: Care for Yourself

Being a Mom means that we often neglect ourselves because we’re so busy with our children, our homes, our spouses and maintaining everything to keep it all in order.  So, with time we may start to look and feel like we belong on the piles of laundry, and wish someone else could just put us through a quick-wash cycle with the easy-iron setting.  If we ever do find some time for ourselves, chances are we don’t feel that we have the means to spend … [Read more...]

Shop For Coupon Codes When Making Online Purchase

How often do you shop online?  Do you ever shop for coupon codes while in the process of checking out?  I have been able to get free shipping, and save a percentage off my bill numerous times by grabbing one of these online codes.  There are several sites where you can find coupon codes, but I usually do not browse those sites because that may cause me to want to shop more.  I wait until I have the product in my online shopping cart, then I … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss The Cooper Tire #springsavings Event

This post brought to you by Cooper Tires. All opinions are 100% mine. Did you ever leave home, whether it is for a short hop to the grocery store or a long road trip and get a flat? Ouch!!  Or, heaven forbid, one of your tires went flat when you were driving 65 mph on a highway with cars surrounding you on all sides. While you can not stop that from happening there are ways to try to protect yourself—buy good tires and check them often for … [Read more...]

“Sweet Deals” At The Grocery

Every time my 6 yr old shops with me at Kroger, we make sure to check out the sweet sales rack.  This is where they place all their overload of sweet treats including cakes, pies, cookies, bread, etc. from their bakery.  As long as you plan on eating these desserts in the next few days, these are great deals.  If you know you are having company and will be needing a desert or maybe for a school function or just a weekend of splurging, this rack … [Read more...]