Car Shopped Lately?

We received a letter in the mail from a dealership that said they were looking for good used cars, so we thought we'd dream a little and check it out.  We took the car to the dealership and did some fun car shopping while we were waiting on the appraisal to come through.  Since my van is only two years old, the appraisal value wasn't enough to completely clear our debt, so we decided not to sell it.  Even though we didn't get a new car, my … [Read more...]

Time For Spring Cleaning

Have you started your Spring Cleaning yet?  It is such a great feeling to have everything clean and organized again.  Do you call any outside workers to help you with your cleaning?  I have hardwood and tile downstairs, but I have carpets upstairs.  I have a  carpet cleaner that I use every few months, but for my Spring Cleaning, I like to call in a professional carpet cleaning service.  My carpet cleaning machine does a good job, but you can … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Saving Money With Coupon Codes

I like to use coupons and have had readers write in to ask the best way to use coupons to save the most money so I thought I'd share this guest post with you since it goes into detail about the art of using coupon codes - Enjoy! If you are on this site, you probably are already sold on the idea of saving money.  And why shouldn’t you be?  It doesn’t matter if you have a bank account with six zeros after the number or one that simply totals … [Read more...]

Do You Make Homemade Pizza?

My kids and I like to make homemade pizza and My Blog Spark introduced us to Pillsbury's Artisan Pizza Crust with whole grain.   This pizza crust contains 16 grams of whole grains per serving and was very easy to use with our pizza recipes.  I have a coupon code for you to download if you'd like to try the Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust.  It will save you $1.50 off one package of this crust that can be found in the grocery store refrigerated … [Read more...]

I Do Not Recommend Using PromoCode4Share

I make it a point to search for promo codes when shopping online and was recently approached by PromoCode4Share.  Their contact Phuong wanted me to tell you about their PromoCode4Share site and how you could benefit from using their PromoCode4Share promo codes.  I spent time browsing their PromoCode4Share deals in order to share this site with you and after my work was done, Phuong was nowhere to be found, therefore he never followed through with … [Read more...]

iPhone 5’s Chargers NOT Compatible With iPhone 4 Chargers

I finally broke down and took the iPhone 5 plunge.  I loved my Droid, but I was starting to have too many issues with it.  It was dropping important calls throughout the day and it wasn't picking up any text that my son was sending me.  My husband has been an iPhone fan for awhile and I have to say that his pictures and videos always looked better than the ones that were made with my Droid.   Now that I have the iPhone, I really like it but none … [Read more...]

Coupon Savings For Holiday Shopping

The best thing about holiday shopping is that if you look hard enough, you will probably find coupons for most of your favorite stores.  I have a coupon drawer where I keep all the coupons that come through the mail.  Right before I head out on a shopping trip, I make sure to go through my coupon drawer to browse through my available coupons.  Right now I am on the lookout for Old Navy coupons to use on a few new pairs of jeans for my boys for … [Read more...]

Get Your FREE Greeting Card Today 9/26/12

Don't Forget The Promo Code: TREATXOXO Here are two of my FREE cards from the past. Treat is offering a free greeting card (for any occasion) to everyone today.  Look HERE to see more pics of my free cards. Whether you need a personalized card for a birthday, boss' day, anniversary, or for any of the hundreds of occasions on Treat's site...or even just to say hello, you should check out this offer. Head on over to Treat now and choose … [Read more...]

Free Breakfasts At Chick-fil-A

There is a Chik-fil-A in our town that frequently offers breakfast promotions.  For example, this week there is a special breakfast item that is free from 6:00 a.m. - 10:30.  This is perfect for a breakfast on the go before taking off to school or work because the offer even applies in the drive-thru!  You can receive one sandwich for every person riding in your car.  This morning the kids and I loaded up for school and each of us took a drink … [Read more...]

Tiny Prints: 35% OFF Self-Inking Stamps ENDED

Tiny Prints always has great Deals of the Day today, but this one, 35% off their best-selling, custom self-inking stamps, is now over.  Check out their site for other great products and keep your eyes open for that next great sale:)   … [Read more...]

Fiber One Chewy Bars #MyBlogSpark

I am a big fan of Fiber One products.  I like to watch my weight by counting Weight Watchers points and Fiber One makes it possible for me to still eat sweets that I crave throughout the day without the guilt.  I was offered to test out the new Fiber Chewy bars and I was thrilled.  My sons like my Fiber One snacks and I was hoping to find another bar that they would enjoy as well.  When the package arrived, here's what we found inside: Box … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss The Famous Footwear BOGO Sale

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Famous Footwear for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Have you ever shopped at Famous Footwear?    They offer a wide variety of styles and a great shopping experience with affordable prices.  If you should find a shoe style that you like in the store and they don't have your size, they are more than happy to offer home delivery or you can grab them online at  When you … [Read more...]

Half Price Business Cards – Tiny Prints Deal Of The Day 7/26

Here are the details for today's Tiny Prints Deal of the Day Promo Code: DOD0726 What: 50% Off Business Cards Time: July 26 9:00am PT to July 27 8:00am PT "Business cards" aren't just "cards for business people." My boys love their business cards." They both have personalized cards with their names, phone number, email address and website for sharing with their friends.  Their business cards also make great gift tags. My 6 year old … [Read more...]

Send A Customized Card From TREAT

Have you taken one of the TREAT card offers yet?  Last week they gave away a free wedding congrats card.  I have no weddings to go to right now, but I can always use an extra card just in case!  I ordered the card and used the PROMO code and the card was totally free as long as I mailed it to myself.  If I were to mail it directly to the recipient I would have paid TREAT .47 for the stamp and everything would have been done for me.  Since this is … [Read more...]

Save Money On Your Trip To San Antonio With S.A.V.E.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of SAVE for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I live near Houston and we love to visit San Antonio.  A few years ago I found a flyer in a coupon mailer insert from our local newspaper advertising the San Antonio SAVE – San Antonio Vacation Experience.  I saved it and used it to set up our first trip to San Antonio.  We had so much fun and saved a lot of money by using the SAVE program.  … [Read more...]

50% Off Thank You Cards At Tiny Prints TODAY 7/12

There are two deals today from Tiny prints, one for everyday thank you cards and one (bottom) for wedding thank you cards.  Check them both out and REMEMBER to use the promo codes if you purchase any cards from this deal!  Tiny Prints Promo DOD0712 and Wedding Divas Promo DOD0712.   TINY PRINTS DEAL For one day only, you can get 50% off thank you cards at Tiny Prints. Tiny Prints has thousands of stylish thank you card designs to choose … [Read more...]