How To Teach Your Child To Open Their Locker

Do lockers intimidate your child?  It's that time again, time for school to start back up.  School has started back for many students and will continue to start back up for families over the next few weeks.  Will your child have a locker with a combination this year?  Are they a little nervous about this? Being a rush to get to class or get your things out before the bus takes off from school can be stressful.  Lockers can be intimidating … [Read more...]

School Is Starting Back, Did You…

Many schools have already started back up for the fall session, but we've got one one more week left of our summer break before it's time to get back to school.   Getting ready for school to start back up can be very hectic, so I've included my personal check list  for your review. Things To Do Before School Starts Back Up . Back to school shopping for items that are needed NOW Shoes Clothing ( Backpack Lunch kit Books from … [Read more...]