Houston Area Roadtrip Tips

The following post was sent into the mom blog from Emily Blount - Enjoy! As a recent college graduate I've been driving between Houston, San Antonio, and Austin a lot recently and have become quite the professional roadtripper along the way.  I have found some interesting things on the road (pop-up car repair service… their garage was an empty field with a large piece of cardboard reading “fix ur car here”) so in case y’all take a roadtrip of … [Read more...]

Cleaned Your AC Unit Lately?

Texas Summer's are HOT!  People either deal with the heat and keep going or shut themselves up in the air condition until it cools down.  While many of our neighbors hide themselves away, my family keeps going, knowing it is best to get going earlier rather than sleeping in and letting the heat set in before going out.  However, my husband does worry about the kids and I when we go to the pool in extreme temperatures.  Being in the water, it is … [Read more...]