Travis’ Artwork Goes To District Art Show

Meet Dakota, she loves the boys!  She's chillin' out on the Bobby's top bunk in the picture above.  Last year our 14 year old son needed a still image to draw in art class, so he snapped this picture.  The teacher really didn't recommend drawing animals, but guess what?  Travis' artwork won an award and was placed in the 2015 - 2016 District Student Art Show after the school had his print professionally framed.   Here's his print, … [Read more...]

Trip To Toronto Canada Was A Blast!

Here's the sign that my husband and I saw each day on our walk back to our hotel when my husband and I visited Toronto, Canada for the Word on the Street National Book Festival.  I wanted to get a picture of our hotel but waited too long and then it rained, so the picture above was my best bet for a motel memory picture.  We didn't have much time to enjoy the area, but we made the most of the time that we had there and had a blast! We … [Read more...]

Pictures From Our Trip To Toronto’s Word On The Street National Book Festival

My husband and I had a great time while visiting Toronto for the Word On The Street National Book Festival.  See my husband Michael above with one of his new friends that he met at the Word On The Street Book Festival before his Average Joe's Pursuit For Financial Freedom book signing began. There were TONS of people, books, magazine, children's activities and interesting food at the Toronto book festival!  This was a shot that I took … [Read more...]

Sponsored: Would You Live In A Bouncy House?

This post has been sponsored by Benjamin Moore.  All opinions are mine alone. My kids love bouncy houses, and could spend hours inside, BUT I wouldn't want to live in one, would you?  You have to watch the following video, it had me rolling, just thinking of this family trying to live comfortably inside a bouncy, blow up house. The couple believes that vinyl can't be painted so in order to have a colorful house, they design an … [Read more...]

Dad Videos Baby Delivery On Mounted Camera

What if your husband taped you going into labor with a camera strapped to his head similar to the one above that can be seen on  With this day and age of technology, there's no telling how many wild videos have been made using "strapped on cameras" like the one above.   My child delivery trips in and out of the hospital were very private, so private that I went into the delivery room alone, never so open that any video taping … [Read more...]

Time to Spruce Up My Bathroom

Are you familiar with Vimeo?  I found this cute bathroom decor video and thought I'd share it with you.   I have been looking for quick ways to spruce up my bathroom this summer and a few of these tips would work well for me. "Summer Bathroom Décor Tips from My-Bathrooms" This decor site also offers great decoration images and tips on their blog as well.  It was fun watching the animated designers.  They did get my creative juices … [Read more...]

Sponsored: 3M Nexcare Bandages Perfect For Summer Activities

This post has been sponsored by 3M Nexcare, but opinions are all mine. . Have you ever known anyone that was a true "dumpster diver?  We see them on movies, but they really exist!  Think of all the germy dumpsters they put themselves into.  All the old food, etc, just to fish out other's trash that to them is new found treasure.  My boys used to collect aluminum cans and one day we received a call from an older man who lived in a nearby … [Read more...]

Sponsored Post: Beau Knows His Liquid-Plumr®

This post has been sponsored by Liquid-Plumr, but concerns my own opinion. Have you met Beau?  Watch the video below and check him out! After checking Beau out, do you want to destroy your hair clogs with his recommended Liquid-Plumr treatment? I love watching and rating advertisements and this one gave me the giggles.  I love it that they named him Beau and chose that particular spelling, after all, beau means boyfriend, male admirer, … [Read more...]

Check Out The View #RodeoHouston Reliant Park, Houston Texas

If you are near the Houston, Texas area, you can't let Rodeo Houston slip by without checking it out.  This is an event that my entire family looks forward to attending all year long.  You can read more about Houston Rodeo at  From this site you can find the concert schedule, information on the Houston Livestock Show and more.  The Houston Rodeo takes place at Reliant Park and is a huge event.  Check out the pictures below … [Read more...]

Sponsored Video: Glad Black Bag Trash Crashers

How do you like to tackle the messes in your home? Would you call yourself a Trash Crasher?  Does your family help or are you in this on your own? There are many families out there that work together as a team, and then there are those families that go their separate ways when it comes to tackling the heavy duty messes. Check out the Glad Black Bag Trash Crasher movie below.  How many uses do you have for Glad Black Bags?  I keep them in the … [Read more...]

Pranks Can End Very Badly

My husband loves to relax and run through his Facebook thread while watching television after a long day at work.  Most of his FB thread comes from news channels, Monster Truck websites, sports websites and friends who love to share pictures and videos.  Every once in awhile he will come across a good video and will forward it to me or ask me if I'd like to watch it with him.    Earlier this week he found a horrible video, horrible because it is … [Read more...]

Are Women Better Drivers?

Who do you believe is the best driver between women and men?  Driving has always been split between the sexes; who is the better driver?  The stereotypical ‘women can’t park’ is always thrown into the equation, but overall, is it true that men are better at driving than women? I have to say that I don't even attempt to parallel park.  Living near Houston, there aren't many circumstances where I actually have to parallel park, so if I can't pull … [Read more...]

Basketball Tournament Swag For Kids

Time for my son's basketball tournaments to kick off again.  He is in 8th grade and had three games this weekend.  The tournaments are a lot of fun for the family.  Since Travis has been playing basketball for several years, we always see a lot of kids and parents that we have known from past basketball teams and it is always great to catch up with them. I tried several times to get pictures during one of his basketball games, but the … [Read more...]

Marriage Proposal At Chicago Bulls Game

How did your significant other propose to you?  Was it a moment that you will never forget?  At the time, did you know what was coming?  My husband showed me this video and I had to share it with you.  This proposal at a Chicago Bulls game is just amazing!  The video starts out a little slow, hang in there, you'll love it! Well what did you think?  Would that be a marriage proposal that you would've thought was coming? … [Read more...]

#MonsterJam #Houston Texas #Reliant Stadium

Our family, me included, LOVE to attend Monster Jam at Houston's Reliant Stadium.  We were at the Monster Jam from 2:30 - 10:30 pm last night meeting drivers, getting signatures, and watching the Monster Trucks compete.  So much fun!  If you haven't ever attended a Monster Truck event, I highly suggest that you look into it.  If you are near the Houston Texas area, Monster Jam will be here again January 18, 2013, BUT MonsterJam is also visiting … [Read more...]

Sponsored Video: Mom Needs MEDS

As a mom, it is important that we take care of ourselves and keep ourselves up and going, full speed, all day long, every day of the week.  Our families rely on us for lots of things and when we get sick, it effects the entire household.  I know that you understand what I am talking about.  If you are sick and need to rest, who will help with homework, get supper, do laundry, clean up the mess, get night time snacks, etc.  The list can go on and … [Read more...]