#Giveaway Scrigit Scrapers PLUS $20 Amazon Gift Card

Welcome to the Scrigit Giveaway! Sponsor: Scrigit Host: Uplifting Families Cohost: Up Run for Life Enter to Win 5 Pack of Scrigit Scrapers and $20 Amazon Gift Card! Are you ready for the fun part? You can win your very own Scrigit Scrapers!  This is a great product to have laying around the house in different areas.  This giveaway is being hosted by Uplifting Families, but I have also reviewed Scrigit Scrapers.  You can read my Scrigit … [Read more...]

TeenSafe Is Offering $50 Amazon Gift Card #Giveaway

Thanks to TeenSafe.com, we are offering a giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift card through November 28.  Wouldn't it be great to be the winner of a $50 Amazon gift card? Winning a $50 Amazon gift card would be the perfect way to kick off the holiday shopping season!  Have you started to buy your holiday gifts or are you still in the planning stages? Do you have a teen in your family?  If so, are you worried about what they are doing while … [Read more...]

Kick Off Holiday Shopping, Enter To Win TeenSafe Amazon Gift Card

The holidays will be here before we know it, so if you have time, you need to start your holiday shopping now.  Buying a little here and there will help out in the end.  It is so much better than waiting until the last minute and then spending way too much out of desperation of the need for the gift and absolutely no idea of what to buy!  If you'd like to start your holiday shopping now, make sure to find a great "gift" hiding place in your home … [Read more...]

iPhone 5’s Chargers NOT Compatible With iPhone 4 Chargers

I finally broke down and took the iPhone 5 plunge.  I loved my Droid, but I was starting to have too many issues with it.  It was dropping important calls throughout the day and it wasn't picking up any text that my son was sending me.  My husband has been an iPhone fan for awhile and I have to say that his pictures and videos always looked better than the ones that were made with my Droid.   Now that I have the iPhone, I really like it but none … [Read more...]

Shopping on Amazon.com

Have you ever compared prices with Toys R Us and Amazon.com?  I do a lot of my holiday shopping online with Amazon since I almost always get free shipping and quick delivery.   While looking for toys online, I noticed that the exact same toys I happened to be searching, were priced cheaper at Amazon than at Toys R Us, so...... check Amazon before buying from the other retailers.  Refer to "My Reason For Starting A Blog" for additional information … [Read more...]