What’s On Your Christmas Wish List?


Children like to make wish lists for Santa every year, but what do you do as an adult?  Have you made your wish list to yourself yet?  What are some wishes you have for yourself?  Do you wish you were a better cook?  Do you wish you spent more time with your family?  Do you wish you paid more attention to your needs as opposed to everyone else’s?  Whatever your wishes are, write them down! Material objects are great and they keep us … [Read more...]

Ways to Encourage Your Child to be Self-Sufficient


How often does your child do something that you turn around and basically tell them is wrong?  You probably don't even realize you are correcting them because you are just trying to help, but such correction can cause them to be needier now and in the future.  For example, your child cleans their room and you tell them their toys are in the wrong place.  Instead, you should be praising them for thinking for themselves and making the decision … [Read more...]

How New Moms Can Maintain Their Friendships

How New Moms Can Maintain Their Friendships

Becoming a mother has a wide range of challenges. Being a mom means facing issues that may have never been faced before and learning to find a rhythm that works for everyone. These unexpected issues can take a real toll on new moms, making their job a lot more difficult than it should be. One of the issues that new moms commonly face but do not think about ahead of time is maintaining their friendships after their new baby arrives. A new mom’s … [Read more...]

Elf On The Shelf Gets A Jersey

elf table

This is our Elf on the Shelf, his name is Zachary.  He has been with us for two years now.  Each December he surprises us every morning when we find his new hang out for the day.  Check him out, he loves to hang upside down.  We figure this is because our boys are so competitive in sports.  Zachary is just trying to fit in with the rest of the guys in our home. This morning  we woke to a huge surprise!  Zachary was wearing a sports jersey! … [Read more...]

Are You Ready For Christmas?


Are you ready for Christmas?  Are all your Christmas decorations displayed throughout your home?  Here's the biggest question:  Is all your shopping done?  All our our Christmas decorations are up and all those boxes and tubs are shoved back up into the attic.  We're ready to cook up some of our favorite holiday desserts next week when the kids get out of school, but of course, shopping is not done.  Each year this happens, I try to be prepared, … [Read more...]

Six City Safety Tips for Your Kids

Six City Safety Tips for Your Kids

Every parents desire is for their home to be the safest place their children know. It is the place filled with your most prized possessions—the top of the list being your precious children. While you can help to keep them as safe as possible indoors with the help of a security system from Frontpoint Security Solutions, when it comes to the outside world, there are a myriad of factors that could endanger your children. Whether it is a trip, a … [Read more...]

My Amazon Return Was A Snap!

I have a hard time finding tall jeans in the stores so I figured I'd grab a pair of tall jeans through Amazon and save myself the time.  I used to wear Lee and I know those tall sizes fit, so I grabbed a pair and waited for them to arrive in the mail.  Of course, I ordered a "fit" that I had never tried on before and they were too tight.  Not just tight enough that you could lose a little weight and then be able to wear, but tight enough that I … [Read more...]

Maintain Weight Over The Holidays


Maintaining weight over the holidays is the trending discussion among most at this time of year when the holidays are in full swing.  I’m talking about the season when cookies, jelly doughnuts, chocolates and all sort of foods loaded with refined sugars tend to add extra pounds to your weight by the New Year.  How do we avoid a tremendous holiday weight gain? For me, I choose not to avoid my favorite holiday dishes, but to cut down on the … [Read more...]

Our Latest Appliance Purchase Was A Nightmare

old washer

Eight years ago we sold our house and the final deal was that I had to leave my washer and dryer set for the new owners.  My set was pretty new, but I really wanted to sell my house, so I agreed and left my Kenmore washer and dryer in the home when we moved out.  We had so many expenses at the time, that I didn't want to purchase a new washer and dryer set so I found a used one from an area website.  It was a Maytag washer and dryer set  with a … [Read more...]

Tattoo Removal Is Possible


We’ve all been there; you have just turned 18 and you are ready to make your first real “adult decision.” More than likely, you are heading out to get a tattoo! Since you are young (yet old enough) to venture out on your own and don’t need parental consent for this very big (and mostly permanent) decision, you probably won’t do much research about where you go, and who the tattoo artist is. You probably won’t even look at all of their work to … [Read more...]

Time For A Pantry Cleanout


Have you ever done the “Pantry Cleanout” to try and cut down on your grocery bill?  I just read about it, and I think it would be a great thing to do at the end of every month.  If you shop for groceries weekly, try to do your regular trips for the first three weeks.  That last week, before heading out to the store, pull EVERYTHING out of your pantry and try to plan meals with it.  Soups can be used for many meal starters, check out my soup meal … [Read more...]

Yoga Addict Bag Review: Thumbs Up!

yoga bag

 I received this yoga bag from www.Yoga-Addict.com to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine. I go to the gym during the week and my group workout classes fill up very quick.  Sometimes all the mats are taken before I get there, so I like to pack my own yoga mat to the classes to ensure that I always have one when this becomes an issue.  I always used hair bands to hold my yoga mat together when carrying it back and forth, … [Read more...]

AdvoCare Post-Workout Recovery Chocolate Drink

Post Workout Recovery Shake Advocare

I am a Advocare Advisor, if you have any questions, please email me at bobbiemunsey@gmail.com Do you work out and try your best to stay away from chocolate after you are back home and relaxing on the couch?  Chocolate is a go-to snack for so many people because it’s sweet and comforting to eat.  However, it basically cancels out a trip to the gym because chocolate is so high in fat and calories. AdvoCare has a post-workout recovery drink … [Read more...]

Recycle Your Old Towels


One of the best things to shop for in your home is towels!  It’s fun to feel each one and find the softest one available in the store, then decide on the color, and finally decide on how many you want to buy!  However, one of the worst things to throw away from your home is a used towel!  There are so many things you can do with an old towel instead of throwing it away! Photo Credit:  flickrhivemind.net You can take your old towel and … [Read more...]

Remodeling Decisions Are Never Easy

old flooring

This time of year is always busy, lots to do to prepare for the holidays and never enough time to get it all done as quickly as we'd like.  Once Christmas has passed and all the decorations are back up in the attic, it is time for me to start planning my downstairs remodel.  The kitchen is ready for an upgrade along with all the downstairs flooring.  I am excited about upgrading my downstairs, but am also dreading this because I know that my … [Read more...]

Work Healthy Habits Into Your Schedule


We all know how important it is to maintain good health and body structure. Luckily there are great fitness programs that do not involve the use of any equipment which makes it easy for those that do not have quick access to fitness equipment. When some people think about fitness, the first thing that comes to mind is going to the gym to engage in strenuous activities. However, that’s not always the case! Working out can be fun, especially when … [Read more...]