Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  I am sure you have plans for today whether they are to stay home and rest up or have a get together with family and friends.  We usually grill out, enjoy the backyard and make homemade banana ice cream. The festivities and break away from work are great, but we must always make it a point to remember the true meaning of Memorial Day. Do you have family or friends that have served in the military?  Have you taken … [Read more...]

What Are Your New Year’s Day Plans?

Happy New Year everyone!  Last night we made everyone's favorite appetitizers, watched an old Star Wars movie and spent time together.  It was definitely a great way to close out 2015.  Now it's time for everyone to focus on our New Year's Resolutions and work on getting our Christmas decorations put away which I truly dread.  I love watching our Christmas Tree twinkle at night time, but I hate hauling it back up into the attic.  This year I had … [Read more...]

Cooking With Kids: Holiday Tradition

Does your family have a favorite Christmas Tradition?  One of my favorite "family time" traditions includes holiday baking.  Each year we make cut out sugar cookies for Santa.  My boys are now 15 and 9 and still enjoy making these cookies with me.  It can be a very messy adventure but truly worth every drop of sugar or icing that smears across our clothing, the table or on the floor!  My mother passed away from cancer when I was 17, and one of … [Read more...]

How to Celebrate the New Year at Home

Not every year, but sometimes by the time December 31st rolls around I am completely out-partied. I have worn all my sparkly clothes, eaten all the finger foods and would like to do nothing more for New Year’s Eve than sit at home in my pajamas. Which is a perfectly wonderful thing to do! Here are some ways to ring in the New Year if you just want a quiet night at home with the family: To bring a little bit of celebration to the night pick … [Read more...]

How We Celebrate Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas Eve as well as my husband Michael's birthday.  The kids worked on the birthday banner above for two days and suprised him by hanging it up from the living room walk way for him to see once he woke up.  This year he is opening up his first carwash so the kids incorporated cars into his birthday banner. For years, his parents always made him homemade donuts on the morning of his birthday.  This year they are visiting us so … [Read more...]

All-Time Best Christmas Movies

With the cold wind outside and the craziness of the holiday season there are a lot of great excuses to cuddle up with a snack and movie this time of year.  Take advantage of it!  Grab a cozy blanket, a warm cup of something, and watch some of my all-time favorite Christmas movies: First place has to go to How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the original animated version and the live version with Jim Carrey.  Sometimes other Christmas movies can … [Read more...]

The Tradition of Luminarias

One of my favorite last-minute holiday decorations are the Christmas Eve lanterns known as luminarias, a Spanish word roughly translating to “lights” in English.  If you haven’t heard of luminarias don’t worry, the tradition is usually only found in the southwest of the United States, however it has some deep roots. By any name, luminarias or farolitos as they’re sometimes called in New Mexico, the tradition of using lanterns, small bonfires, … [Read more...]

Unique Holiday Traditions

There are some holiday traditions shared by millions of families: turkey on Thanksgiving, cookies for Santa, passive aggressive cookie baking and many more. However having a tradition unique to your family can be a memorable way to make the holidays extra special!  As seen above, our family loves the drive thru Christmas Light Parks. Here are some unique traditions that would be fun to start up with your family: I know many families that … [Read more...]

How to Stay Organized During the Holidays

It’s hard enough to stay organized the eleven other months out of the year, but add some crazy relatives visiting, three other dogs, a Christmas party, and a big ol’ dose of holiday cheer and pretty soon your house looks like a tornado came through.  However, there are some things you can do to retain at least some of your sanity. When the holiday season first starts, even though it’s hard to resist, try to go easy on the decorations.  Taking … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Holiday Decorations

There are tons of ways to bring the holiday spirit to the holidays, however one of my favorite ways is decorating, especially DIY decorating!  This really helps me get in the spirit by being creative, and can be a fun activity to do with friends or family.  Photo Credit:  www.mnn.com Here are some easy, cheap holiday decorations you can easily make at home: At least here in Texas, pinecones are never in short supply.  You do not have to … [Read more...]

20% Off CRAB POT Christmas Trees

The weather is finally getting cooler and the holidays are quickly approaching.  I love this time of year and all the great decorations that are displayed in my area.  Our family has a tradition of driving around the different subdivisions in search of our favorite Christmas decorations.  Do you usually decorate your front yard?  We love to display lights in our front yard.  The kids are thrilled to come home at night to see the twinkling … [Read more...]

Enter Giveaways & Win Gifts!

It is only September, but the holidays will be here before you know it!  Are you prepared to purchase or make gifts for friends and family?  The holidays can be pretty expensive, depending on the size of your gift-giving list or the taste of the gift-receivers.  Have you ever considered entering holiday gift guide giveaways? Many bloggers offer them around this time of the year, and they are a great way to win FREE holiday gifts and prizes!  I … [Read more...]

10 Decorating Tips for Your Holiday Event

The kids are back in school, and Halloween is just around the corner, which means Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before you know it.  As a busy mom, you probably think that cleaning the house is enough of a chore, never mind decorating for a holiday party.  Getting festive doesn’t have to be stressful, though; read on for 10 decorating tips for your holiday event: Photo Credit:  www.iheartnaptime.net   Start with a warm … [Read more...]

Halloween Mummy Jars – Get Prepared

Even though Halloween is still a few months away, I love getting ready for Halloween crafts ahead of time so I can go ahead and start collecting the supplies I need. Mummies are creepy and cool at the same time, and they are a lot of fun to make!  Photo Credit:  www.whilehewasnapping.com Here’s what you will need: Glass canning jars (I always see a ton at our local Goodwill/thrift store) Paintbrush Medical gauze Mod podge or … [Read more...]

DIY: Make a FUN Easter Candy Centerpiece

Easter is almost here and I've been running short on time.  We've had a few home projects going on and there is a constant wind of sawdust in the air so I decided not to bring out my Easter decorations this year, but it just doesn't feel like Easter without a few Easter decorations in the house.  I found a few ideas on Pinterest which let me to making a quick Easter Candy Centerpiece to surprise the kids with when they got home from school.  If … [Read more...]

Dinner Made Easy #HoneyBakedEaster #Ad

I received the following food items from HoneyBaked in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own. Our family looks forward to spending time together for Easter.  Our family lives far away, but I still make sure that our family of four enjoys traditional Easter meals like the ones my husband and I grew up enjoying with our families.  This can be a lot of work in the kitchen if you are the only one cooking, but I've got … [Read more...]