Creating Simple, Custom Draperies

There are basic design elements that go into selecting custom drapery or custom window treatments. The first step is to decide what type of window treatments you want to install in the room. There are many choices for window hardware that are made to compliment specific types of window treatments. Install the hardware before you measure for custom draperies.  The windows shown in the image above are gorgeous but they could look even better with … [Read more...]

I Found My Shorts At Costco

In my last post, "Our Express Carwash Is Scheduled To Open In July," I mentioned that I had finally found shorts to wear as part of my GFY Good For You Carwash uniform at Costco.  Nice looking, well fitting shorts / jeans are always hard for me to find, either they fit well in the waist and are too tight in the behind or they are way too loose in the waist and fit right everywhere else.   Last week I spent three hours walking the mall trying on … [Read more...]

The Thought Behind Design, Color and Originality

Design is an integral part of the human experience. How we style our hair, what we wear, what our devices look like and more is fundamentally influenced by our preferences in design. And because not all humans are the same, design is a vast and free-flowing field that makes sure everyone, from moms to children, find a design that is pleasing to the eye. You’ve probably heard the term “psychology of design” before. Believe it or not, this is … [Read more...]

Our Express Carwash Is Scheduled To Open In July

Finally, I have spent hours at the mall and online looking for the best shorts for me to wear this summer while working at our GFY Express Carwash.  Our uniform consists of longer style khaki shorts and a GFY Express Carwash embroidered polo style shirt.  My husband has been working for two years now planning and arranging for our carwash to be built and we're on track to open this summer. We have billboard in place and everyone is working … [Read more...]

Wisdom Teeth Are History!

My last two wisdom teeth are now gone.  I went in to the dentist to have them removed Friday morning.  Yes my mouth is sore, but the beauty of this is that the sore mouth has drastically curbed my appetite and I'm only a pound away from hitting my weight loss goal that's been haunting me for the last few months.  For now, I don't feel well enough to hit the gym classes with the pain meds on board, but yesterday I mowed the yard, washed my car and … [Read more...]

Last Two Wisdom Teeth Are Being Removed Today

Today I have two wisdom teeth removed, so lots to do so that I can take the afternoon off and rest while the kids are still in school.  This should have happened when I was much younger, but I was dreadfully scared of the dentist and away at college when these wisdom teeth came in.  They brought on horrible earaches when they came in and made it impossible for me to wear my retainer, so I quit wearing my retainer and didn't bother to tell my dad … [Read more...]

Convert Your Jeans To Shorts…

Are you ready to convert your favorite jeans to shorts for the summer weather? I know, cutting up your favorite jeans does not sound very pleasant. However, just imagine how spectacular they would look as shorts when you go to the lake or the park! If you are wanting to hold on to your jeans for the next cool season, go to the thrift store and grab some cool pants that you would not mind cutting up and turning into something new. I would love … [Read more...]

To Do List Before Kids Are Home From Summer

Each year at this time, I am in a go, go, go mode to get everything done before kids are out for the summer.  Get ready, get set, go.... prepare yourself for the Summer. Personal Appointments: Any type of personal appointments such as dental, long lasting hair appointments, etc. need to be done so the kids aren't required to sit in a waiting room for long periods of time. Shopping: I also like to buy my bathing suit and summer … [Read more...]

Packing List: Day On The Water

If you are getting ready for a fun day on the water, make sure you have the essentials! As always, you will want to pack your swimsuit and a towel! Just in case, pack two towels. Someone else will probably forget his or hers. Next, bring some baggies for your electronics. I have experienced this one too many times – someone thinks they are being funny by throwing your clothes in the lake but they do not realize that your phone is in your pocket … [Read more...] Pickleball Gear

Have you ever heard of pickleball? sells pickleball equipment from various companies as well as creating and selling their own WolfeSports pickleball paddles. Their #1 selling paddle is called the Wolfe XF which comes in multiple colors and comes with a paddle case.  This pickleball paddle is an edgeless carbon fiber product and measures 15.5" in length, 7.625 " in width with a grip of 4.25 inches and weighing 8.3 … [Read more...]

What Are The Different Types Of Water Filters For Your Refrigerator?

When it comes to doing everything you can to guard the comfort and safety of your family, one of the vital steps that should never be overlooked is purchasing a water filter for your refrigerator. By taking this action, you can guarantee clean, safe drinking water for your family. You will also save a great deal of time and money by not having to take the extra step of purchasing bottled water to drink. And you'll remove the possibility of … [Read more...]

Is Mom Ready To Be a New Woman?

  Mothers oftentimes have way too much on their plates. That said, having mom opt for a new look in order to feel better about herself can be a welcome change. With that being the case, moms have opportunities galore to change their outward appearance often, even if finances and time are a little tight. So, is it time as a mom that you become a new woman? For those with mothers around, will you encourage and help her to change her … [Read more...]

How Do You Relieve Stress?

My youngest LOVES to fish!  After a long day at school, he loves to relax with a fishing pole in his hand.  He has a friend that lives nearby and they fish about 3 - 4 times a week together, especially after a long day of testing, etc. Sometimes he comes home from school and says it was so stressful that he just needs to fish.  I can completely understand that so I try to get him to the fishing hole as much as possible. He does like to keep … [Read more...]

GFY Good For You Carwash Progress

We're so excited to see our new billboards in place.  We have two of these nearby the GFY Express Carwash location in Spring TX and it feels great to see these as we drive by.  We have been working on many things behind the scenes so it's definitely time to see the progress of our work efforts. As far as our GFY Express Carwash location on 20615 Kuykendahl Rd. Spring, TX 77379, you can see a shot above.  The crew is busy getting the lot … [Read more...]

Is Mom Direct About Saving Money?

  When it comes to mom, she is oftentimes the one member of the household who knows how to save money. Whether it is cutting down on electric bills, saving money at the store, finding good deals on home improvements, mom is the one coming through time and time again with savings. So, what can mom do to lower the charges families pay to enjoy television? Research Providers and Get the Best Deal To start out with, doing one’s research … [Read more...]

Texas Rain Is Back In Our Area

Earlier this week, the kids missed two days of school due to flooding.  We only experienced rain for the beginning of the first non-school day, then it cleared up our way.  We are very lucky to live in this area as it is not one that is affected by flooding.  The school system sent the kids back to school yesterday and now today, the raining has started again.  The rain is steady with thunder and lightening as well. I know the kids are at … [Read more...]