After School Activities For Kids

Do your children have after school activities?  If your children are old enough, do you stay with them and watch practice or do you run errands while they are with their coaches?  If it is my teen, I drop him off and pick him back up once practice is over.  Now that he is a sophomore and many of his teammates are now of driving age, it would be embarrassing for him if his mother sat in the stands and watched his practices.  For my third grade … [Read more...]

Children Should Enroll In Tae Kwon Do Class

Have you thought about signing your child up for a Tae Kwon Do class?  My oldest son took this class when he was younger and my 7 year old just started last month.  He loves it and tested for his "yellow" stripe last week.  He was thrilled when he was able to break the board on his first try.  The class goes over self defense with strangers as well as bullies.  I am even picking up a few pointers in there.  The instructor said, no matter how much … [Read more...]