Pokemon On The Go Craze

I am sure that you have heard about the Pokemon On The Go game by now.  My teenager told my husband about it and before you knew it, they were both testing it out.  I'm not much on games so I just listened as they talked about this new game and the tricks they had learned. We have a cool outdoor shopping area in our town called Market Street.  It has great outdoor shopping and many restaurants.  My husband took me this week and everyone … [Read more...]

Homeselfe Evaluation App $250 Visa Giftcard #Giveaway ENDS 12/23

What comes to mind when you hear "selfie?" What comes to mind when you hear "homeselfe?" Check out the video below to learn more. Homeselfe is a free app that provides you with a free report that can help you save money on your utility bills.  How do you think your home would fair when its' energy rating was accessed?  Head over to Homeselfe.com and take a Homeselfe today, it only takes five minutes and is totally free. Homeselfe is … [Read more...]

App Review: CagoMama

Are you a frequent traveler to new places that you are not familiar with?  If so, the free app CagoMama is perfect for you.  With this app, you are able to send your secure location via text message to certain contacts in your phone.  I tested this out myself with a friend, and it is very accurate.  She lives in a different state but she was able to find out where I was with a simple press of a button. When you download CagoMama (Click … [Read more...]