$50 Giveaway For Dallas & Chicago From GoHYHO – ENDED

Looking for Deals in Dallas or Deals in Chicago, why not win some?  Giveaway open to Dallas, Chicago and surrounding area residents only. GoHYHO.com is giving away a $50 Visa Giftcard to use in purchasing deals from their website in Dallas, TX or Chicago, IL.  Don't hesitate, enter today! www.GoHYHO.com is a deal site currently offering deals in Dallas and Chicago area deals that not only bring you deals at 50 - 90% off, but also gives 10% of … [Read more...]

The Truth Behind Online Giveaways

People REALLY do win! Before I started my blog, I thought it was impossible to win anything so nice off an online giveaway so I never tried.  Now, I know the truth!  Advertisers can spread the word about their products MUCH cheaper by running a giveaway through a blogger than with traditional forms of advertising. The next time you come across a giveaway that catches your eye, SIGN UP!  You can't win, if you don't try.  Do you have a … [Read more...]

Be The Next Giveaway Winner on BlogWithMom.com

Be on the lookout for new giveaways at BlogWithMom.com.  If you are in the Houston area or surrounding areas make sure you sign up for the current Houston giveaway from aDealio.  They are giving away $100 Houston aDealio Bucks for one lucky winner to use for food / entertainment around Houston!  This giveaway ends 8/17/2011 so get your entries in now. I just received an email from Michelle who recently won the flip cam that was sponsored by T. … [Read more...]

“GiveawayCube, Where Giveaways Meet”

Since the mom blog is hosting numerous giveaways, I have been searching for other great giveaway spots.  I came across the Giveaway Cube and before long, found myself entering giveaways left and right!  Before I knew it, I was talking with Vienna from Giveaway Cube  in Australia.  After talking about her site, we decided that she should tell the mom blog a little more about how the Giveaway Cube works.  I have placed a "GiveawayCube Button" on … [Read more...]

Enter 24+ Multiple Giveaways On One Page

Want to Win A Giveaway? No more searching multiple blogs to enter giveaways.  Go to Mom Blog Giveaways and enter to win your favorite giveaways now!  These giveaways are the real thing!  Someone will win and it could be you! So, you don't need a certain item in a giveaway, I bet you know someone who does.  I spoke to someone the other day who is doing her Christmas Shopping through online giveaways.   What a great idea!  She is entering to … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY: $100 Houston Texas aDealio Bucks – Ended

Follow Directions Below To Enter The Giveaway For A Chance At $100 Houston, TX aDealio Bucks! $100 aDealioHouston Bucks WILL buy tons of entertainment in Houston and the surrounding areas! They have a ton of great daily deals for folks in our area! Enter this Houston giveaway for a chance to win $100 in Houston aDealio bucks! That could go FAR in getting a really great deal in Houston Texas AND it will be free! . . . Below you'll find 4 … [Read more...]

Snoogi Children’s CD & Starbuck’s Giftcard Giveaway

Here's the giveaway you've been waiting for!  Submit your entries today and win a Snoogi audio book for a special child and a $10 Starbuck's giftcard for you! See entry rules at the bottom of the post. Many smart and talented children are not having the success they deserve because they are easily distracted, have little patience or cannot concentrate on one thing at a time and this is why Mona Refay developed the SNOOGi audio stories to help … [Read more...]

TheGreatPiggyBankAdventure Flip Camera Giveaway: ENDED

I believe it is very important for parents to teach their child about money and the responsibilities that go with it.  My children recycle aluminum cans from the neighborhood in order to make extra money.  They have neighbors who save the cans aside from their recycling each week and the kids make a weekly run through the neighborhood picking up their cans.   I helped them get this started with fliers, emails and a few phone calls.  Now it is … [Read more...]