Make Money With or Without Owning A Blog

Most of us have figured out the different ways to save money, but how about finding ways to make some extra money?  Earning some extra cash is always nice, and many people have turned to using the Internet in order to make some extra dough.  One popular way involves blogging.  There are a lot of different ways to make money blogging, but money can also be made online if you don't currently own or manage a blog. However, sometimes that just … [Read more...]

Meet A Mom Blogger

I love blogging.  I have an elite blogger network that I work with and have made many friends from many places!  Just last week I visited San Antonio Texas and Shauna from sent me a list of great restaurants to try since she was familiar with the area.  My family and I were able to find them and try a few.  Thanks Shauna! It was over 100 degrees every day and my family and I hit three different theme parks and stayed from … [Read more...]

Thinking of Starting A Blog? Become A Guest Blogger First.

I've noticed that looking for help starting a blog has been a hot topic for my readers this past month. There are many things to think about when deciding to start a blog: Do you have time in your week to write at least three posts? Are you looking to make a personal blog for the private viewing of your family and friends? Will you share personal info on your blog such as family pictures? Are you prepared to pay for site placements … [Read more...]