DIY: Make a FUN Easter Candy Centerpiece

Easter centerpiece

Easter is almost here and I've been running short on time.  We've had a few home projects going on and there is a constant wind of sawdust in the air so I decided not to bring out my Easter decorations this year, but it just doesn't feel like Easter without a few Easter decorations in the house.  I found a few ideas on Pinterest which let me to making a quick Easter Candy Centerpiece to surprise the kids with when they got home from school.  If … [Read more...]

EveryDayHappy Family Products #Review


I was given an EveryDayHappy gift package from to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone. Here's the package that I received for this review.  Don't you love their packaging?  I have to say it is very appealing and eye catching.  It really makes you want to save the box for future use!  It's just fun, just like going through all the great pre-packaged products they sent over for me to … [Read more...]

Familiarize Yourself With Wolf Appliances


My kitchen is in need of an upgrade.  The cabinets are slowly giving out, the drawers are beginning to fall through and the majority of my appliances are original from 1995.  Since I am in the process of researching appliances, cabinets and flooring myself, I thought I'd share this post with you in case you are also on the hunt for new appliances. Important Details about Wolf Appliances to Be aware of Before Going for Repairs If you want to … [Read more...]

DIY Fairy Jar: Night time Craft

fairy jar

Are you looking for a fun and creative craft to do with your kids that they can keep in their room at night as a night-light?  They can even use this to try and “catch a fairy!” DIY Fairy Jars are a lot of fun, and really easy to make!  You will need the following supplies: Mason Jar(s) Glitter (I have heard that diamond glitter works best for this craft) Serrated knife Glow stick(s) Towel that can get dirty or messed up (just in … [Read more...]

Kitchen Chronicles: The Baking Zone

baking zone

If you are an avid baker, you will definitely want to create a baking space in your kitchen if you have not done so already!  By doing this, you are able to take a quick inventory of your baking supplies and figure out what you have enough of and what you need to purchase next time you are at the grocery store. Pick out a counter top, or another special area in your kitchen and devote it plus the top and bottom cabinet to your new and improved … [Read more...]

Easter: Great Time For Flower Arrangements


Easter is soon approaching and I can't wait to get my Easter decorations up throughout our house.  We've had a crew of workers in our home for awhile and there is sawdust everywhere!  Hopefully they will be finished with the stair rails soon so we can get the mess cleaned up and our Easter decorations displayed throughout our home. Photo Credit: The kids look forward to pulling out the … [Read more...]

Dinner Made Easy #HoneyBakedEaster #Ad

honeybaked easter

I received the following food items from HoneyBaked in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own. Our family looks forward to spending time together for Easter.  Our family lives far away, but I still make sure that our family of four enjoys traditional Easter meals like the ones my husband and I grew up enjoying with our families.  This can be a lot of work in the kitchen if you are the only one cooking, but I've got … [Read more...]

Obsessed With Chia Pop Popcorn

popcorn measured

I count calories daily, which means that it is important to me that I find low calorie snacks that I enjoy eating on a regular basis.  Low calorie popcorn is one of my favorites, but I have to measure it and put the bag up or else I'll eat too much of it. When I am on the go, it's important that I take a snack with me in order to keep myself in line while I am out.  Above you will see my favorite "road trip snacks."  I like flavored water, … [Read more...]

Small Money Saving Tips


Most of us probably made a resolution to be better with money this year, or at least save a good amount of it for any reason.  Even though it is not January anymore, now is a good time to start saving if you have not yet! Saving money can be a stressful thing to do, unless you start out small and do tiny things that can actually help you out more than a scheduled “money saving chart” most people tend to use. There are tons of tips and small … [Read more...]

Organize Your Pantry


Are you ready to take your pantry to the next level?  If so, let’s get started!  Pantries are easy to clutter and keep unorganized due to the simple fact that most foods and cans are just thrown in there until they are used.  Whether you have a big or small pantry, this one simple tip applies to you! The first step is to assess the situation. In other words, open up your pantry and figure out which categories you store in there such as pasta, … [Read more...]

Is The Sensible Diet For You?

im_3_1 (1)

Are you looking for a great diet plan that works for you?  Have you dieted in the past without finding the results you were looking for?  Breaking your eating habits and staying focused in the beginning of a new diet plan can be very hard and overwhelming in the very beginning.  Once you can make it through the initial first two weeks, it gets easier to stay on track. I'd like to introduce you to the Sensible Diet for women which includes a … [Read more...]

Craft Room Organization Tips


Is your craft room out of control and in serious need of some organization? Ribbon Spools Organization You can use a paper towel holder to hold spools of ribbon for easy access!  Simply slide the spools onto a paper towel stand’s post.  Stack them from largest to smallest, bottom to top.  When you are done, tape the ribbon ends to their spools to keep them neat.  Not only is this a convenient way to store them, but it also looks pretty … [Read more...]

Keep Your Newborn’s Room At The Right Temperature


The amount of advice given to new parents these days is beyond the bamboozling. Doctors and midwifes are quick to hand folders full of documents, with each one telling us exactly how to care for our little ones during the initial few months. Of course, such an approach is undoubtedly helpful and settles a lot of our minds at rest.  One of the main issues which is drilled into us in these documents is room temperature. Due to the risks of SIDS, … [Read more...]

Ways To Save Money On Food

images (3)

Food is a necessary evil and a love at the same time, which means you MUST spend money on it.  There are small ways around spending so much money on food, and we should all take advantage of that if we can. If you are one of those people who absolutely need some caffeine every morning on the way to work, no shame – we all need that extra boost, substitute coffee for those expensive coffee drinks.  By saving $2 a day on those drinks by buying a … [Read more...]

5 Reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight

images (1)

We’d all love to have the perfect figure and to feel fit and healthy, but losing weight can be a real struggle.  If you’ve been unsuccessful so far in your weight loss journey, you might be wondering where exactly you’ve gone wrong.  To help you get to the root of your weight loss problems, here are five possible reasons why you’re struggling to get in shape. 1) You’re skipping meals The best way to slim down is to reduce the number of … [Read more...]

Stair Railing Renovation In Progress

original steps

Above you'll see the stairs from our home.  For the last few years, I have wanted to replace the wooden spindles with wrought iron but didn't want to spend the money.  This past December, we were unloading Christmas boxes from the attic and my husband slipped and fell hard against the top railing.  Thank goodness the railing held him and kept him from falling from the second floor.  After this incident, it was time to replace the stair rails … [Read more...]