20% Off CRAB POT Christmas Trees


The weather is finally getting cooler and the holidays are quickly approaching.  I love this time of year and all the great decorations that are displayed in my area.  Our family has a tradition of driving around the different subdivisions in search of our favorite Christmas decorations.  Do you usually decorate your front yard?  We love to display lights in our front yard.  The kids are thrilled to come home at night to see the twinkling … [Read more...]

Enter Giveaways & Win Gifts!


It is only September, but the holidays will be here before you know it!  Are you prepared to purchase or make gifts for friends and family?  The holidays can be pretty expensive, depending on the size of your gift-giving list or the taste of the gift-receivers.  Have you ever considered entering holiday gift guide giveaways? Many bloggers offer them around this time of the year, and they are a great way to win FREE holiday gifts and prizes!  I … [Read more...]

10 Decorating Tips for Your Holiday Event

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The kids are back in school, and Halloween is just around the corner, which means Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before you know it.  As a busy mom, you probably think that cleaning the house is enough of a chore, never mind decorating for a holiday party.  Getting festive doesn’t have to be stressful, though; read on for 10 decorating tips for your holiday event: Photo Credit:  www.iheartnaptime.net   Start with a warm … [Read more...]

Halloween Mummy Jars – Get Prepared

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Even though Halloween is still a few months away, I love getting ready for Halloween crafts ahead of time so I can go ahead and start collecting the supplies I need. Mummies are creepy and cool at the same time, and they are a lot of fun to make!  Photo Credit:  www.whilehewasnapping.com Here’s what you will need: Glass canning jars (I always see a ton at our local Goodwill/thrift store) Paintbrush Medical gauze Mod podge or … [Read more...]

DIY: Make a FUN Easter Candy Centerpiece

Easter centerpiece

Easter is almost here and I've been running short on time.  We've had a few home projects going on and there is a constant wind of sawdust in the air so I decided not to bring out my Easter decorations this year, but it just doesn't feel like Easter without a few Easter decorations in the house.  I found a few ideas on Pinterest which let me to making a quick Easter Candy Centerpiece to surprise the kids with when they got home from school.  If … [Read more...]

Dinner Made Easy #HoneyBakedEaster #Ad

honeybaked easter

I received the following food items from HoneyBaked in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own. Our family looks forward to spending time together for Easter.  Our family lives far away, but I still make sure that our family of four enjoys traditional Easter meals like the ones my husband and I grew up enjoying with our families.  This can be a lot of work in the kitchen if you are the only one cooking, but I've got … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Card Box For School Exchange

Valentine's Day cards

Tomorrow the Valentines's Day cards and Valentine's Day boxes are due at school.  The kids will exchange Valentine's Day cards and also need to have their own personalized box or bag to use for collecting their own Valentine's Day cards during their Valentine's Day Class Party.  Luckily I had hit a great Valentine's Day sale last year and we were set with the cards, all we needed was a sucker for each student.  My fun had a lot of fun personally … [Read more...]

52 Things I Love About You – DIY Valentines Day Gift


Do you have an old deck of cards lying around?  Do you want to do something creative with them?  Here's a fun Valentine's Day project for you. You will need: a deck of cards a marker (any color) some paper tape a hole puncher pair of scissors two binder rings You can find binder rings at Walmart for a great price.  You can even find them at a local dollar store! Directions: First you need to cut the paper up in squares … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Cards Kids Can Make


Valentine’s Day is coming up!  Aside from giving out candy and cards, what do kids like to do for others?  Create things!  They like to get crafty!  In fact, they may want to make their own Valentine’s Day cards this year. I have an inexpensive yet fun craft your child can do to make their own cards to hand out to friends.  Please note these are a little bigger than the normal Valentine’s Day card, but they are fun and kids love them!  You and … [Read more...]

Organizing Your Christmas Decor Saves Time

Christmas Organizing Decor

I love the Christmas decorations, but each year I dread putting everything back up in the attic.  It makes a huge mess and takes a long time.  This year I spent a little extra time organizing my Christmas decorations as I put them away so that next year I'll be more organized when it comes time to decorate our home for Christmas again. Hopefully you've had time to get your Christmas decorations put up for the year, but if you're household is … [Read more...]

It’s New Year’s Eve!

new year

New Year's Eve can be a very dangerous night to be out and about so our family always stays together at home to bring in the New Year.  We have a family party where everyone gets to pick out their favorite foods at the grocery for us to eat throughout the night.  We're headed to the grocery soon for items such as hot wings, chips, dip, ice cream, etc.  This does make a great deal of a mess, but it is lots of fun. Each year we always make … [Read more...]

Get Your Holiday Returns Together

boys gifts

Now that we've had time to organize all the Christmas presents that came out from under the tree, it's time to get everything together that needs to be returned.  For everyone that received clothing, make sure that they try on their items before you place them in your laundry.  If they do not fit right, it's best that you return them before the tags are removed rather than find out later that they do not fit after the tags have been removed and … [Read more...]

What’s On Your Christmas Wish List?


Children like to make wish lists for Santa every year, but what do you do as an adult?  Have you made your wish list to yourself yet?  What are some wishes you have for yourself?  Do you wish you were a better cook?  Do you wish you spent more time with your family?  Do you wish you paid more attention to your needs as opposed to everyone else’s?  Whatever your wishes are, write them down! Material objects are great and they keep us … [Read more...]

Elf On The Shelf Gets A Jersey

elf table

This is our Elf on the Shelf, his name is Zachary.  He has been with us for two years now.  Each December he surprises us every morning when we find his new hang out for the day.  Check him out, he loves to hang upside down.  We figure this is because our boys are so competitive in sports.  Zachary is just trying to fit in with the rest of the guys in our home. This morning  we woke to a huge surprise!  Zachary was wearing a sports jersey! … [Read more...]

Are You Ready For Christmas?


Are you ready for Christmas?  Are all your Christmas decorations displayed throughout your home?  Here's the biggest question:  Is all your shopping done?  All our our Christmas decorations are up and all those boxes and tubs are shoved back up into the attic.  We're ready to cook up some of our favorite holiday desserts next week when the kids get out of school, but of course, shopping is not done.  Each year this happens, I try to be prepared, … [Read more...]

Maintain Weight Over The Holidays


Maintaining weight over the holidays is the trending discussion among most at this time of year when the holidays are in full swing.  I’m talking about the season when cookies, jelly doughnuts, chocolates and all sort of foods loaded with refined sugars tend to add extra pounds to your weight by the New Year.  How do we avoid a tremendous holiday weight gain? For me, I choose not to avoid my favorite holiday dishes, but to cut down on the … [Read more...]