Bаbу Ѕtrоllеrѕ For The New Parent

The right baby ѕtrоllеr can seem like a gift from thе hеаvеnѕ fоr exhausted new parents. Not only will a baby ѕtrоllеr аllоw уоu tо gеt оut and аbоut with thаt darling new addition tо thе fаmilу, but it will аlѕо аffоrd уоu the opportunity tо саrrу оn with other dау-tо-dау асtivitiеѕ that might hаvе been downright impossible withоut it. Whether уоu'rе rеаdу to trаdе in bаbуѕlingѕ fоr a bаbу ѕtrоllеr оr have juѕt diѕсоvеrеd thаt уоu'rе рrеgnаnt, … [Read more...]

Why Organic Clothing Is So Much Better For Your Baby

Unless you’ve been in hiding, you know the importance of the phrase “organic.” From foods and building materials to beauty products and clothing, the consumer demand is huge and growing. Organic is especially important when you’re thinking about dressing your baby. The following reasons explain why organic clothing is so much better for them. What Does Organic Mean? The duties of motherhood are plentiful. They also come with a great amount … [Read more...]

Does Becoming A Mom Sound Good To You?

 How long have you dreamed of becoming a mom? For some women, the urge to have a child has been something they have carried with them for years.  Others, meantime, have found the desire to bring a new life into this world more recently.  What many of those women have in common is the inability to conceive a child. That inability can be for myriad of reasons, with infertility oftentimes being one of them.  With that being the case, is a … [Read more...]


  Week 28! Congratulations! Your energy may be getting lower, but your excitement is surely building as you look forward to welcoming your baby—or babies!—in person. In the remaining weeks of your pregnancy, there are a number of things you can (and should) do to ensure that you are ready for the arrival of your demanding little bundle of joy. Plan a Baby Moon This is it, mama. Your last chance to get away for a long weekend … [Read more...]

Traveling By Airplane With Your Baby

My son and I enjoy airplane rides, but when traveling with an infant, the situation is MUCH different! Going on a vacation is supposed to be fun and exciting, but it can be really stressful if you are traveling with a baby or a toddler, especially by airplane!  The first thing you need to remember is that you cannot control a baby’s behavior, and their only way to communicate is to cry so don’t get upset if that’s all they do!  I know, easier … [Read more...]

Pouch Pal #Giveaway ENDS 7/21

*****Pouch Pal Kickstarter is set to launch on July 20, 2015.  Pouch Pal would be thrilled if you'd drop in and share their kickstarter info on your social media.*****   What is Pouch Pal? Many parents loves to feed their babies from pre-filled food pouches from the grocery because of their portability and convenience.   But all too often, moms and dads just end up cleaning baby food off of the car seat, carpet, and clothes, because squeezing … [Read more...]

Things I Learned As A First Time Mom by Jessica

Things I had to learn about as a first time mom - written by Jessica . I just had a baby 7 weeks ago, and my whole life has drastically changed.  Nothing and no one can prepare you for what you are about to experience and do as a new mother.  I read books and talked to other parents, went to meetings about being a mom, etc., but once I brought my baby into the world, all of that information left my memory and I had to start from … [Read more...]

Newborn Nurseries: Don’t Throw Your Budget Out The Window

Few parents will disagree that the build-up to the due date are some of the most exciting times you will ever experience.  During the nesting phase (moms will know what we're talking about), it's all about preparing that nursery into a mini-palace that's always been dreamed about. As you may have gathered through the awful pun to the title to this piece, we're actually going to talk about windows.  Most prospective parents appreciate that … [Read more...]

LifebankUSA Offering Graco Car Seat #Giveaway ENDS 5/29/15

Is it time for a car seat upgrade or maybe you know someone that could use a high quality car seat.  If you answered yes to either question, then this post is DEFINITELY for YOU!   ENTER TO WIN:  https://www.facebook.com/LifebankUSA?v=app_194975693850063&rest=1 LifebankUSA is offering you the chance to win one of THREE Graco 4everTM 4-in-1 Car Seats.  Each of these car seats is valued at $330 each. LifebankUSA is offering a … [Read more...]

Nawgum Teether #Review #Giveaway

A Nawgum teether was given to the reviewer from melloandco.com to use in facilitating her review.  All opinions are her own. The Nawgum teether works great when connected to the stroller, car seat etc, so it doesn't fall on the ground. Nawgum is top rack dish washer safe, you can boil it, freeze it, AND it's non porous which means there is no chance of mold, fungi or bacteria to seep inside the solid piece. The Nawgum teether is also all … [Read more...]

How New Moms Can Maintain Their Friendships

Becoming a mother has a wide range of challenges. Being a mom means facing issues that may have never been faced before and learning to find a rhythm that works for everyone. These unexpected issues can take a real toll on new moms, making their job a lot more difficult than it should be. One of the issues that new moms commonly face but do not think about ahead of time is maintaining their friendships after their new baby arrives. A new mom’s … [Read more...]

Pregnant Mama’s Mother’s Day Giveaway ENDS 5/1

Adventures of My Family of 8 and Blog with Mom is happy to share this Advertise with Bloggers event with you! Pregnant Mama's Mother's Day Gift Package Are you an expecting Mama? Do you know someone who is? Well, let's not forget these exceptional ladies who are creating life within them, this Mother's Day!!! Everyone LOVES personalized gifts!  I know that when I was having my last child, I would have loved to have had this gift bundle.  I … [Read more...]