DIY Family Friendly HALLOWEEN Crafts


It’s time to get yourself ready for Do It Yourself (DIY) Halloween crafts that will make your home sweet and scary.  Halloween is one time of the year where your home and yard can be full of scary decorations and display items.   What Halloween decoration ideas do you have in mind for this year?  You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to make your home look the best this year. Here are a few of my favorite family friendly Halloween … [Read more...]

Start Looking For Halloween Candy Sales

candy boxes

Halloween will be here before we know it.  I have been thinking about what I will be handing out to the Trick-or-Treaters.  In the past, I have handed out sealed microwave popcorn bags and also full size candy bars.  Each were a hit, but all the kids look forward to stopping by at the homes that are known for passing out the full size candy bars.  Yesterday I was at the grocery and several types of full size candy bars on sale for .50 each.  I … [Read more...]

9 Unique Ways to Decorate for Halloween

painted pumpkins

The fall holiday season is approaching and now is the time to begin planning your indoor and outdoor decorations.  Whether you're the sort who goes gaga over Halloween or just likes to add a little punch of autumn color to your décor, it's easy to make a festive statement with these nine simple Halloween decorating ideas. Halloween Wreaths Wreaths don't need to be saved for Christmas.  Add autumn leaves, plastic spiders, and other Halloween … [Read more...]

Texas Easter Morning Festivities

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Easter morning started off with early morning Easter Baskets which the Easter Bunny had dropped off at our house the night before.  The boys dug into their baskets, and we all had some morning Easter Chocolates.  Then on to the giant Easter Egg hunt in the woods. Each year I hide over 100 plastic eggs for the boys in the greenbelt.  We used to hide eggs in the front yard, but now that Travis is 13, that could be a little embarrassing, so as long … [Read more...]

Hold A Fun and Fair Easter Egg Hunt


Be prepared, Easter will be here VERY soon.  Things have been so hectic that I failed to get my Easter decorations out earlier this month, so now I must focus on Easter Dinner prep and get ready for the Easter Bunny and Easter day festivities.  Every year the Easter Bunny leaves me over 100 filled eggs to hide for the boys.  We used to hold this hunt indoors, but now that the boys are older, they know all the indoor hiding spots.  So as long as … [Read more...]

Reducing Holiday Stress At Easter


Easter is one of the most family-friendly holidays and offers a great chance to either spend time with your church or just relax with your relatives.  Maybe you have a big Easter lunch at your parent’s house or perhaps your family has a quieter, more religious-centered holiday.  Regardless of how you decide to celebrate Easter, holiday stress can easily sneak up even on the most prepared moms.  It’s important to take the time to work on stress … [Read more...]

Perfect “Healthy, Low Fat” Gift For Females

trail mix

Think about it, most occasions bring food to mind:  Valentine's Day - chocolates, Easter - Easter basket candy, Halloween - candy, Christmas - holiday deserts, Thanksgiving - huge meal and holiday deserts, etc.  I like to give gifts and often times, the recipients are trying to stay in control of their eating and would rather not have the temptation of a box of chocolates.  Same goes with me, I love treats, but it is best that I get the low fat … [Read more...]

DIY: Conversation Heart Mailbox


Valentine’s Day is almost here, which means children will be getting Valentine's Day cards and candy from their classmates!  They will need something to put the cards and candy in while they are in the classroom, and we have the perfect craft for that!  A conversation heart mailbox is fun and easy to make! What you'll need Cereal box Construction paper: Any colors the child prefers Glitter glue: Again, any colors the child … [Read more...]

Crazy Cake Recipe Perfect For Parties

crazy cake

New Year's Eve festivities are right around the corner.  Will you be staying home, hosting a get together or needing to take a special dish or great dessert to someone's home?  Here's a great recipe for Crazy Cake that just came in from Linda from Kentucky.  She says that this a very quick and delicious cake which makes a great dessert in just minutes. . Crazy Cake Recipe Ingredients:  . 1 1/2 cups flour 1 cup sugar 3 Tbsp. … [Read more...]

Holiday Clean Up Tips


Gift giving is now over and time for the dreaded holiday clean up that follows Christmas festivities.  Now is the perfect time to clean out your cabinets, closets, etc. to make room for your new items.  As you make space for your new items, keep others in mind.  It may be easier to pitch your old belongings in the trash, but it is always best to donate items that could be put to further use by someone else. This Christmas I received a new … [Read more...]

Holiday Tradition – Egg Nog Punch Recipe


Linda from Kentucky is back on the mom blog with another one of her great holiday recipes.  It has just a few ingredients and can be whipped up in no time.  Enjoy! . Holiday Egg Nog Punch Recipe . This is a very refreshing punch with a very distinct taste of orange.  It tastes so good, it is similar to a great tasting smoothie!  Drinking this Holiday Egg Nog Punch makes me think about being in Florida for Christmas somewhere like Key … [Read more...]

Quick Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Bobby boat

As the Christmas Eve approaches, your stress levels are probably rising.  Did you buy a gift for each child on your side of the family?  What about your husband's nieces?  Did you remember to get that new afghan your grandmother wanted?  What about the toy your son has been eyeballing?  How is your budget looking?  Is everything still in check?  Dealing with the holidays can be incredibly overwhelming and the truth is that no mom can be Super … [Read more...]

5 Family Holiday Gift Ideas

5 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for the Entire Family

Usually, you’re burdened with buying countless presents for each individual child, your siblings, parents, in-laws, friends, work colleagues, and maybe more people.  Instead of taking the conventional route during the holiday season when purchasing presents for the kids, perhaps buy gifts the whole family can enjoy!  Maybe the family gift idea will save money this Christmas. Choosing a larger family gift will teach children about sharing, … [Read more...]

Santa Can Be Organized Too


Santa Is “The Man.”  Does Santa have any method to his gift giving madness at your house?  I love the way Santa is organized when he pops out of our chimney.  His presents are always wrapped in “Santa” wrapping paper.  He even uses a different kind of wrapping paper for each kid.  He doesn’t even need gift tags because he sits each bundle of presents underneath each child’s stocking.  With color coated bundles, children of all ages can quickly … [Read more...]

Holiday Organization Tips

wrapping paper

Holiday Organization Tips – Be Organized This Year Are your presents beginning to pile up?  Do you have a special hiding spot for them?  Do you have enough boxes?  Are you prepared to make your favorite holiday recipes? Wrap Presents Quickly Each year I wait until the last minute to wrap my presents and just want to kick myself for waiting so long.  This year I am wrapping the presents as I get them, but I still have my secret hiding … [Read more...]

Online Holiday Shopping – Check Your Orders

christmas decor

The holidays will be here before you know it.  If you are like me, you are in a hurry to get everything done and have purchased many of your gifts online.  Now that you have made the purchases, make sure to track your packages if they do not arrive within an acceptable time frame.  I ordered quite a few presents from Amazon where I used both reward points and cards for payment.  Amazon doesn't bill you until your products are ready for shipping, … [Read more...]