Is the Money You Need Just Around the Corner?

For countless individuals, there will come numerous times in their lives when they are short of money, having to turn to family, friends or others for help. While it is not uncommon for consumers to require a loan or loans during their lives, finding the most affordable ones can be tricky. As many people have come to learn, if they don’t secure the best loan, it can be difficult for them to pay it back over time. With that in mind, will you … [Read more...]

Need Weight Loss Motivation?

Are you looking for weight loss motivation? Do you want to work out but need a little help getting started?  Are you a competitive person?  If so, I suggest that you look into the Fitbit step tracking bracelet.  This bracelet counts your steps and allows you to challenge other Fitbit users to a daily challenge, a weekday challenge, a weekend challenge and a goal day challenge.  Each challenge can hold up to ten people and each Fitbit user can be … [Read more...]

Is Equanimity Magazine For You #Review

Live today, Improve Tomorrow! The whole purpose to living is to always try and have a better tomorrow.  I love reading inspiring and motivating stories, and I have found the perfect magazine that fulfills that passion of mine.  The best part is that I can choose to read it in digital format so I can take it with me on the go or in print format so I can display it in my home for others to see as well! Equanimity Magazine is an online … [Read more...]

Signs Of Elder Abuse

One problem in this country that often goes unattended to is elderly abuse. Every day people of an older generation are getting abused and taken advantage of, and nothing is done about it. This stems from two things – first, that the person causing the abuse is often close to the elderly person and second, that many of us do not recognize the signs. If you suspect someone close to you is being abused, here are some of the warning … [Read more...]

Dreaming Of Pecan Pie

Do you ever wake to find that you have been dreaming about food?  One morning, I woke up from a dream about all the Pecan Pie I had eaten.  In my dream, I could hear my husband telling me that I had worked so hard to drop weight, so did I really want to ruin all my hard work by eating so much pie at one time.  In my dream, I kept telling him, I am going to eat the last peice of pie, then I will be done.  I had eaten about half of the pie at that … [Read more...]

Four Tips for a More Energy Efficient Home

In today’s day and age, saving energy is becoming something that more and more people are striving to do. Being as energy-efficient as possible and reducing your carbon footprint not only helps to keep your energy bills down, it’s also a lot kinder on the environment and helps to conserve energy for the future. There are a number of simple things which you can implement into your daily routine in order to save as much energy as possible in your … [Read more...]

Zucchini Bread Recipe

Zucchini Bread has been one of my favorites for years!  My step mom used to make this in bulk.  She would leave a loaf out to eat and would freeze the rest.  I loved eating her Zucchini Bread but never tried making it myself as I knew it was a long process.  Since we live so far away from each other, I need to start making this Zucchini Bread myself, so I grabbed the recipe from my Aunt Linda.  If you've never experienced Zucchini Bread, then you … [Read more...]

Winter Weather Tips

Do you have a snowstorm or ice storm coming your way? I have a few tips that will make that storm less of a hassle on you! If you have to shovel snow, try spraying some non-stick spray on to your shovel. The snow should fall right off, making shoveling a quicker and easier experience for you. If your shoes are prone to water leaks, slip a sandwich bag over your socks before putting your shoes on. It might feel weird at first, but it has got to … [Read more...]

How to Sleep Better During Pregnancy

Though the impending joy of motherhood can make pregnancy easier, for many women, regardless of that joy, pregnancy is difficult. While a woman’s body is made for pregnancy, it is does negate the fact that pregnancy can be extremely painful. From dealing with morning sickness to back pain to hormone changes to trouble sleeping, the 9 months or so a woman is pregnant can feel like a lifetime. Pregnancy often makes women more tired than they … [Read more...]

Easy Daily Cleaning Tasks

If you have children (yes, husbands DO count!), you know how difficult it can be to keep your home in a clean and working order.  If you have just 10 extra minutes each morning, try and complete these simple cleaning tasks.  You would be surprised at what a difference they make if you are able to do these every morning! First, make all of the beds in the home.  This only takes a few seconds, and it really opens a room up.  A put-together bed … [Read more...]

Snow Safety For Children

Have you experienced any of the winter storms that passed through about a week ago?  I have a friend in Tennessee who told me they got almost 13 inches of snow where they live!  That was the perfect opportunity for her and her husband to take their 10-month-old outside to experience his first real snow. Here are some tips for taking a baby out in the snow: Please keep in mind that young babies (6 months and under) are not able to regular … [Read more...]

Is Identity Theft Protection on Your Radar for 2016?

Moms are often the first and last lines of defense when it comes to protecting the financial home-front.  With all they have to do on a daily basis, staying a step ahead of identity theft thieves is just one more thing to consider.  As the news has shown in recent years, identity theft is no laughing matter. If anything, it is one expensive matter for consumers to deal with. As a mother, what are you doing to decrease the odds that you and … [Read more...]

The Importance of Oral Hygiene

Dental hygiene is closely related to your body’s overall health. Not only are toothaches and pain in the gums uncomfortable, research has linked a correlation between gum disease and heart disease.  Keeping your teeth, gums, and mouth clean and in good health can help the rest of your body remain healthy as well. Here are some simple ways to protect your teeth, keeping them sparkling white: Visit the Dentist Regularly Regardless of whether … [Read more...]

Chris Herren Spoke To Conroe ISD Families

Last night Chris Herren came to speak at the local church and the community was invited.  It was a free event and the high school students from our school district were all asked to attend.  For my son, the teacher's were offering incentives such as bonus points and no homework for the night if they attended the event.  There were tons of people there and traffic was horrible as they didn't have anyone directing traffic and many of the drivers … [Read more...]

Quitting Smoking and Controlling your Vape

If you've decided to quit smoking regular cigarettes - "analogs" as they're frequently called by the vaping community - then you've made a huge mistake.  Not only are cigarettes a great way to stay healthy and look great, but everyone knows that smoking cigarettes is the easiest way to look really, really cool. Just kidding!!!!!! Photo Credit: Second only to making the decision to stop playing in traffic, making … [Read more...]

California Drought: Water Conservation

This post was sent in by Jessica from - Enjoy! Water makes life on Earth possible – it is our most precious resource! However with a limited supply and a worldwide shortage, it is more important than ever to use our most precious resource responsibly. Did you know that while roughly 71% of the Earth is covered in water, less than 1% of that water available to us is actually fresh? Much of the planet’s freshwater is … [Read more...]