Are Your Shorts Tight? — Mine Are!

I let my guard down on my food intake and here I am, living in Texas with warm weather upon me and last year's shorts too tight to wear in public.  Does this sound familiar?  Has it happened to you?  If so, it's ok, we've still got time to gain control of our food intake, drink more water and get moving in order to burn more calories.  I sell Advocare and know exactly how to drop this weight, now I just have to DO IT! Since I really want to be … [Read more...]

Calorie Counts Shown On Menus

Have you noticed how many restaurants have their calorie counts displayed on their menus?  I LOVE THIS!  I am a calorie counter and love that I can now choose my meals based on the calorie counts of each item.  For the restaurant above, I usually choose a grilled chicken but I can also get a Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap.  With the Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap, it is already cut into halves, so eat one and save the other half for later if you'd like. … [Read more...]

Home Exercise Equipment: Dust Collector or Fitness Tool?

Do you have any exercise equipment in your house?  Does it get used or does it collect dust or is it being used as a coat hanger?  We have a nice elliptical machine in our home that my husband bought for himself to use several years ago.  It was used for awhile, then it turned into a large dust collector.  Then I had knee surgery and part of my physical therapy was to spend a little time each day on an elliptical so my husband moved the machine … [Read more...]

Tips For Fitbit Users

I am addicted to wearing my Fitbit.  I have owned the Flex and the Charge models and am sold on the Charge since I find the band to be more reliable than that of the Flex model.  Several times while wearing the Flex, my band snapped off, but my Fitbit Charge band always stays in place and on my arm. Charging The Fitbit I have a Fitbit charger in my bathroom and I charge my Fitbit each time I get into the shower.  That keeps me from wearing … [Read more...]

Need Weight Loss Motivation?

Are you looking for weight loss motivation? Do you want to work out but need a little help getting started?  Are you a competitive person?  If so, I suggest that you look into the Fitbit step tracking bracelet.  This bracelet counts your steps and allows you to challenge other Fitbit users to a daily challenge, a weekday challenge, a weekend challenge and a goal day challenge.  Each challenge can hold up to ten people and each Fitbit user can be … [Read more...]

Dreaming Of Pecan Pie

Do you ever wake to find that you have been dreaming about food?  One morning, I woke up from a dream about all the Pecan Pie I had eaten.  In my dream, I could hear my husband telling me that I had worked so hard to drop weight, so did I really want to ruin all my hard work by eating so much pie at one time.  In my dream, I kept telling him, I am going to eat the last peice of pie, then I will be done.  I had eaten about half of the pie at that … [Read more...]

Gyms Are Slam Packed This Month

If you will be going to a gym in January, you need to plan ahead to be early.  This week the gym has been swamped with people.  Yesterday I couldn't find a parking spot and today, all the floor mats were taken before class has started. The gym is always jam packed at the beginning of the year.  Some of those new comers decide to stay active, while others drop their gym memberships after awhile.  For me, the gym is part of my lifestyle.  I like … [Read more...]

Drop Those Added Holiday Pounds

Did you eat too much over the holiday break?  Have you started cutting back on food intake in order to get your pre-holiday figure back?  Do you have a gym membership but are embarrassed about going back to the gym because you allowed yourself to gain so much over the break? So many times, people are embarrassed about going back to the gym while they are still packing the extra pounds they gained over the holiday.  I can completely understand … [Read more...]

Workouts: Dress to Impress

“Dress to impress” can sometimes seem like a cliché, but when it comes to staying healthy, it makes a surprising difference!  Just like wearing a sharp suit can help you ace an interview, wearing sharp athletic clothes can help you get exercising.  Believe me, it’s scientifically proven!  In a study at Northwestern volunteers were asked to perform cognitive tasks.  Some groups were given a lab coat to wear, and some groups were given nothing. … [Read more...]

Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Want to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain? Follow These Important Tips Tempting sweets, holiday favorites, late nights, and the stress of purchasing the right gift for your loved ones probably has your life feeling like it’s spiraling out of control. If you want to avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain, you’re sure to find the following tips easy on your waistline. Schedule Time to Exercise Getting motivated to exercise can be difficult to do. … [Read more...]

Tips: Get Pumped for Your Workout

Getting the recommended amount of exercise can feel like a chore most days.  Around workout time your bed can start to look extra fluffy, your TV show extra interesting, your eyelids extra droopy, and it’s all too easy to say “I’ll do it tomorrow.” However 99% of the time you will not regret a workout!  All you need is a little extra motivation to take the first step, and here are some tips on getting yourself pumped to workout: First, putting … [Read more...]

TIPS: Workout Without the Gym

There are tons of reasons why we should all strive to exercise: physical health, mental health, emotional health, and sometimes it can even be fun!  However without a gym membership the allure of a comfy bed can be especially hard to deny, so here are a few ways to “get up offa that thing” without the gym. Obviously, the great outdoors!  Exercising outdoors will give an extra boost to your health benefits, and there are several ways you … [Read more...]

How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep

Are you struggling to sleep after a long day work? Well, this is quite a miserable situation to be in and it is well known that one should try and sleep eight hours. Lack of sleep may be associated by a number of things and activities, but there are ways in which one should do in order to get a great night’s sleep.  . If you try to sleep and all is in vain, there are guidelines that you should follow to get enough sleep. . 1. EAT LIGHT … [Read more...]

Dancing Is Not Just For The Professionals!

Have you ever watched a movie where the actors are dancing and they make it look so easy and so fun? Do you ever wish you could dance exactly like them, but you do not have enough faith in yourself? Lose that attitude about dancing! Dancing is fun and freeing, and anyone can sway side to side! Dancing is fun! It is meant to make others happy and joyful. What if you are at a friend’s wedding and a handsome (or beautiful) stranger came up to you … [Read more...]

#Giveaway Aurorae Resistance Bands Set ENDS 11/23

I was given this set of resistance bands from Aurorae Yoga to use in faciliting my review.  All opinions are my own. Aurorae Yoga is an active lifestyle e-retailer who also sells yoga mats, fitness products and outdoor accessories through Amazon. I've reviewed several of their items and appreciate the quality and detail they put into each and every one of them.  This company has recently launched a new fitness division which includes this … [Read more...]

Family Fun with Physical Activity

To encourage exercise in your home, it’s important to weave physical activity into daily life in interesting ways.  In addition to setting aside a formal time slot for a family workout, there are plenty of creative ways to get everyone’s blood pumping together. Note - if familiar exercise plans, such as biking or hiking trips work for your family, then toss this article aside and get in gear!  Yet if you’re seeking something new, here are a … [Read more...]