TIPS: Workout Without the Gym

There are tons of reasons why we should all strive to exercise: physical health, mental health, emotional health, and sometimes it can even be fun!  However without a gym membership the allure of a comfy bed can be especially hard to deny, so here are a few ways to “get up offa that thing” without the gym. Obviously, the great outdoors!  Exercising outdoors will give an extra boost to your health benefits, and there are several ways you … [Read more...]

Treadmill Tips To Beef Up Your Game!

Do you worry about those rainy / cold days where you are stuck on the treadmill rather than outside at the park on a track?   Are you worried that you will not get in as good of a workout as you would have if you were outside?  There are a few ways you can burn more calories on the treadmill during your workout. The first way is through interval training. During shorter workouts you should increase the intensity by including speed intervals … [Read more...]

Get Your Child Active!

How much daily exercise is your child getting?  Are they getting any exercise aside from what they get at recess while at school or in their homeschool play groups? Here's a few questions to ask yourself: Is it possible for your child to ride their bike or walk back and forth to school? How many days a week does your child have a PE class at school?  What type of activities are they doing in their current PE class? What kinds of … [Read more...]

Have you Heard Of Crossfit Exercises?

I love learning about new exercise and weight loss programs.  I just found out about Crossfit and wanted to tell you about it since the holidays are around the corner and weight loss may be on your mind right now, I know it is on mine!  The number one key to finding a great exercise program is finding one that you love. What is CrossFit? A great way to lose weight. It's also a program of strength and conditioning that gives you a wide variety … [Read more...]