My Parents Were Going To Adopt

My dad was in Vietnam in one of the areas where the highest amount of Agent Orange was sprayed before my parents were married.  Once back in the states and trying to have a family, Agent Orange came back to haunt him.  My parents tried to start a family only to have many pregnancy altercations.  Sadly, my mother had many devastating miscarriages before I came along and again after I was born.  My parents wanted a child so badly and for those of … [Read more...]

It Is Possible To Become A Foster Parent

          Can you be there for a child during life’s special moments? Imagine the top five things that matter the most in the mind of a child.  This may include the love and comfort they receive from their parents or caregivers, surprise kisses from their family’s furry friend, cuddling up with their favorite teddy bear before bedtime, and watching Saturday morning cartoons with their brothers and sisters. … [Read more...]

Infographic: Foster Care in the US

Have you personally ever looked into foster care?  Either way, make sure you check out "The Current State of Foster Care in the US" infographic found below.  Do you happen to know a social worker personally?  If so, have they discussed foster care issues with you in the past?  A social worker would be a great person to discuss the pros and cons of foster care with since they are personally involved in these cases on an ongoing basis in their line … [Read more...]