Tips To Help Your Children Learn Their Spelling Words

Tammy Hanford, mother of two from Big Rapids, Michigan and teacher of 23 years is back on the mom blog.  She is here to share tips that will help your children have fun learning spelling words. * Do you struggle with getting your child to practice their spelling words? * Does your child feel that writing their spelling words for practice is a laborious task? * Did you know that using tactile tools for learning is a more … [Read more...]

Teachers Shape Children’s Lives

Today's guest blogger is Tammy Hanford.  She is a mother of two, and  a proud teacher of 575+ students.  She has 23 years of teaching experience behind her and lives in Big Rapids, Michigan.  She is a mom blog reader and has been posting educational info. on Facebook.  I came across a few of her posts and I was so impressed with her writing, that I invited her to share some educational ideas on the mom blog. Teacher's Shape Children's … [Read more...]

SNOW, February 2011, Personal Account From Michigan

Everyone here in Texas is just wishing for this snow to head our way.    Local business employees  are dreaming of  a "snow day."  School bus drivers are talking with the kids about snow possibilities and school cancellations.  Parents are wanting just enough snow for the kids to see snow this year, even if the kids can just run in snow flurries for 30 minutes or so.  Last year it snowed one late afternoon and the neighborhood  kids were … [Read more...]

Turn Your “Mommy Song” Into A Children’s Book

Have you ever toyed with the idea of writing a children's book?  I have recently met Jessica Chamberlain  through  my mom blog.  She is a proud mom of two and the author of  "Bright and White Brushing Your Teeth Can Be Fun." I was very inspired by her story, so I thought I would share it with you through my mom blog.   Meet Jessica.... I grew up in a family of all girls so when I found out that I was going to be a new mom of a little boy … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger from

Do you remember reading The Little Engine That Could as a child, or have you read this classic to a child lately?  My husband bought this book for our kids this weekend.  I could remember reading it a long time ago, but could only remember  "I Think I Can, I Think I Can" when he mentioned this story.  The boys both enjoyed the book, the trains really grabbed their attention. The following post comes directly from the author of … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger from

The following post comes directly from Jessica of My profession, day in and day out, is building and selling new home construction, but as we all know, inthis economy that is a difficult job. I have two small children and as a mother, I also wanted to make sure that they have everything in life that they need and want.  I had to come up with a money-making idea that I not only enjoyed doing, but could also generate … [Read more...]

Mom Blog: Caroline’s Fondue Party

This week, I received a story from one of my readers about a fondue party that she hosted.  Maybe her story can give us a few ideas on hosting one of these parties ourselves. On Dec 31, 2010, my boyfriend and I decided to invite a couple of our friends over for dinner and to celebrate the New Year but we didn't really know what to have for dinner… After hesitating for a while, we went from a wine and cheese idea to a fondue party idea. I … [Read more...]

The Importance Of Dog Training: Written By The Wife Of The Woodlands Whisperer Dog Trainer, Bob Holmes~

Dog training teaches consistency and consistency is the key!  It never ceases to amaze me how each time Bob comes home after training a dog that comes from a family with small children, he tells me "they asked me if I could train the kids"!  We always laugh because the fundamentals are all the same.  Be fair, firm and CONSISTENT!  During  dog training, we teach how important it is to keep reinforcing the "commands"- just like with kids.   Kids … [Read more...]