Mom Blog, NOT Just For Moms!

When telling people about my "mom blog," I have been told, "I am not a mom, but I can look."  This bothers me since I want my site to be helpful to all women, not just "moms."  I include helpful tips and recipes for everyone.  "Mom Blog" just tends to be a broad term, but in my case, it means:  a blog written by a mom.  My blog is geared towards women, but I also have male followers as well. While reading through several mom blogs this … [Read more...]

Mom Blog: Website Review

I am a fan of money saving websites that offer deals that will allow my family to have more fun while spending less money.  I was approached by Weekly Plus and asked to check out their program.  I became a subscriber and am now being sent three emails a week highlighting the latest deals.  This site is unique because it offers a new deal every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  It also gives the subscriber one whole week before they have to make a … [Read more...]

Save Money: Join In On The Groupon Savings

We took the kids to the pizza place to redeem our Restaurant Groupon Coupon.  I had a Groupon coupon that I had bought for $10 that gave me $20 off, as long as we spent $20 on food, not including tax or tip.  We all know that spending $20 for a meal isn't a problem for a family of four!  We all tried the Spaghetti Marinara and even shared a piece of chocolate cake.  It was nice that we were able to "test out" this restaurant by using the money … [Read more...]

Mom Blog: Do You Have A Well Trained Dog?

Our dog training lessons have been over for some time now.  Dakota will listen to commands and go for walks without "dragging" you down the street. I have stayed in touch with K-9 Obey and Linda Holmes has asked to share some additional dog information on the mom blog. A well trained dog is important to an active mother because it frees up her time to focus on the household which is usually a never-ending endeavor.  A well behaved dog relieves … [Read more...]

Tips For Starting A Family Journal

Tammy Hanford, an experienced teacher from Michigan, is back on the mom blog!  Today she is sharing a list of tips for you to use in making your own family journal. Enjoy! Family Journals in the Age of Video (Taken from Beth Katz, Writing Across the Curriculum Presentation) If you’ve heard stories about the “good ‘ole days”, you may recall people talking about the importance of keeping a journal.  It was just as important then as it is … [Read more...]

Keeping Your Children Safe Online: 5 Tips

No one wants their child to fall victim to an online predator.  Read the following informative post by George Baker to learn more about protecting your children while they are online. Keeping Your Children Safe Online: 5 Tips by George Baker In the grand scheme of things, the internet has not been in use for very long; however, that does not mean that children and teens are not growing up with it as one of their main sources of entertainment. … [Read more...]

Taking The Sugar Out Of Easter

While checking out other mom blogs, I came across  I really liked this site and contacted the author and asked her to do a guest post for the mom blog readers.  The following post was sent to me from Amy.  Enjoy!! Taking The Sugar Out Of Easter The grocery store shelves are full of pastel colored candies, marshmallow chicks, and jelly beans just in time for Easter.  I feel good about the fact that I don’t have to buy … [Read more...]

Choose Promotional Products Wisely

The other day I received an email from a pen advertiser wanting to send me a few free pen  samples to promote my business.  I accepted the free pen samples and within a few days they were arrived along with a promotional catalog.  The pens were nice, but you had to buy at least 300.  Since I work on my mom blog at the kitchen table, where am I going to give out 300 pens?  I believe that buying promotional products would drive additional traffic … [Read more...]

Personal Dog Training In The Woodlands, TX

Personal dog training is a great family experience.   Dog trainer, Bob Holmes,  trains your family how to train your dog, so when he leaves, you still know what you are doing while practicing with your dog.    It would be great to send your dog away and then pick her up fully trained, but if you weren't trained with her, would you know her commands or how to "work with her?"  A trained dog still needs to practice newly learned commands, can you … [Read more...]

Is Your Child Getting A Personalized Letter From The Easter Bunny?

I love Easter and look forward to the Easter Egg Hunts in the house.  I will be moving our Easter Egg Hunt outside this year if the weather cooperates.   The Easter Bunny's hiding spots are beginning to get a little old after using the same area to hide his goodies over the past three years!  My cousins have night Easter Egg hunts with flash lights.  That sounds like fun, but may be frustrating for smaller children. The Easter Bunny is … [Read more...]

Pregnant With Twins

Jessica Hinkle, a Policy and Procedures Coordinator from Kentucky, wants to share her "twin experience" with moms everywhere through the mom blog. I'm Having What? Fall of 2008, I discovered I was 6 weeks pregnant with twins.  The thought  of getting pregnant with twins never crossed my mind.   I would be pregnant with twins!  I knew I was pregnant and expected to go to the doctor and verify my “singleton” pregnancy.   My world suddenly … [Read more...]

Make Jello Jigglers For Easter

I found this Jello Jiggler recipe at  I bought the Jello egg molds years ago, but forgot how to make the jello recipe that goes with them.  I used to teach school and would make these jello eggs for my students and they loved them!!  Now that I found this recipe, we'll eat them at my house again.  The whole family enjoys this low fat treat, I can't believe I didn't think to look online for the recipe before … [Read more...]

Kid Friendly Recipe: Chocolate Fondue and Fruit Dippers

Guest Blogger Caroline Begin, from is back!  She is excited about Easter and wants to share a fun kid-friendly fondue recipe with moms everywhere! Add Smiles To Your  Celebration With Chocolate Fondue and Fruit Dippers It's always nice to get kids involved in the kitchen.  Easter is a perfect opportunity to get them involved in preparing a relatively healthy dessert: chocolate fondue with lots of fresh fruit … [Read more...]

Wash Your Windows With Rain-X

I don't know about you, but I "stink" when it comes to washing windows.   I can take my time and even use newspaper when washing windows and when I check out my work, I still have streaks!!!  My husband brought the Rain-X inside for me one afternoon.   He uses the Rain-X for washing windows on our vehicles and now, I use the Rain-X on everything inside the house that I would normally clean with Windex. In the past, I believed that Glass Plus … [Read more...]

Countertop Paper Shredders Are A Must!

I just bought my third paper shredder.  My first paper shredder was a floor model that sits on the floor and was about the size of a small bathroom trash can.  I am a firm believer in shredding your personal papers in order to protect yourself against identity theft.  The floor model was great until my toddler decided to "shred" coins in it!  The coins got hung and bent up the shredder "teeth."    This was very upsetting, since I shred … [Read more...]

Save Time By Re-using Your Checklists

Do you find yourself making checklists very often?  On average, I make three checklists a week. Last night I was just working on another checklist and realized that I make this same checklist every week  I have been wasting time making this same checklist over and over when I should have made a copy of it when I realized that I would need it again. Here's some examples of activities where I make a checklist beforehand: Camping Long Trip … [Read more...]