Drop Those Added Holiday Pounds

Did you eat too much over the holiday break?  Have you started cutting back on food intake in order to get your pre-holiday figure back?  Do you have a gym membership but are embarrassed about going back to the gym because you allowed yourself to gain so much over the break? So many times, people are embarrassed about going back to the gym while they are still packing the extra pounds they gained over the holiday.  I can completely understand … [Read more...]

Survive Halloween Without The Added Pounds

Each year I would gain weight throughout October due to preparing for Halloween, but now I've got this figured out. Follow the following tips to keep yourself from regretting all those sweets you may be about to eat while preparing for Halloween. Do not buy your Halloween candy when it first comes out in the stores.  Wait until a week before Halloween and buy the amount of candy that you will need for your Trick-or-Treaters which should … [Read more...]