Our Experience At Toronto’s Word On The Street National Book Festival

My husband and I had lots of fun at The Word On The Street National Book and Magazine Festival that we attended this September at the invite from his book publisher.  My husband and I had a booth at this book festival in Toronto, Canada were he signed his book:  An Average Joe's Pursuit To Financial Freedom:  Change Your Perception on Money. We had lots of fun meeting everyone that stopped by our booth.  Michael discussed his book, An … [Read more...]

Pictures From Our Trip To Toronto’s Word On The Street National Book Festival

My husband and I had a great time while visiting Toronto for the Word On The Street National Book Festival.  See my husband Michael above with one of his new friends that he met at the Word On The Street Book Festival before his Average Joe's Pursuit For Financial Freedom book signing began. There were TONS of people, books, magazine, children's activities and interesting food at the Toronto book festival!  This was a shot that I took … [Read more...]

My Trip To Niagra Falls in Ontario, Canada

My husband and I recently visited Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada while in staying in Toronto for a book signing event for my husband's book:  An Average Joe's Pursuit For Financial Freedom.  Here's a view of the street from the sidewalk when we were on our way to view Niagara Falls. There were so many great restaurants and shops to visit.  We didn't have much time to spend away from our book signing event, but we were able to take a half a day … [Read more...]

Three Cruise Vacation Luxuries

Taking a cruise is not just about getting away from it all, it is also about transporting yourself to an exciting mini-city that offers great fun and magical entertainment 24/7. Mediterranean cruises are perfect for those who want to experience captivating geographical attractions and breath-taking sights on board an elegant ship; and when it comes to exploring ports of call.  Have you had the luxury of taking a cruise?  I have not been a cruise … [Read more...]

5 Life Lessons You Can Learn from Disney

When was the last time you watched a Disney movie and didn't come away from it learning something new about yourself or the world?  Walt Disney created a universe full of characters and stories that have been entertaining and teaching children and adults alike for decades. It's all about big dreams, big hearts, and big determination.  These life lessons have been transcending the silver screen and captivating audiences for generations, and … [Read more...]

NASA: Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston is located on 1601 Nasa Parkway, Houston Texas 77058.  Check out the picture above, this is the first thing you will see once you get to the Space Center Houston parking lot.  This was the perfect spot for a picture, the boys were excited about our visit and couldn't wait to get inside. Once we got inside, they were ready to harness up and jump off the top of this attraction.  A few adults climbed to the top, only to … [Read more...]

Board Your Pets While On Vacation

Before leaving for a trip, we always check Dakota's shot records to make sure that she is up to date on all her shots.  The pet boarding facility also has a veterinary clinic, so it is easy to have her records transferred and kept up to date between the two facilities.  We don't always need vaccinations, but  before leaving for our last trip, we had her checked for heart-worms and she needed a vaccination before she could be boarded.  The … [Read more...]

Money & Time Saving Amusement Park Tips

Check out the sign above.  It was posted throughout Holiday World Amusement & Water Park located in Santa Claus, Indiana.  This is a great perk of this park.  Multiple stations offering unlimited soft drinks, Gatorade and water were found throughout the park for all guests.  On top of the free drink stations inside Holiday World, they also had free sunscreen stations as well. Will your family be headed to an amusement park or water park … [Read more...]

Bobby Is Dreaming about Lapland

My eight year old had been looking forward to visiting family in Kentucky this summer because he was secretly planning on asking the grandparents to take him to Holiday World. It is located in Santa Claus, Indiana and close enough to his Grandparent's home where we could easily head over there for a day of fun.  Holiday World has large rides as well as its' own water park and Bobby couldn't wait to get there.  Since it is located in Santa Claus, … [Read more...]

Radisson Hotel & Suites Downtown Austin, Texas

This past weekend, we stayed in Austin, Texas for the first time.  We were excited about the trip because we were attending a weekend long basketball tournament with our oldest son's team which was held nearby in Buda Texas.  Everyone was staying at Radisson Hotel & Suites in downtown Austin, Texas.   The picture above was taken from the Radisson Hotel's parking garage.  Since we were staying at the hotel, the parking garage fees were $18.00 … [Read more...]

We Visited Cabela’s In Buda, Texas

This past weekend, we found ourselves in Buda, Texas at a basketball tournament with my 14 year old son's  team.  We had time to spare in between games and passed by a Cabela's.  We've looked through Cabela's catalog but have never come across one of their stores, so we decided to check it out.  Just like Bass Pro, there was an aquarium, and many wildlife scenes set up throughout the store.  We really liked the aquarium because it was set up in a … [Read more...]

Woodlands Texas July 4th Festivities

How will you celebrate July 4th this year? 39th annual South County 4th of July Parade If you live near the Woodlands Texas area, you can get in on all the fun at the 39th annual South County 4th of July Parade.  This year's parade kicks off at 9 a.m. on July 4th, which falls on a Friday.   The parade is scheduled to begin at Lake Woodlands Drive and Grogan's Mill Road.  The floats and entries will then make a circle around Market Street … [Read more...]

I Stay Out Of Galveston Beach Waters

We live close enough to Galveston Beach that we can leave early in the morning and make a day out of it.  It would be great to get a hotel and spend the weekend, but to cut down on costs, we bite the bullet and drive back home on the same day.  There are many fun Surf shops to visit , restaurants and of course, the beach.  The Galveston Beach isn't as clean as the Florida beaches I remember vacationing at as a young adult, but you still have the … [Read more...]

5 Things to Consider Before Moving to the Lone Star State

So, you’re interested in packing up and seeking your fortune in the Lone Star State?  Well, you’re far from alone. According to recent studies by the U.S. Census Bureau, Texas is among the most popular permanent destinations in the Union — out of the top ten fastest-growing cities in America between 2011 and 2012, five call Texas home. and I LOVE living here! Indeed, there are plenty of compelling reasons to settle down in the Lone Star State, … [Read more...]

Family Fishing on Lake Conroe

This past weekend we headed out to Lake Conroe for a day on the water.  We went fishing over Easter weekend and my husband was the only one to catch any fish, so we were hoping that the kids would catch a few on this trip.  We left early in the morning, grabbed breakfast on the way and got on the lake at a reasonable time.  We had scoped out the lake the weekend before and we knew exactly where we wanted to start off the morning. Here's … [Read more...]

10 Houston Rodeo Preparation & Money Saving Tips

. Headed to the Houston Rodeo?  We went to the Houston Rodeo earlier this week, check out my money saving tips before you attend the rodeo and get prepared before your trip. . Wear comfortable shoes if you are planning on making a full day of this.  It is fun to wear "Cute rodeo" shoes, but for me, I choose comfort over "cute" when I attend the rodeo. Pack a sweatshirt or light jacket, it will be cool enough to wear it in the early … [Read more...]