Gym Buddies Are Awesome

gym class

I look forward to going to the gym throughout the week and have many women who I enjoy talking to in between classes.  Today, my gym buddy Keisha surprised me with a birthday gift right before kickboxing class!  I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t even tell anyone it was my birthday, but good ole Facebook slipped my secret out to everyone! Today I turned 40 and am not upset about it, but I didn’t want anyone at the gym to know about my birthday.  … [Read more...]

Slip In Exercise During Daily Routines

exercise errands

There are days that you can’t possibly manage to fit in a full work out with such a busy schedule.  You need to stay healthy and exercise, but you can skip a few days of the week at the gym.  There are plenty of ways to get your exercise during your hectic daily routine without having to rush to the gym as well.  Exercise is essential! There are so many conveniences in today's society that limit the need to get OUT and be active.  Medicines … [Read more...]

Get Organized For School Days

Summer is over for most and kids are back in school and there is plenty to do, so get yourself organized!  Here are a few things that we do the night before school in order to be prepared for the next day: Lay out clothes for the next day, even socks and shoes! Organize our backpacks and have them laying by the door. Get lunch boxes together, all but the frozen ice packs and final touches. Know what everyone would like for … [Read more...]

Prevent Most Common Plumbing Issues

toilet tank

Toilets Repair is my specialty! Years ago, we spent a lot of money on calls to the plumber, but then I started hovering over the plumber while he worked in order to pick up a few tips and tricks.  Once I got the basics down, I was able to save us some cash and take care of a lot of plumbing issues on my own.  Many people take home plumbing for granted until problems, which can be avoided through proper maintenance, start happening. Below are … [Read more...]

Son’s First Freshman Assignment

Travis Poem

My oldest son just started his freshman year of high school on Monday.  His first Language Arts assignment was to write a poem.  He finished up tonight and after reading it, I knew that I had to share it with you on Since he eats, sleeps and breathes basketball, he added a basketball background to his footprint. His poem reads as follows:   I am smart and friendly I wonder what the world will become I … [Read more...]

Married Couples Can Save On Auto Insurance


A couple who has just gotten married may be looking for ways to save on the monthly household budget.  Fortunately, there are several ways that a married couple can save on their monthly auto insurance payments. Here are a few examples: Share a Car A married couple may only need to own one car if they can coordinate their work schedules.  Owning one car means that the couple will pay less for car insurance than a couple who owns two or … [Read more...]

ACL Injury Screens Are Available


Do you know what an ACL is and why it's crucial to your health?  ACL is short for anterior cruciate ligament and it is located in the middle of the knee.  The ACL is very important to the knee joint because it gives it stability.  When an ACL gets torn, it wrecks havoc on the entire knee.  American Academy of Pediatrics ran a recent study that shows that specific types of physical training has been shown to reduce the risk of ACL injury by as … [Read more...]

TIPS: How To Soften Yarn


We love getting things cheap around here, that's including yarn.  Most crochet tutorials call for expensive yarn, but when you're crocheting something big it's going to cost you an arm and a leg.  You can always supplement their choice of yarn with something much cheaper.  That's why I love Red Heart yarn which can be bought at Walmart for less than $3 a skein. The only downfall to buying cheap yarn is the texture.  Cheap yarn especially the … [Read more...]

Finding the Best Options For Your Teen’s First Car


Are you considering purchasing a car for your teenager? There are a lot of options out there, and you need to weigh the pros and cons of each.   While the car above would definitely catch the attention of a teenage girl, it is not necessarily the best choice for a teen's first car.  We bought a sporty car thinking we'd pass it on to our son when he turned 16, but after driving it for awhile, we realized it had way too much speed and could easily … [Read more...]

Keep Past School Picture Order Forms

photo 1 (96)

I decided to clean off my computer desk, which had a huge stack of papers that had been pushed aside and I found school picture order forms for both of my sons.  This made me very upset to think that I had been so busy that I had missed the school photo ordering deadlines.  I decided to call and see if I could still order school photos, but of course no answer.  I hopped on the photo website and entered in my child's promo code and happily I was … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Cut Monthly Costs and Create Savings

pig banks

Having a family is tough work. There is so much to do in a day that it's easy to lose focus on some of the problems that crop up every day.  One of the most common mistakes that families make is not creating enough savings. There are a number of issues that can arise when it comes to raising kids, and emergency costs are certainly at the top.  Not only that, but raising money for college and making sure that your child is prepared for college … [Read more...]

What Does “Birthday Lickin’s” Mean To You?


  My son plays on a basketball team which is made up of many kids from different ethnic backgrounds.  While everyone is able to fully communicate, sometimes small language barriers occur when it comes to US "slang."  My son's birthday was coming up and the coach announced to the players that they should all get their birthday lickin's in at the next practice because Travis would be turning fourteen over the weekend. As the … [Read more...]

Use Reviews To Shop?

review shopper

How often do you read reviews on products that you shop for online?  This morning I caught my husband reading through the reviews on a new dentist that he wanted to try out.  This is a great idea, because trying out a new dentist can always be a little worrisome. Once you find a good dentist, I say stick with them, but sometimes the best dentists retire or move away, and then you have to shop around for a new one.  Word of mouth is a great way to … [Read more...]

Keep Your Kids Safe After School

bobby school

The safety of our children is a top priority for us at all times. We want to make sure that our children have nothing to worry about, no matter where they are. A common issue for working parents is the time in between the moment your kids are let out of school for the day and the moment when you return home from work. Most parents cannot leave work early to pick up their kids, so the transportation home and the time at home before they return is … [Read more...]

Healthy Hair Tips & Tricks


Don't Fight It - Fix It With Healthy Hair Tips & Tricks! We all crave flowing, silky, luxurious hair. Hair that looks shiny and healthy as well as nourished and moisturized. Hair that is soft and smooth to touch. Somehow along the way, we run into problems.  We end up damaging our hair in so many ways. Whether it’s chemicals, heat, or chlorine I have some tips to help you out. Scalp tissue is a lot like facial tissue; it can retain a ton … [Read more...]

DIY Raw Egg Hair Treatment & Benefits


There have been times when I could tell that my hair wasn’t in the healthiest shape. I could just tell. The shine is dull, the hair follicles aren’t as soft, and it tangles easily. I have always been one to test out home remedies and DIY treatments on my hair. Keeping hair healthy seems to be a long drawn out list of don’ts. Don’t wash your hair too much. Don’t wash your hair in hot water. Don’t blow dry, curl, or flat iron. Don’t dye or perm … [Read more...]